Firewalk Workshops in Bend, Oregon, April 17th and 18th

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You are invited to a firewalk in Bend!

Firewalking is exciting, empowering and an all around blast! It is also the most powerful and enjoyable tool I have found for changing one’s life in an evening. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to walk across hot coals. Our bodies feel what is required of them, and instinctively raise the energy needed to make it across safely. Of course, walking on coals is always optional; the life-changing effects of firewalking are available to all participants, whether or not they choose to walk.

The Community Firewalk

This event will be a fun, inspiring, and energizing experience. The opportunity of gathering together as community to play music and dance with the incredible energy of walking on hot coals and the intention of group empowerment creates an inspiring and life changing workshop. Bring drums, rattles, your voice and your presence! It will be an exciting and celebratory evening, and will be appropriate for all members of the community ages thirteen and up.
When: Friday, April 17th, from 6 to 10pm.
Where: Bend, OR (directions will be provided upon registration)
Cost: $75. Ages 13-17 (with parent or guardian) - $35. If you bring a friend or family member, each of you will receive a $20 discount. Scholarships and work trade also available. Call for details.
See attached flyer for more information...

The Men's Workshop and Firewalk

In this workshop you will be guided to stand in your power and stay open to the infinite mystery which is the essence of who you are. It is an exploration of true authenticity and a deepening into the knowing of what it is to be masculine and what that means in respect to the feminine. It will include in-depth discussions, followed by exercises to integrate these concepts and give us practical tools to embody what we have learned. The workshop will culminate in an evening firewalk.
When: 10am to 10pm on Saturday April 18th with a break for lunch. See attached flyer for more details.
Where: Bend, OR (directions provided upon registration)
Cost: $150. Some parcial scholarships are available. Call for details.

See attached flyer for more information...


Please register in person or by mail by Friday, April 3rd at MYC | Yoga in downtown Bend. After this date, please contact Ryan directly. To reserve your space in either workshop, a $75 payment is due by the registration deadline. This amount will cover the full cost of the Community Firewalk or one half of the Men's Workshop. If you are participating in the Men's Workshop, the second half of your tuition will be due at the beginning of the event. Please make checks payable to R. Ryan Halas.

MYC | Yoga
55 NW Minnesota St
Bend, OR
(541) 678-5183
in the TBD Loft

Questions? Please call Ryan directly at (336) 508-1456, or email

Please see attached flyers for more info about individual workshops and "the firewalking one page" pdf for general info about the firewalking experience.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Sincerely, R. Ryan Halas
Certified Firewalk Instructor through the Sundoor International Firewalking School
(336) 508-1456


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