A bottle of thunderbird on a 6th street alley

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Pow is now called Lit Lounge
I haven't been there since it changed hands, so I can't say if it's still as much fun as Pow used to be... - benchun , posted 08/08/04
Anu, Arrow & POW!
If they are open at happy hour, These are the best bars. They are on 6th street between Mark. & Mish
Some people like "POW". Pow is definately opened during happy hour. Pow is at Mission on 6th.

Anu is a (young)irish owned beats and beers crowd.

Arrow is a refuge for those that avoid the dance community,and have interesting haircuts that are not weaved Nor dreaded.

Hotel Utah, Hole in the Wall, Brainwash, Stud, Varnish, Thirsty Bear, The Eagle, \\\\\\

Put these bars on a list of "go to" South of Market Bars. Not all are for the dance community, but they ALL will spice up your stay here in "Baghdad by the BAy" - hernan , posted 12/13/04

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