Bee Bee Little Village Bungalows on Koh Lanta

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Bee Bee Little Village Bungalows on Koh Lanta
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Greedy and unfriendly managment
The only good thing about Bee Bee is that it is nice for children because the way it is build.
BUT, the guy who runs the place, Ann, is only money friendly. He charges you for everything, even for reading one of his books. The food is expensive and not of medium quality and the portions are small. But if you don't eat at his place, you get expelled.
Our worse experience with him though, was renting a tuk tuk. We are a family with two small children. He drove us to a far away place, we got a bad tuk tuk, one you cannot steer well, almost flipped over with it, and paid 500 baht for it.
Yes, we are stupid tourists, but that is where a local should help you. Afterward we leared that it should have cost 400 baht, was not suppose to be so unstable, and that there were many much closer places where you can rent one.
There are so many other places on the beach where you can get a room, some with familes, so we can only recommend to avoid this one. - chris , posted 01/08/11
Asked to leave Bee Bees for not spending enough in the restaurant

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#1 Posted: 21/12/2009 - 15:46

Hi, backpackers heading for Koh Lanta over the peak season might like to know this.

We were asked to leave Bee Bees today because we were not spending enough in the restaurant. Apparently this would not be a problem the rest of the year but at peak season it is.

We were asked with all courtesy and An tried not to actually ask us directly but suggested someone on a budget may like to look somewhere else over the next few days because he needs to live. We didn't have to leave the next day but we decided to find somewhere else today in case everywhere else became full.

An said he is able to choose his guests as he is always full and receiving enquiries. The other people staying there were mostly families and couples on short holidays rather than backpackers. - Bill , posted 12/21/09
hot - ligux1239 , posted 09/12/09
Best time of my life
Bee Bee's is the most beautiful location I have ever stayed in, not only because of it's location on the coast of Koh Lanta, but because each bungalow is custom made and rustic and beautiful and because An is too nice a guy. I have been dying to go back ever since I left. Thank you An for such a marvellous 2 weeks. - Toki , posted 09/09/09
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bee bee is a little haven........ gorgeous little bungalows (i stayed in the one pictured) on a beautiful beach. i felt like part of a happy family there! i cant imagine anyone would be able to say a bad word about this place. pure bliss!!! - kim , posted 02/01/08
I still dream about Bee Bee. I am very glad to see it was not knocked out by the tsunami. I was there in 2002, I defy anyone to go and not stay twice as long as they had originally planned. - katy , posted 05/10/06
thank you - ponyGrrrl , posted 03/13/06
Most charming and wonderful bungalows in Thailand!
I don't say this lightly either. The little village of Bee Bee bungalows was the best place that we lived at in Thailand. An and Karou the owners are wonderful people who love what they do. They never advertise and you won't find them listed in the Lonely Planet. You can find them on Khong Khlong beach on Koh Lanta.

All the bungalows are handmade and each is unique. No tv and a great little bar with funky music and drums and fire lessons available make this a great place to just chill.

We love Bee Bee!!! - *serious* , posted 03/29/05

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