Bossa Nova

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7181 Sunset Blvd
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Delicious Brazilian Fare
Good news: great food, including pastas, pizzas, and traditional Brazilian Bar-B-Que. Bad news: slow, forgetful service. Verdict: It's still worth it.

Jay's special, a lamb steak sandwich with mozzarella cheese and grilled onions is my favorite of the sandwiches, but otherwise stick with the chicken and beef here.

Salads are delicious and inventive at Bossa Nova, as are their pizzas. Personally, the leek & mushroom pizza with mascarpone fits my palate perfectly. - Unsubscribed , posted 08/31/04
Late night dining
I don't know what pizza has to do with Brazil, but after eating the pizza from this place, I don't care. The salads are super tasty, but really, the pizza is the reason to order from this place. Oh, yeah, they're open until 4am. - Hadda Bad , posted 08/30/04

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