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chick but not tres chick - Amanda , posted 07/19/08
inspired desires. . .
especially enticing: the photo albums of fantasy costumes and corsets they keep in the upper level. - ha li,i , posted 11/16/05
I'm a corset collector....you have a lovely selection. :) - britz , posted 09/27/05
just right
not over or underdone but taestfull eroctic enough for the female and males alike - kindred , posted 05/16/05
Supreme Corset Enthusiast
I have MANY corsets, three of which are from Dark Garden! One is a custom design, which is amazing! Check my photo, where I'm not only wearing a Dark Garden corset, but actually one BORROWED from Autumn herself! And the photo was taken by Larry Utley, whose photo book of corsets has a lengthy introduction by Autumn. I'm a maniac about these garments and Dark Garden is the best store for them! - Abby , posted 03/28/05
great place
I need some custom work done, and they
have great quality construction .. - Ms. Gnostic Spark... , posted 03/08/05
the most gorgeous leather corset ever!
I have a black leather custom Aziza. Everyone stops me when I wear it. They just can't pass by without staring. It is SO perfect. 2 fittings and much customizing in the process. The bustline on mine is lower than their normal corset, that's why CUSTOM works so well. My waistline is lower than their normal and I got the armpits raised a bit to cover arm 'stuff'. It fits so well I can wear it all night and when I throw my back out lifting I put it on for a few days and it helps.
I recommend Dark Garden and I am a walking advertisement when I'm wearing my corset.
I also have an black underbust edwardian custom, got it years ago and it still looks great. It works well under dresses at Dickens fair and when I want tolook my best, (also great for a thrown out back) - Dawn , posted 02/25/05
I *love* my gorgeous wedding corset!
I got a corset from DG for my August wedding and am absolutely thrilled with it. It was even more exquisite than I had hoped. Autumn was very thorough in measuring me, and Alyscia is excellence in customer service personified. I felt like the staff cared about me, how I would look, and ultimately, my happiness with the garment.

Their corsets are generally very expensive, but so well-made that I think it's worth it. Plus, we *want* the people who make our clothes (especially complicated clothes like corsets) to get a decent living wage... right? Right! - meagan , posted 01/07/05
Wonderful experience
I am currently in the process of having my first custom corset made. I have worn a DG corset and was thrilled at the comfort and look. It was the combination of extreme beauty and extreme comfort which totally sold me on buying one. I am already saving up for another. - Laurie , posted 12/21/04
Highest Quality - both service and product
From ordering to measuring to fitting to delivery, the whole Dark Garden experience was fun and without stress. The staff are proficient and accommodating, handling requests with unfailing courtesy. They are knowledgable, able to help you select the style of corset to suit your intended purpose, and even assist you in fabric selection. In a one-size-fits-all world, it is a delight to find skilled artists and craftsmen to create an item custom-made for *you*! If you are going to buy a corset, I would highly recommend Dark Garden. - --Michelle , posted 12/16/04
Best Corsets....
Autumn and crew make the most amazing corsets I have yet worn, I highly recommend them. - Unsubscribed , posted 12/16/04
My favorite place to visit in San Francisco
The best wearable art (be sure to try on some of the many corsets, available in just about any fabric you could want...Except Astroturf!). - Gordon , posted 12/16/04
Stunningly Beautiful!
I don't own one myself, but I think they look fabulous. Wonderful designs and BEAUTIFUL Colors. (I especially LOVE the Blue one that Nathalie tends to model!) - *SilverUnicorn* , posted 12/16/04
Hot, hot, hot. Damn hot, I said. - Unsubscribed , posted 12/08/04
Couldn't recomend this more highly
As an owner of a DG corset (see my profile to see pictures of it.) I couldn't recomend this product more highly.
100% professionalism and beautifully made products.
And as I am also a seamstress and have made few corsets over the years I can honestly say that they are an extremely difficult garment to create. So until I got my DG corset I've never had one feel so comfortable I could wear it everyday. - Unsubscribed , posted 12/08/04
Fabulous Selection of Corsets
Trust me, the "BEST" corset shop on the west coast. And yes I am a little biased and am saving up for another... But really truly they are great corsets and they do fabulous custom work. - Nathalie , posted 11/04/04
Excellent corsets
Dark Garden offers a 10% discount to Dicken's participants all year round. Ready to wear corsets can be made to order in time for 2nd week of workshops if ordered now - and we've purchased lots of approvable fabrics specifically with our favorite customers in mind - , posted 10/25/04

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