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Amazing film
talk about non linier time - Unsubscribed , posted 02/02/07
Glad I finally saw this!
I didn't realize that Drew Barrymore, Noah Wylie and Patrick Swayze were in this flick. I had just heard that Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal were in it and I love both of them (mmmm Jake!) I had also heard that it was a cult classic so I had to check it out. Now I understand the appeal. Great characters, obviously an unusual and dark story line, one of my new favs! - Logan , posted 11/14/06
Good story
Almost a year ago I saw this movie but I still remember it, which means it wasn't bad at all. I watched it because I was curious about Drew Barrymore's role in this film. It turned out to be a small role but a surprisingly good movie! Watch it! - Lies , posted 08/27/06
all this and jake gyllanhal, too!
psycho silver-masked death bunny, airplane engine dropping in your bedroom nightmares, time travel ... insanity - cherry ghost , posted 01/03/06
donnie darko cult fav
quintessential representation of north-american life. clever and engaging play on 'folie' or the tabou of crazyness. i really loved this movie... - Unsubscribed , posted 12/09/05
A Gotta See
Not much i can say other than this RULES - Unsubscribed , posted 11/30/05
ooohhh so deep
Ok story line, but honestly...Do any of you know what the fuck was going on with that whole time travel thing? It's just there to be complicated and get people thinking when really i bet the writer didn't know what he himself was writing about. - Bertha , posted 11/27/05
my obsession
I enjoy movies in general but this one really got to me. Its dark, has great writing, its complex, has intriging social commentary, and is non-linear. I'm kind of bashful to mention how many times I watched the film. Once, twice in one evening-with different people. Second time was just as enjoyable.
One of the few movies for my home collection - Amanda , posted 11/22/05
How'd they capsulize my life so well?
Hey, nice to meet y'all. I'm the real Donnie Darko. - Jesse , posted 11/16/05
Dark, stormy and asking of the questions we all pense...
What's it all about?
A movie that lets existential angst exist without any directional answer or hypothesis. The imagery of this film excellently illustrates a narrative that provides no answers but is deeply fulfilling in its quest. Soundtrack song SO hauntingly captures the mood of this film-I heard that it held the top of the charts even though it is a cover done in one evening. - Chloe , posted 10/12/05
dark coming of age tale
This exceptionally dark coming of age tale deals with teen rebellion, finding yourself, and discovering the truth behind a series of odd events. Donnie Darko is a teenager who's had mental problems in the past, and who is now being visited by a bizarre rabbit character who comes from the future. He must determine what's real as time ticks down until "the end of the world".

It's a beautiful story, with well developed characters and great imagery. The director's cut is well worth checking out. - Jenni , posted 06/16/05
Loved it, and it's website
This is definately one of my favorite american films (we just don't seem to be too good at the whole film making thing). The website was one of the most interesting and interactive sites I've ever come across - Unsubscribed , posted 06/13/05
Awesome connections
Caught this one late at night on cable, and loved it. The characters are well-developed, the dialogue rich, and the storyline a surprise to the very end. A cult film classic that rivals Phantom of the Paradise, Hairspray, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show for memorable characters, scenes, and thematics. - Dorsie , posted 05/22/05
dark beauty
I've never seen such a troubled bunny so beuatiful - Kevin , posted 05/20/05
Wonder Bunny
Sample dialogue: "Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion."

Beautiful, moving, sad, funny, astonishing in every way. - Philentropy , posted 01/20/05
I love the social commentaries about society being "niced-up" in this film.... I wish they had spent a bit more time researching the physics behind it, but have to give it kudos for what they've done. - Darren , posted 01/11/05
Boy meets time travelling rabbit and much more....
This tale of a disturbed teenager and his encounter with a demonic looking rabbit from the future would apear to be the begining of a really off the wall horror story ( ala "killer klowns from outer space" etc ) at least that's the gist i got from the review on the website i rented it from ..being one with a penchant for these type of movies occasionally i couldnt resist but, what i got was one of the best movies i have ever seen one that deals with rebellion, looking at the big picture of life and different people's philsophy's and condensation of human emotions as well as an intrigueing running theme of this spectre from the future and the dire predictions he offers to the main character (Donnie Darko ). It is a humorous and often dark ( as in depressing not so much as morbid ) drama which encompasses family and school life as well as issues of self-sacrifice and love .Overall a really kick ass flick sure to raise goosebumps as well as eyebrows. - rory , posted 09/14/04

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