EveryDay Mehndi...for the Henna Life!!!

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EveryDay Mehndi...for the Henna Life!!!
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DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE! They are a complete rip off and scam. I ordered products and never received them!!! I wish I would have read the reviews by the other posters first. I have made numerous attempts to contact them reference my order..no response, no products, no nothing!!! I have filed a complaint with the FTC and I am in thre process of contacting the local better business bureau in their respective area. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!! - Diva , posted 05/11/09
product never shipped owner deceased
the owner is deceased but the site is still accepting money. - Flavia , posted 05/04/08
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I ordered something from Everyday Mehndi and like the last reveiwer stated, they take your money through paypall immediately. After about 3 weeks I had not heard anything from them or recieved a package, so I emailed them and got an email back immediately saying that it would be shipped next week. After waiting over a month and a half from the day I placed the order I finally received an email (after I threatened to sue and tried to call them because the number was disconnected) saying that my order was shipped. I did recieve the order but I am still not happy. They never responded to any email except for the first one where they lied and said that the product was shipped. BUYER BEWARE - Jen , posted 10/16/07
Worst henna supplier
Despite immediate payment through Paypal, sending very patient emails over four months, many unanswered telephone calls, all sent with love and patience, I never did receive my henna or a refund (or an apology). Ultimately, I learned that they resell and extensively mark up existing readily available henna lines. Shame on them for mistreating someone who might have been a loyal customer. Terrible communication from them. I got two measly emails: one explaining that they were relocating/having computer problems and the other to ask yet again about my order. Never heard back. Shame shame. - Caillech , posted 11/13/05
Check us out!!!
Looking for henna/mehndi instruction, recipes, inspiration and the widest range of henna powders and supplies.

Also, a great source for natural herbs, oils, butters and products for hair and skin care. - Renee , posted 02/22/05

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