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GG is one of the best dog rescuers today. All those bad rumors about them were not true. I really admire their hard work and excellent services. - David , posted 11/14/14
Completley Misleading Web Site
Go or don't go, just don't say you weren't warned.
Neither the dogs or the clean environment seen on the website will be what you experience when you get there. Their website designer is a genius. You won't see the clean pretty place with multiple dogs at the same time or clean dogs.
The only real Great Danes I saw where their personal 2 dogs. It was dirty, they were dirty and they dogs were dirty.
We didn't see many and they strung out bring them to us one by one so we wouldn't have time to see many.
Most dogs were skinny and sickly looking.
They misrepresented the ages of the dogs telling us it's not unusual for 1 year old puppies to have gray beards.
They only took cash (obviously so they could hide it from the IRS or deny you gave that much) They say their dogs are between $500 and $1000 but they are all about $900.
We had to wait 45 min. for them, in our car.
They kept trying to get us to take two
I don't think any of them were full Danes but they claimed they were (even of those we only saw 3 so called Danes)
If they were short dogs they claimed they were puppies
They said their Great Danes live 18 to 20 years with their food, my vet said BS. - Marie , posted 03/26/12
Can you say "HOARDERS"? The smell in the house will knock you on your ass! Its disgusting. They need to be exposed for the dog hoarders that they are and all those poor dogs need to be saved! And of course they love these dogs, it's their bread & butter! This moron hasn't worked since his "batman" days. Their income comes strictly from the dogs, so of course they "love" these dogs. They are backyard breeders as well...they receive dogs from shelters for free and if they are not fixed they don't get them fixed as required, and they run around the property and are allowed to breed. The only time they fix the dogs is when someone pays to adopt, then they'll do it. Thats how they "obtain" all these litters.

And for any potential adopter reading this....know this FACT....the dog "ANGEL" (the Pyrenees)and all her 9 puppies were brought to her 2 years ago!!! Those cute pics of those puppies are no longer FRAUD! She contiously posted those as puppies on Ebay Classified 2 months ago. So if anyone wants to get her for "False Advertising" DO IT!!

The reason animal control will not do anything is because they get very large donations from GGR and nobody pushes the issue. They get complaints, but then the people complaining don't follow up. Laws also make it difficult, without sufficient evidence they cant just walk onto the property and look around. So they call, GGR cleans, and then lets animal control look at only certain areas, if at all. Citizens need to go to city hall, go to the city officials and push to get something done. These dogs are in an unhealthy environment and need to be confiscated!

Getting paid CASH on 900 plus a dog? Thats right you heard it right, they charge 900 or more per dog! No LEGIT rescue charges that much, they don't even get the dogs all shots that are required for a healthy life. They get whats required by law...the rabies vaccine, thats it! And most dogs they recieve are already spayed/neutered. And all the dogs they receive they get for free! They spend almost no money on these poor dogs. You see that high end pool in their front yard? Rescue money paid for that, I believe it was around 800,000. And NO thats not for the dogs! And for the food they try to bully you into feeding your dogs, so they can take more of your money....they can't force this on you. No matter what you signed, you don't need to continue purchasing their dog food. Just don't, they may call you to threaten you, but tell them to pound sand. Legally they can't and WON"T do anything.

As long as people continue to give these animal abusers CASH of 900 or more, they will never be stopped! They will keep selling sick dogs, allowing breeding, claiming to be a a legit non-profit rescue and the complaints will continue. SO PLEASE DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THE ANIMAL ABUSE AND START PUSHING THE CITY TO DO SOMETHING!! LETS SAVE THESE DOGS!!! - MstLvDgs , posted 11/23/10
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Hooray 4 the Canine Crusader!
If you are a dog lover, this is your rescue!

First of all, the fact that Gentle Giants is run by the original boy wonder "Robin" of 1960's Batman fame- Burt Ward and his beautiful wife, Tracy is, well, SUPER cool! (Holy Great Dane!)..

Forget the fact that this couple have devoted their lives to rescuing Gentle Giant Dog Breeds and placing them in homes worldwide. This couple of canine crusaders have developed an all natural dog food for all dogs of all sizes and have actually extended the average lifespan of their dogs with special care and feeding!!

This amazing dog rescue organization has adopted out over 1000 giant breeds around the globe and have been featured on several programs including Huell Howser ( www.gentlegiant... ).

If you are looking to adopt a Giant Breed Dog Please look into this rescue first. While they're adoption guidelines are very stringent, its obviously done out of pure love for these dogs, its worth it to support this rescue!

Bronson, Brody (my 2 dogs) and I Highly recommend this rescue to anyone! - Liv , posted 09/03/10
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Total scam!
No rescue would ever have FOURTEEN borzoi mixes up for sale at any point, like GG does on Petfinder right now. They're long overdue for an IRS audit. This group is nothing more than a front for backyard breeders. - TJ , posted 06/11/10
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I won't tell you to stay way - but GO IN EDUCATED!!!
I won't tell you not to adopt from them - because I think we all have a responsibility to get these poor dogs out of ANY RESCUE type environment ASAP! I wish I had a mountain of money to adopt more dogs from them - not because they are great people - they are hands down ego-maniacal control freaks that should absolutely be investigate both by the IRS and ASPCA - and then shut down. But it doesn't look like they will be shut down any time soon - if you love big dogs and think they deserve a loving home, please - at least go take a look - and if you can afford to take one their dogs, do so.

Anyone who's ever met or dealt with Tracy or Burt will know immediately that they personally wrote any of the "GGR is the greatest place ever" entries with the **** ratings on this page. Just the tone and wording of all of the entries gives it away. Those of us that know them, know the truth. Unfortunately the intent is to convince those that aren't familiar with Gentle Giants to stay away or at least go in with your eyes wide open. So - my advice to you - if you are in the dark and thinking about adopting from Gentle Giants - is to read this page from top to bottom - ALONG WITH EVERY OTHER ENTRY AND BLOG ON THE INTERNET - and then go to their facility to see for yourself. I wish I had seen all of this before I went and adopted my dog from them. I probably would have taken my girl home anyway - but at least I would have been ready for the trials ahead.

Everything you read about the long drawn out process, the flaky records, the contract issues, the dog food issues, the income questions - AND ESPECIALLY THE SICK DOGS is absolutely true. The whole place IS dirty and smelly - I was raised on a ranch - and I understand there is an animal smell to be expected. But their "facility" is one of worst smelling places I've been to. Which I find is odd - since most kennels aren't bad when well maintained. "The guest bathroom" was in a separate building out back and was barely a step up from a rodeo port-a-potty in terms of cleanliness. My first instinct was to turn around and leave - but I REALLY wanted a specific dog that they had advertised on their web site.

#1 - Every dog you see on their website that is "Available for Adoption" IS A LIE! The dog MAY have been there in the past - but keep in mind nearly all of the media is a minimum of 1-2 YEARS old. Whimsy the Woodle - Faruk the Tebetin Mastiff - all of those cute little DANE and Pyrenees puppies - and the others are LONG GONE. So, if you have your heart and mind set on one of those, get ready to change it when you get there.

Now - once you get there - They have a system of bringing out 2 different sets of dogs. They first set are what they call "Greeters" - these are the full grown, friendly, well fed and adjusted animals you see on their website. THESE are THEIR dogs! Very happy and well adjusted! After everyone is "educated" on what a particular breed will look like full grown - Tracy will go through the magic side gate and come back with adoption candidates that may or may not be a variation that you are looking for. 90% of them are not "pure bred" rescues but a mix of some sort. Which, anyone that has ever thought about going the rescue route could probably really care less. Some of the dogs they brought out were friendly, if a little shy - but many (mine included) were scared to death, malnourished, smelly, w/ various sores and Injuries. To which Tracy's reply will be that because they are a rescue - they get many dogs in terrible shape - and have to work on getting them back to "happy and healthy"...ok - that's highly possible. But here's MY issue - ALL HAD DIARRHEA! - which Tracy attributed this to stress of the environment - which is plausible - but hindsight being 20/20, I know now is untrue!

When you read everyone's entries on all of the different entries and blogs all over the internet - what is the one constant? Diarrhea! I had the same issue. I'm smart enough about dogs to know that they should be calmed down and back to normal w/ in a few days-1week. 2 weeks later my beautiful "little one" still had the runs. I've since come to find out - that for the last 2 weeks - while I was following Tracy's strict regimen of keeping my adopted dog at home w/ no outside contact to help with "the bonding process" - my other dog was being exposed to GIARDIA!!!!!! After the 2 weeks was up I took my dog to my vet. I will never forgive myself for not doing this the first day. IF THERE IS ONE THING YOU TAKE AWAY FROM THIS STORY - IF YOU ADOPT FROM THEM - MAKE SURE YOU GET EVERY VET RECORD ENTRY FROM THEM AND TAKE YOUR DOG TO YOUR VET IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOU GET HOME!!!

When I adopted my dog, the only paperwork I got from Tracy was the Contract and the Rabies Cert. Tracy told me that every dog she adopts out gets a thorough wellness exam and all shots. (Which is the reason I had to come back the next day to pick up my pup) I assumed that I would be able to contact the NORCO vet to fax previous records. When I went took my pup to my vet (who I have used for both of my other 8yo dogs) she of course wanted the previous records. When we called NORCO - Guess WHAT? NO RECORD except for the rabies shot! And even the one record they had - the adoption date, name and color was right but the birth date and breed was wrong - close enough to match and assume it was the same dog...but still! And there was no record of ANY OTHER Vaccinations! When I called Tracy, she said she was "sure she had them but couldn't find them right that second because she was very busy" - but was of course happy to spend the next 20 mins telling me off the top of her head exactly what my dog was given and would email me copies later. REally? Of course I never got anything from Tracy. Anyone that has ever gone through this with her knows exactly what I am talking about. My vet was not impressed. So I basically spent another mountain of money on vet bills for all new vaccinations - and of course GIARDIA Treatment for my new dog and my other dog that was subjected to this horrible parasite. Tracy will of course say that it was probably my fault or something they got into together - but due to her "strict regimen" - it's obvious that the parasite came from the new puppy.

Oh, and on a side note - my new dog - whether @ GGR or not - SEVERELY TRAUMATIZED by the VET. Will not go anywhere near any building that even remotely smells like a vets office. Once she figured out what the parking lot of my vet smelled like - she wouldn't even get out of the car. The first 2 times I took her in I had to literally PICK Her up and Carry her! This is not an easy feat with a 65lb giant breed puppy. Since then I have had to make trips to the vet 2-3 times a week with no procedures - in order to desensitize her and help her to realize the vets office does not mean pain and suffering. We go in, walk around, get her weight, have a cookie and leave. 6 weeks later I still have to carry her in - but once we get through the door she is better. She will not go anywhere NEAR a partially open door. Anytime we go in and out of any room, the door must be fully open - my guess is that she got slammed in a door hard enough or often enough to make a bad memory.

Additionally she is scared to death of all men, some women and and will run and cringe in the corner any time you raise your hand near her, or any loud noises are made. She was obviously abused and traumatized either with Tracy or before. I'm sure Tracy will say it must have happened before....I have another separate issue with that but won't discuss it here. I am doing my best with her and we are slowly working our way to making her happy and well adjusted - every day she makes a little improvement either with me, the vet, or with visitors.

All in all - I'm NOT happy with GGR because I think they ARE VERY SKETCHY - but I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with my new baby girl. And I would adopt from them again only because as I said - NO DOG should be subjected to that environment. - Red , posted 05/08/10
Many adoptions later
My wife adopted multiple dogs years ago, one died of cancer this last December and the other one is getting very old. More of our family adopted other dogs around the same time. All were great dogs, and Tracy and Burt seem like great people. Maybe a little eccentric but they have good hearts.

My only complaint is that it would be nice to see more than one dog at a time. That's the -one star

We just adopted two more dogs.

Now regarding the food and the long life claims, I don't know. They did the research and it seems to make since. I have a Dane who is just fine and almost 14, I mean she's old and doesn't run or walk too much but she's enjoying life.

All I know is that they don't make money off of the rescue, they have it, and if you don't believe me do the research.

Great Danes get expensive, with meds, food, etc. We could have put a kid and a half through college with what we paid for cancer treatment for one dog. And we were going to do that so long as his quality of life was good.

They take in any big breed dog regardless of health or previous abuse, so seeing those types of dogs there shouldn't put anyone off. - john , posted 01/12/10
Gentle Giants rescue
To every one out there that loves dog, let me tell you about Burt and Tracy ward. They run an excellent and amazing operation rescuing dogs they treat the dog as there own children and any body is talking bad aboout them does not tell the truth about them .
first let me tell you that there are many famouse and well known people that adopted dogs from them like Stephanie miller Radio talk host, Singer Actress Venessa Williams, and many other.
I personally adopted a dog from them a about 5 Years ago and he was the best dog I have ever seen.
Gentle ginants is an honorable rescue agency and should be recognized for doing a great job, and of course they charge for adopting those dog they have a huge operation that has to be paid for and if you are looking to do a charity you should not complain on the amount of money you pay just simply keep your mouth shut and do not talk bad about the honorable people that do the work
- Anas , posted 10/09/09
additional info - not good
From a vet, rescue person, and a showdog breeder of sighthounds I know of multiple instances where this group has taken dogs from under rescues auspices. Another instance is a borzoi that was stolen out of a persons yard and ended up with Gentle Giants. - they say they have Silken Windhounds- I know many folks in the breed- no way this is correct re silkens with 6 gen peds making them a legit breed- they are breeding borzois to other things. When I have looked at their page it amazes me they have so many puppies and specific mixed breeds- this is very suspicious. I am offended that petfinder still allows them to list.There is a deerhound currently listed and they badmouth breeders as if they do not breed- (apparently a HUGE amount)

Dogs that have come into my clinic were mandated to be on raw diet or their own diet or no health guarantee was given . Of these dogs one was so obese and hypothyroid(not diagnosed by their vet - who is that I wonder and did they ever take the dog in ??) she was almost 175 lbs when she should have been around 95

Honestly I would not recommend this group to anyone - how can they have so many puppies and also place them for such a high price?? - I live and have contact with a bunch of rescues if pregnant dogs of sighthound breeds were so prevalent where I live- pop of 5 mil- bay area) I would know about it.

so dream on if you think they are legit.
- erin , posted 05/07/09
If you give me, one dog is cursed. . I give you much better review right away. . Haw-haw. . . . I will not be very much English. But my very skilled Chinese language oh. . Haw-haw - Wang Wei Feng , posted 02/20/09
has anyone shut them down? no
I live here in Norco and it is a very animal friendly small town. It's called HORSETOWN U.S.A. and believe me it shows. there are horse trails everywhere(not very well maintained) and it seems like every month there is a parade shutting down the main street on Saturday mornings. I am not a big horse fan, but do love all kinds of animals. Dogs are my favorite and I do have 4 of them. They all stay outside and play with each other and i try to spend time with them. They are just not in the house because I have a 1 year old and a very pregnant wife who they love to jump on to get affection; they are big dogs. Today I was looking up gentle giants as I have always wanted a Newfoundland. After looking at their website I am totally turned off. They want $400-almost $1000 to adopt a pet. Ican't believe it. They make you buy their food which is ridiculously priced. I called the Norco Animal Control and someone abruptly told me that GGR is fine and don't believe whatever other people are saying on the web. I said "what the heck are you talking about?" and she quickly changed the subject. Then i came here and another place and read horror stories about GGR. I couldn't believe the math . At even $600 a pop (GGR claims 25-30 adoptions a week), the total intake for the year is close to a $1,000,000.00 and that is on the super conservative side. Most people supposedly pay more and with the food, who knows how much they are taking in every year. AND WHAT IS WITH THE BRING CASH THING? Shouldn't that raise a red flag. They can't get a credit card machine or verify a check? RIDICULOUS. The shelter lady is the one who told me GGR is run by Burt Ward of BATMAN. WHO CARES? Can someone with some clout or pull look into this? All I wanted to do is see if I could possibly rescue a dog and this is what I ran into. I'm not paying that much to rescue a dog. They actually should pay me because I would provide it a nice loving home. There is no way this is a non profit. BRING CASH PLEASE... Does anyone actually know anything about the financials or how to get hold of them because they are a 501 (c) 3 public benefit corporation. I'm actually unbiased but the $ they want and the food they make you buy............. It concerns me because every cent should be going to the DOGS not the OWNERS, however "semi-famous" you actually are. - john , posted 01/21/09
Inquired while looking to rescue a Newfoundland. Inquired about Winslow 11/2007; he had been adopted to a wonderful family, but others would be there, etc. Began getting suspicious by the number of different purebred LITTERS. They are only an hour from me; and before I could get there; ran into several people with nightmare stories about them; and the contract you must have with them to buy THEIR BRAND of dog food. I CALLED my vet; and she mentioned having seen horrors of her own involving this group. I noticed today ;after hearing another awful story . . .

That over a year later WINSLOW is still up there for ADOPTION! SAME PICS AND EVERYTHING! Why hasn't someone shut these people down? - Sumner , posted 12/07/08
scam of a "rescue"
My husband and I stumbled upon Gentile Giants a few years back when we wanted a Great Dane. A friend bred them but wanted to do what I felt was the right thing and adopt through a rescue. We made an appointment to see the dogs but were also told that we had to bring $400.00 with us because appointments are only made for people who intend to take a dog home with them then.

We were finally let in the complex and Tracy proceeded to bring out dogs for us to look at. All of the big beautiful ones that she brought out were more than the $400.00 that we were told to bring. When she brought one out that was $400.00 she was not a full Great Dane although Tracy assured us she was. She was a recent mother and very malnourished but sweet. She looked like a dane lab mix which is a great mix so we took her. We still wanted to get a Great Dane though and so we wanted one of the other ones Tracy brought out also. He was a beautiful huge blue Dane puppy but since he wasn't fixed and the other one we chose wasn't fixed, she wouldn't let us take them both. That was fine because that is the responsible thing to do and I understood.

We got the female fixed at Tracy's vet and she bled all over the house for a few weeks. When we called Tracy about it she said it is normal but if we were concerned that we should call the vet. That turned out to be an ordeal. After a couple trips to Tracy's vet and finally to our own, we found out that she had horrible problems with her ears and skin as well as the bleeding but our vet took care of it. This was eight years ago and we still have her and she is beautiful and wonderful and we are lucky.

We never ended up getting the other dog after everything that happened with the first one. Not because we didn't still want him or because we were overly upset with what happened. We figured that what had happened was a unique situation and that any other dog we or anyone else got would be fine. We just wanted to get settled with the new dog before creating more chaos with another dog. A while later we decided that we would get another and that this time it would be the beautiful huge Great Dane I had been imagining. When we got there with our $400.00 this time she brought out some puppies. Gorgeous dogs. Then I found out that their father was the dog we wanted the last time but couldn't have because he wasn't fixed. The mother was another dog she had on the property. The puppies started at $700.00. We took one (of course the one wanted was $800.00 because he had a blue heart on him.) because we had puppy fever after seeing them all.

Now there is something wrong with that picture. Are rescues supposed to be breeding their dogs? Are they supposed to be selling the puppies as rescue dogs? Are they supposed to be jacking up the prices due to markings on the dogs? I was always under the impression that pretty much no. These things are not supposed to be going on. If they want to be breeders then fine but i think it is wrong to breed and call it a rescue.

One other problem we had with this "rescue" was that Tracy said that if anything ever happened to the dog and we couldn't afford vet bills, etc. that she could help financially. (Perhaps with all the money she is raking in with the puppies being born on her property?) Our puppy got the bloat and we ended up with high vet bills and asked for help. My husband and I were just students at the time and didn't have much money. She wouldn't help and only suggested that I sue the vet.

So overall, i was happy with the dogs we got despite the health problems. They are/were great dogs. My problem is that this place is not a rescue. It sucks people in that want to do the right thing and don't know any better or like the fact that they can pick out and take a dog home. Maybe if real rescues didn't make adopting so difficult, Tracy wards sleezy operation wouldn't be so attractive.

i am writing this because our first "rescue" from the ward's operation is getting pretty old and i have time right now to train another one. i want a dane, i want a rescue and so i got online to look tracy up. in addition to her ridiculously and unnecessarily extensive web site, i found numerous complaints from people about tracy and their experiences with her and the dogs they got from her. now i realize that our situation was not unique and thought i should make our story known also. i hope that my review in addition to all the other negative ones here in tribe and other places online may save some people time, money and unnecessary heartache. Needless to say we won't be going back to tracy for another dog, but i don't know where to go now...

just my two cents... - emily , posted 08/12/08
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Every Negative on this site is from a dog killer, abuser or breeder in disguise
I am a reader of these ratings who called and visited Gentle Giants and found out the truth that these bad stories are false. GG is a great dog rescue who saves thousands of dogs each year who otherwise would be killed! I have the facts so everyone can see the truth!

I called and met with Gentle Giants Rescue (GG) to seek the truth about the scantily supported, undocumented tall tale-like accusations made against GG on internet sites like this one. I spoke to Tracy Ward, who was VERY nice and obviously cares very much about her dogs and her adopters, as I already knew because I have adopted three wonderful dogs from them, and Tracy and Burt have always been there for me. I have been to GG many times, and I know many other very happy adopters just like myself, many who have also adopted 2 or 3 dogs or more great dogs from them and all of them are beautiful, healthy, affectionate and well trained. I know for a fact that every time I went there, their property was beautiful and clean and all the dogs looked great and were in good health. The dogs I have adopted are loving and wonderfully healthy, and they were clean and healthy on the day I adopted them. They are great with my kids and are incredibly well trained and socialized. I have been given a lot of help and support from Tracy and Burt, and they have always been prompt to answer any question I have had over the years.

I found out that what is written here about GG not caring for their dogs is completely false. Tracy has provided the documentation that proves that every negative story is bogus and shows that the people who wrote them are liars.

I will post the facts about each false story to show the truth. The first fabricated story to be exposed is about a Bullmastiff and was written by a woman hiding under the assumed name of “C.” Most of these internet liars use anonymous or abbreviated names and email addresses to hide behind their lies. Now, you will be able to see their real names with photos and videos and actual medical records showing that every one of these liars adopted beautiful healthy dogs!

You can see the actual documentation and read the facts that disproves the first false “story” by going to:
1. Courtnay Reeder and Smoochie the Bullmastiff -
I will go person by person and help them print the truth about the people writing these false stories here on so that readers can see what really happened and see the other side of the story for every story. I believe what Tracy Ward told me. There was no reason for her to lie about it. And even in this case, the facts pretty well speak for themselves. If a dog is healthy and happy for two years at GG, it was obviously well cared for there. And if it can go home and be in an adopters home healthy for about a year and come back and still be healthy for 5 months more at GG, it is clear that GG is NOT at fault. They did a great job. The only way we will really know what happened is if the adopter “C” ever fesses up what really happened in her home after the first week. And she seems to be on a blame campaign that has nothing to do with the truth. Just like most of these false, anonymous stories.

2. The next person to be exposed here is Marc Sayer - You can see the actual documentation and read the facts about Marc Sayer and about the crimes he has committed against animals by going to:

See the first bad review written on about GG - It was written by "Marc".....we are going to show you who "Marc" is ; Marc Sayer is a man who claims to be a Deaf Dane 'rescue' but has actually bred his blind and deaf rescue Great Danes and killed their newborn puppies by smothering them with his own hands while joking about it on the phone with someone who was trying to save them from him!!! This man is a monster and has written and authored many bad lies about GG, yet while GG has not done anything that Marc has lied about, Marc Sayer has has done so many bad things to animals it is beyond horrible! Read about how he bred his blind and deaf Great Dane rescue dogs and killed the puppies ( Issue #5 Marc breeds Cassie & kills 4 puppies ) and (GGNews Message Board about Marc Sayer). Read about how someone was bitten on the face and other places by one of Marc Sayer's rescue dogs while Marc Sayer was there: ( Statement from the woman who was bit & Pictures ). Read about how Marc Sayer has bred other rescue dogs ( Issue #4 Angel & Remmington ). Read about how he has adopted Aggressive dogs to families with kids and the kids were attacked and blamed the Adopters for what happened ( Issue #2 Tug / The Dangerous dog! ). Read about how Marc Sayer abused an innocent puppy for two years in his poor care where the puppy's ears were torn repeatedly by other dogs and remained torn for her duration of staying with him ( Issue #1 Chyna / Lambchop ). Read about how Marc Sayer took a Gentle Giants Rescue dog and deprived it of medical care which ultimately caused it to die and then Mark Sayer lied about it and tried to make it seem like it was GG's fault ( Issue #3 Tiergan & Gentle Giants and ). Read about how Marc Sayer held a puppy to the phone and said "Help me, ...Help me...." and the puppies were screaming as Marc Sayer killed them all while another rescuer was crying on the phone and begging Marc Sayer to let them live, but he killed them anyway: and read about how poor Cassie died too after being bitten and beaten up every day of her life and had many wounds and scars all over her face and body because of Marc Sayer: This is the kind of bad people who are lying about GG. In this case, an abusive breeder pretending to be a rescue.

Click on the words Deaf Dane Rescue below and you can also read one of the many posts about Marc Sayer which are common knowledge and have been sent all over the internet entitled:

Deaf Dane Rescue - Lies, Deceit, Deception and the Truth. Marc Sayer is a FRAUD who is abusing and breeding the deaf and blind “rescue” dogs in his care. He has killed innocent puppies by smothering them with his own hands. He has adopted dangerous dogs to families with kids and the children were attacked. Some of his dogs have bitten people on their faces. He has deprived dogs of medical care and Marc Sayer has committed other crimes against animals.

3. More to come - Keep checking back for the truth with actual medical records, pictures and videos!

As I gather the facts and documentation, all the false postings and all the people posting them will be exposed for the liars that they are. These posts showing the truth will expose some very bad people with very bad intentions and ulterior motives. While most of the false postings written here are flat out lies written by people who have never adopted and have never even been to GG, the few people who actually are GG Adopters have violated their contracts and have abused or even killed their dogs adopted from GG. Many of them are using forums like this one to garner sympathy for themselves to cover up their own crimes when they are nothing more than DOG KILLERS! One of these people was arrested and jailed in connection with the murder of her own infant human baby and then lied about the death of her own baby! You can read the truth at to learn more about why these people are targeting GG. You will see that it is the dogs who deserve the sympathy after being adopted to these horrible people, and you will also see that GG has never had a violation in the more than 14 years they have been operating. Animal shelters all across the country love GG and depend on them and so do their more than 10,000 happy adopters who have treated their dogs well and who on average, have adopted three or more wonderful dogs from GG over the years just like I did.

It is ironic is that while GG saves and protects the lives of as many as 25 to 30 dogs each week, and has done so each and every week of the year for the last 14 years, saving more than 1,000 dogs each year, the scum that fill these ratings with their false, trashy “stories” do absolutely nothing to rescue dogs and don’t spend a penny of their own money to save dogs lives. Opposite to the lack of charity and integrity of these liars posting false stories, GG spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year solely to save the lives of innocent dogs who otherwise would be killed.

If you want a great dog, go to a Great Rescue - GG ! If you want to get stuck in these pathetic liar's games, they are certainly writing enough volumes of lies to waste a good amount of your time reading them. But if you do read them, keep coming back to this section to see each of them exposed for the liars and dog killers and stinking breeders that they are. And now you can see their real names, photos and videos of their adoptions for the few who did adopt together with the actual medical records for the dogs. You can see the thousands of dollars in vet bills and other care spent on them by GG. You see that every dog was vet checked by a licensed veterinarian on the day they went home and were in great health. You can now know for sure who the good guys are - GG!! And, you will also have the email addresses and names of the bad guys, the liars and dog killers and breeders too, to get in touch with them and let them know what you think of what they're doing. - DB , posted 07/09/08 - DB , posted 08/19/08
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It makes me sad to hear all the bad luck people have had with GGR. We adopted 2 dogs one is healthy and fine and the other we just had to put down today because of cancer although I'm positive she had it when we adopted her . I always thought there was something strange about that place. - kat , posted 01/23/08
I have delt with GGR
It has been almost year since I have delt with these people. At the time my husband and I didn't realize what this place really was. We were taken in by their pretty website and full hearted promises that our dog would find a good forever home. We had a Irish Wolfhound named Binn. Long story short.. at 6 months of age Binn lost his use of his back legs and was unable to walk. We did everything we could for Binn, and decided it was best to give him up to GGR with the promise from Tracy that he would have medical attention. We were also moving and were unable to take him with us. We had talked to Tracy on the phone and she paid for Binn's flight and crate. She also said Binn would get medical treatment and that he would be "OK". A few days later I checked their site and saw Binn was already listed as "Up For Adoption". A month later Tracy had added under Binn's name "Not ready to go home yet." I was able to talk to Tracy a few months later and she said Binn was not able to get surgery..which is BS.. our vet told us that there was a small window open for surgery and Tracy knew that. Not sure why she ignored that. I have written Tracy several emails asking how Binn was doing.. she has ignored them all. Binn's name is still under "Irish Wolfhounds" in the adoption section. I'm really not sure if he's still there or if he has died and Tracy let him. If I could do this all over.. I would have never fallen for their ridiculous site. If anyone has seen Binn while visiting GGR please let me know and how he is doing. He is a Wheaten Irish Wolfhound and as sweet as can be! Thank you! - Kaleigh , posted 11/25/07
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Don't Fall For The Lies
This place is a total sham. C'mon people, what on earth is a sasquatch? It's a shame, all the money they weasle out of people, you think they could afford to properly care for the dogs on their premises. And even have a little left over to afford psychiatric medications.....because if they believe all the lies they spout, then they have some serious issues.

DON'T FALL FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are thinking of adopting from GGR, please visit and find out the truth. Burt can lie all he wants, but those IRS documents don't lie. Neither do the testimonies. Really, do any of you believe that the person who put up has nothing more to do with her time than try to bring Burt Ward down? Trust me, she does. BUT, because of the problems Burt and Tracy have caused her, she has taken major steps to try to prevent those problems from happening to anyone else.

Three Cheers to Barbara for trying to prevent these crooks from lining their pockets further, and to the crooks, shame on you. You'll find your just punishment one day. - K , posted 08/22/07
There should be a no star button
This "rescue" is a joke. They are dog brokers. All the responses that have given them an excellent rating is written by them not an actual outsider that has had a good experience there. They are complete whack jobs. The reason they always have puppies is because they are breeding they are a puppy mill not a rescue. And with their so called 25 to 30 adoptions per week and the first 400 has to be in cash they are pocketing 520,000 to 624,000 cash and we all know that isn't reported to the IRS. I wonder what will happen when it all catches up with them. - Anna , posted 07/27/07
Don't adopt from GGR
Almost a year after losing our previous dog to cancer, we decided to head up to Gentle Giants Rescue (GGR) in search of a new dog for our family. We knew we wanted a Mastiff, most likely a Bullmastiff, and GGR seemed like the perfect place to go. I talked to Burt on the phone before we made the two-hour trip to the rescue, and he assured me that they had plenty of Bullmastiffs to choose from. Because we have a 10-month-old baby and 4-year-old son, I was especially interested in the “training” and “socialization” they claim to provide to each of their dogs. Burt assured me that every dog goes through a rigorous training program that includes socialization with both kids and other animals. We were so excited!

We went up to GGR that very day after talking to Burt on the phone. When we got there the place was a bit odd, not as green and clean as it looked on the website. We waited in our car as instructed, in the heat, for someone to come over and greet us. Tracy was helping another adoptee and didn’t seem to even notice we were there. There was one other couple there to adopt besides our family and after about 20 minutes Burt directed us where to park and then led us into the area where they bring the dogs out. They started bringing out dogs one at a time. Tracy kept bringing out English Mastiffs and although I love the English Mastiff, I had to tell Burt we were primarily interested in the Bullmastiffs & French Mastiffs. We were then informed that they didn’t have any Bullmastiff that they could adopt out yet – but he said they plenty of them on the phone. They brought dog after dog out, most of which looked dirty and underweight. Then Burt & Tracy disappeared and us the other couple just sat there wondering what the hell was going on. We sat there for at least 15-20 minutes before anyone came back out. In that time we were discussing with the other couple how weird the place was and how dirty it seemed to be. Both my husband and I, and the other couple there to adopt felt that the whole place was just really strange. There was a little caged in area right next to where we were sitting that contained 2 puppies, I can’t remember what kind they were but there was poop, mushy and extremely stinky all over the encaged area and food all over the ground. It was filthy and smelly.

They had brought out 2 Danes for the other couple looking to adopt and when the potential adoptee went to pet one of them it growled and showed teeth. Tracy promptly told us the dog was playing and that she was harmless.

We finally saw a dog we liked after about 4 hours of being there. We were told she was a Neapolitan Mastiff. She was filthy and covered in mud but I saw her potential. She was very docile and very affectionate. We were told her owner left her at a school. We filled out all the paperwork and were then told we would not be able to pick her up till the next day because she needed a final vet check. I was irritated because we were under the impression that we could take her that night. I asked if it was necessary to bring the kids since we had all already met the dog and because it was a total pain in the ass to bring an infant up there to sit for hours on end, but Tracy said we all had to be there. TO make things worse, the next day was a holiday and when we asked if their vet would be open they assured us the vet was open. Tracy told me to call her first thing the next morning to find out when we could pick our dog up. The next morning around 8am I called and left a voicemail and then sent an email. Finally at 10am, I called back again and Tracy said she was trying to get an appt and that she would call me right back. 4.5 hours later, after calling and leaving several more messages, Burt called to tell me the vet was not open and we’d have to come up the next day. Well my husband had to work and my son had school so that was going to be a problem. I was again told to call back in the morning to see when we could come to pick up our dog. I called and left a couple messages throughout the day, as well as a somewhat straight forward email voicing my concern about the lack of communication as to when I would be able to pick up our new dog. Finally around 3:30pm I got a phone call that I could come up anytime after 4 to pick our dog up.

We picked her up on a Tuesday and by that Sunday we were in the Vet ER. She had horrible diarrhea the whole time she was with us and by that Sunday the diarrhea also had blood in it. Every time I called Tracy voicing my concern she told me it was normal. I’m by no means a vet, but when you have a dog peeing out of it’s butt with blood in it (sorry to be so graphic here, but it’s the reality of the situation)10 times a day and waking up several times at night as well…it’s not normal. When we took her into the ER, they said she was completely malnourished and about 20lbs underweight. She was also extremely dehydrated and needed to be given fluids intravenously. She was also diagnosed with gastroenteritis.

I had called and emailed Tracy that morning to tell her we were taking our girl in, but of course no one answered my call or email. Finally Tracy called me back later that afternoon and when I told her all of this she acted like it was my fault and asked if I was giving her water. Of course she had water! Then Tracy told me that our new girl left healthy so she didn’t know what could’ve gotten her this sick. She said the diarrhea was really common for the first week or two and that some of the dogs don’t have solid stools for up to a month because of the “stress” of coming to a new home. Yeah right! I have plenty of friends who have adopted dogs from rescues and no one had experienced this awful diarrhea before.

I happened to have the phone number of the couple who was at GGR adopting with us and gave them a call to see if they were having any medical conditions with their dogs – they adopted 2; one was a Rotweiler and the other an English mastiff. Both dogs came to GGR together and Tracy really didn’t want to separate them, so the other couple decided to take both. They told us that both dogs had bad gas & diarrhea and that they actually had to take the English Mastiff back to GGR because it was viciously attacking the Rotweiler. They also informed me of the Gentle Giants News website and told me to check it out immediately. Once I looked at it I got a pit in my stomach. All the stories were exactly what we had experienced; only I felt extremely lucky that my girl wasn’t as bad off as some of the other. I couldn’t believe what I was reading and I felt stupid for not finding the website before we went up to GGR.

The following day I took our new dog into our regular vet for a follow up and had them run a ton of tests. Luckily all her blood work came back normal but she had a ton of parasites in her intestines which were causing the diarrhea. They were amazed that her supposed “vet check” from GGR’s vet came back clean considering the amount of parasites she had in her tummy. We then found out later that our dog was most likely not a Neapolitan Mastiff, but a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) who was extremely malnourished.

Four weeks have gone by and our girl’s been on meds since the first week we got her. We are praying for a clean poop diagnosis since this will be the third one, but the vet said to be prepared because there’s a good chance she’ll need another round of meds due to the severity of the parasites. She’s been on a diet of ground turkey and rice for most of the 4 weeks we have had her. When I tried to incorporate the GGR food back into her diet, the diarrhea came back despite the anti-diarrhea meds! She is now being weaned onto a healthy, organic food that has the ingredients listed on the package (something the GGR food failed to list on the package).

We also have another appt today (almost 5 weeks after adopting our girl) because she’s had a discharge coming from her girlie parts since we brought her home and still no normal poops except when she’s on meds. At first the discharge was clear and the vet said to keep a close eye on it, that it was probably from her being spayed while going into heat, but that it could also be a “girly” infection. The vet said it should go away within 2 weeks. Here we are 5 weeks later and now the discharge has turned into a yellow smelly mess. Sure enough she has vaginitis and has been put on yet another antibiotic to try and get her healthy.

We’ve had to hire a trainer to come to the house to help us with obedience and puppy training.

Luckily our new girl is great with the kids and has shown no signs of aggression with anyone. She is very loving and very gentle, which is a blessing considering some of the horror stories we have read. The only real problems we’ve had are medical and have entailed medical expenses we were not counting on; especially since we were assured she was healthy when we adopted her. I think once we get her healthy and get some basic obedience training done, she’ll be a wonderful dog. I have cut all ties with GGR and was able to get all of my girl’s micro chip info changed from GGR to me (something Tracy said we could not do).

Anyway, that’s our story. I love my new girl and despite her health problems, I feel like I rescued her from a parasite infested mad house of animals.

- Southerntam , posted 06/26/07
out to get your money - and nothing else...
Anyone who truly believes this place is a bonafide rescue - had better explain how they get so many puppies - often crossbred like Borzoi to Deerhound... Borzoi to Saluki... they are BREEDING them. That much is obvious. They are a grandiose PUPPY MILL hiding under the guise of a rescue and asking for your money - please please PLEASE do not give them a cent.

That lengthy, glowing report about them posted above was laughable - and so obviously Burt or Tracy posting that it is pathetic. The notion that "jealous breeders" are out to sabotage them cracks me up.... there is nothing to be jealous of with their shoddy operation...

One star is too high a rating. SHUT THESE PEOPLE DOWN - that would be the way to truly RESCUE the poor dogs in their "care" and under their "training".... - Lori , posted 05/27/07
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Save yourself the heartache
I'm so glad I just visited this site. I wish I had seen these reviews before. We purchased a wonderful bullmastiff from GGR almost 2 weeks ago. Against Tracy's orders I took her to my vet who said she was 5 not 3 and had a heart murmur and a thyroid problem. She also wanted to check for pulmonary edema since her breathing was somewhat questionable. Tracy told me this dog had no problems other than incontinece at times and to give her a pill in the morning and a pill at night. When I read the prescription bottle it said 1 pill 2-3 times per week. the side effects of this medication is something called blood dyscrasias- it basically keeps any white or red blood cells from being produced giving the dog nNO immunity. Anyway.... My sweet wonderful dog died in my arms this morning after just having her 2 weeks. I am heartbroken and sick to my stomach. I took good care of this dog and her health didn't just deteriorate in a 2 week time frame. She was sick when we paid $700 for her. I have vowed never to buy a rescue dog again and it won't be soon enough if I never see or deal with this couple again. Please don't give them any more money, save yourself the heartache. I loved that dog and I'm glad she got 2 weeks with me as opposed to being there- but how many unhealthy dogs is she going to sell at our expense? - C , posted 03/21/07
i have acualy delt with ggr i had to give up my dog it broke my heart but he was a lil over teh whieght limit of the appartments i was moving in to it was 70 lbs he was 170 i was kept uptodate on how he was doing and even after he had been adopted i was able to call and talk to tracy about him and how he was doing i there place was every loving and clean any stories of abuse are total bs i have only seen for my self at ther eplace nothing but love i even went by unanounced to visit him b4 he was adopted - erika , posted 03/20/07
How can you not believe the one star ratings?
I have only heard terrible things about GGR. I have seen this rescue on Animal Planet and it disturbs me when I have read and heard so many sad stories. I above all a great dane lover and hate to hear about them not being treated humanely. If these stories are true, something should be done. - Jessica , posted 03/15/07
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The GREATEST Big Dog Rescue in the far!!!!!!
***** Gentle Giants is a Great Rescue saving thousands of lives and working with Animal Shelters and other rescues all across the nation!

Before reading the false emails written on a few internet sites about Gentle Giants rescue (GG), take the time to read the information below and see why the many breeders masquerading as "rescues" are trying to bash GG along with a couple of adopters who have had dogs repossessed because they did not care for them properly and others who falsely stated that they had adopted a dog from GG when they have never even been to GG nor did they adopt a dog from them. GG has more than 9,000 very happy adopters and you can see hundreds of their happy letters all over their great website: . You can also see letters from some of the many Animal Shelters and other real Rescues they work with all across the nation and everyone loves them: . You can also watch their most recent television show and see all the dogs meeting people and little kids and being gentle and loving to all :

Gentle Giants Answer - Finally the truth - Gentle Giants is a great rescue saving thousands of lives and working with animal shelters and rescues all across the nation. This is the truth. In the answers that follow, all of which have already been posted all over the internet so they are public knowlege, you will see why some bad people feel the need to lie about such a great rescue as they
can lie about anyone and anything. Know that what is being stated is just that, lies and misinformation by a very few bad people who have nothing better to do with their lives than target others. Read the article "Attack of the Blogs": and you will see how people get away with spreading lies and having them repeated so much that they begin to seem true. Web logs and the internet are now the prized platform of an online lynch mob spouting liberty but spewing lies, libel and invective. But none of it is anything more than false. Gentle Giants works with real rescue groups and shelters all across the US and is looked upon as one of the best rescues and thank goodness that bad people with bad motives can't harm them because so many innocent lives depend on their efforts along with the other real rescues they work with.

Only the people writing here and on some breeder websites have anything to say that is not nice - and the reason is that these people have ulterior motives which you will soon read. Most of them have never even been to GG. Read the info on the website link below and you will see just how bad people can get. The very same people and their friends who have started these lies and rumors
have taken a lot of time to write false stories here and everywhere they can because they have a lot of time on their hands and they spend it being hateful. They do not rescue anything and could care less about the animals in need that GG and other real rescues are saving every day. You will soon see that many of these people and supposed "rescues" have committed crimes against animals and have even killed innocent puppies. Sadly, and in one case, one of these people was arrested and jailed in connection with the murder of her own infant human baby and then lied about the death of this baby! Many of these supposed "rescues" are really puppy mill breeders in disguise who are churning out 20 or more litters a year in a world where so many dogs die in shelters everyday- and yet, they think of GG as "competition" to their overbred puppies that they are profiting from. And sadly, they pretend to be "rescues" as a "front" for their endless breeding activity, by having dogs after dogs locked up in their kennels breeding their lives away so that they can profit from their sad existence. They care little about life and are just out to get those that stand in their way - after all, if you adopt a dog from GG, then you are a lost customer who will not buy a puppy mill puppy from them! They will do just about anything to lie about and bash GG or anyone that they might consider to be competition. Read the info at the site below and you will see just who these people are and how despicable they are.

This new website is dedicated to helping people and rescues work together to save lives and to stop disreputable breeders and puppy mills from misusing animals and from unjustly targeting others who are trying to help clean up the messes caused by their puppy mill breeder practices of overbreeding and killing: This website will show you the real truth about Gentle Giants Rescue and about this smear campaign of lies and false stories written about them. Click here to read more :
- Q , posted 02/07/07
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Ha, looks like Packleader is Tracy or Burt Ward themselves
So obviously written by one of the Wards - R , posted 02/07/07
Gentle Giants, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit giant breed dog rescue in Wayne, NJ We are in no way associated with Gentle Giants Rescue in CA. - Candace , posted 02/06/07
horrible excuse for a rescue
their website is very can tell the picture of sparticus is photoshopped, his paws don't line up with the ground...i've heard nasty things about this place, and all the stories are too alike not to be true. im soo glad i didn't go here to rescue a dane as i was planning. that would have been a HUGE mistake! please if you are thinking about rescuing a dane or other giant breed, PLEASE DO NOT go to this puppymill. because that's all it is, a puppymill under a "nonprofit name" - Brandi , posted 01/30/07
Gentle Giants is an EXCELLENT Rescue. Don't believe the lies.
*****I am an Animal Control volunteer writing about GG and the wonderful work they are doing saving lives!

****PLEASE NOTICE Brandi's review above mine. See where she says "im soo glad i didn't go here to rescue a dane as i was planning". How can she know ANYTHING about GG when she's never been there?! Like all the other negative posts below...Brandi is a LIAR. And most likely a breeder of pure bred dogs who wants to shut down GG because they adopt out AMAZING animals at a fraction of what she and the other breeders could get for the animals. HERE'S the TRUTH - These breeders would rather the dogs be put down than adopted out by Gentle Giants Rescue. If you want to adopt a great dog, then go to a great rescue. GG doesn't breed anything, they just clean up the messes left by breeders like Brandi. GO SEE FOR YOURSELF.

I work with several Animal Shelters and have visited Gentle Giants many times, including recently. They save all of the breeds that they rescue from our shelters and from shelters and individuals across the nation. Most of the time, they pay transporters to pick up and bring them dogs, which is
very expensive. Sometimes, in our area, we help with the transports because we so appreciate the great service they are doing. They take dogs of all breeds that they rescue, many are in good health, some are ill or injured, some are pregnant and others are in the shelter with litters of puppies.
Gentle Giants does not breed any dogs and all their dogs are spayed and neutered, yet they rescue and care for so many from all shelters in our state, across the US and even from other countries. When they fly dogs to them from across the country, they pay the high cost of air transportation, which also includes paying for local drivers in each state to pick up each dog, take it to a local vet and then take it to the closest airport. They also pay for local vets to examine each dog and provide a health certificate. They also pay for kennels and insurance. All of these dogs would die if Gentle Giants Rescue was not there to rescue them.

Gentle Giants regularly has puppies because the shelters are always getting puppies and pregnant dogs, and the mothers and their pups would be dead if GG wasn't there to rescue them. Also each shelter daily gets calls from people turning in their dogs, some healthy, some not, some friendly, some not, and yet GG takes all of the breeds that they rescue, not cherry picking only the most adoptable. Over the last dozen years, the shelters have come to trust and depend upon Gentle Giants because shelter personnel don't want to see animals unnecessarily put to sleep.

They take these dogs, care for and love them, and find them wonderful homes. These are dogs that are NOT sought after or taken by other rescues. Many rescues don't take anything from shelters at all, many won't take dogs that are ill or take puppies because if they get sick, they can cost a fortune
to save. In fact, without Gentle Giants Rescue, these dogs would definitely die in the shelters, including the little puppies. They save them all and spare no expense to fix and rehabilitate them. They work with many other 'real' rescues like themselves. Real rescues are very aware of what a great rescue Gentle Giants is and they often help these other rescues by transporting their breeds for them (at GG's own expense). These real rescues work together and accomplish so much that most people will never be aware of. Real Rescues like Gentle Giants spend their time and money saving lives every day and helping the animals they save and the people who adopt from them.

Gentle Giants' property and facilities are incredibly beautiful, meticulously cared for and spotlessly clean. They have a staff of people who keep it that way. It is a magnificent estate that has been on many television shows and has been written up in many magazine and news articles. Numerous
television shows are continuously filming there. And their beautiful property and facilities can be seen all over their website, looking as gorgeous as any home and estate can look. The dogs can be seen in beautiful surroundings and in their beautiful home if you visit their website. All the dogs
are happy and well cared for.

I visited Gentle Giants last weekend and saw many of the dogs that I brought to them from our shelters, some of them looked sad and ill at the time I originally brought them, but when I saw them again last weekend, now these same dogs were part of their group and looked as beautiful and healthy and happy as can be. While I was there last weekend, I saw photos of others that I had brought that had needed major medical and other care. Gentle Giants got every one of them the care they needed and now they were fully recovered and I could see the great photos of them being adopted. All are in safe, loving homes. The photos looked great and it was clear that the adopters were happy and so were the dogs. And last weekend I brought them a litter of eight puppies that were given up by someone who bred them. They are gorgeous and healthy and are now available for adoption at Gentle Giants, just like all the many other puppies they get from individuals and shelters everywhere. I know they will be well cared for and spayed and neutered and found the
very best homes. The weekend before that, I transported a pregnant female to them, and she will also have her puppies there and they will be spayed and neutered and find the best of homes. Gentle Giants does not breed anything, but like other responsible rescues, they do care for the many dogs bred by others. Thanks to them,these puppies and many others that they have rescued and will continue to rescue will now have the chance to have safe and happy lives.

Many other shelters I work with have have visited them as well and know what an incredible service they are doing and what great people they are. Not only do they take every one of the many breeds they rescue, but they also take "Unique Combinations" or mixes of their breeds as well, regardless of whether these dogs are in good health or whether they need expensive operations, very often spending several thousands of dollars on each dog in need. They take them no matter what and fix them and find them wonderful homes. They do what very few are able to do or can afford to do. In fact, we have had dogs come into our shelter that need immediate and sometimes expensive medical care and we bring them to the vets here and Gentle Giants thanks us and gladly pays the vet bills to save the lives of these dogs they have not yet even met. We know that if it is one of the many breeds they rescue, they will do everything in their power to make sure each life is saved.

I have read a few of the emails written on these boards and hope the readers would go to Gentle Giants' wonderful website and see for themselves how incorrect these emails are and that what these people are stating is untrue. The people writing these emails are likely people Gentle Giants has turned down and would not adopt a dog to because their standards are so high, or maybe GG asked them to leave their home and would not let them adopt after meeting them - or some may be people who have violated their Adoption contracts with GG and and have not followed their adoption rules, thus endangering the life of the dog and causing them to repossess the dog for its own safety. Many of the people writing these emails have never even been to Gentle Giants nor have adopted a dog from them, yet still are giving mean spirited opinions that are completely false. Some of the people writing here may be "Breeders' or "Breeder Rescues" who actually think of Gentle Giants Rescue as competition to the puppies they are mass breeding and selling, some breeders will stoop to any level to make money off their dogs, even to criticizing the rescues that actually are saving the lives of many dogs overbred by the same breeders.

Sadly there are some people whose jealousy and envy cause them to act maliciously, and there are always some people who find fault with everything and everybody - nobody can please everybody!

Unfortunately, there are these so called 'Breeder Rescues' who attempt to self-righteously call 'foul' to real rescues, because most breeders are in the business only to make a quick buck, never to save lives or to do anything good for anybody except themselves. Don't give credibility to their bad
comments, they are not true. If you want to see what is real and true, go to the Gentle Giants Rescue website and you will see letters from hundreds of happy adopters, and you can see many of the beautiful dogs they adopt and the happy families who adopt them. Just like the photos they showed me last weekend, most of the website pictures are taken on the day that the dogs are adopted, so you can see that they look incredible and healthy.

If you watch the television show on their website, you will see the very experience that every person has when they are lucky enough to visit there - a wonderful experience meeting loving and friendly dogs that are well trained and great with kids and other animals. On this television show which was
taped at their home, you can see dozens of healthy, happy dogs coming out and meeting the tiniest kids and being sweet and gentle. It was taped live and without any commercial interruptions. It is real and these dogs are what every family wants - well trained, loving family members. This is the
truth. Don't let the emails from a few nasty people prevent you from seeing what is real - there are bad people everywhere and if you look at the Gentle Giants website, you will see that these few bad apples are far outnumbered by the many that truly appreciate the great work that Gentle Giants Rescue is doing. Most Shelters and Animal Controls all across the country appreciate them because they go way beyond the hopes of most shelters. They are a first class rescue that is truly doing a great service in saving lives.


Animal Control volunteer

P.S. Check out their great website:
See their TV show:
And if you go to the "Blind Dogs" page of their website, you can see "Bumper at home,"
a blind and deaf Great Dane they saved from one of our shelters and who they spent
thousands of dollars saving. Now he has a great home where he is loved and adored.
This page clearly shows the commitment they make to save every life and Bumper is
just one of the many thousands of gentle giants that are alive and well and doing great because of GG:
- Pack Leader , posted 01/30/07
In June 2006, my husband and I went to Gentle Giants Rescue (GGR) in Riverside, California to adopt a Great Dane. I had spoken to the owner, Tracy, on the phone telling her that lived 14 hours away and couldn't make the trip until they had several Great Danes to choose from. She assured me that she had about 250 to choose from right now. We were encouraged to bring cash. Tracy also told me that all their dogs were professionally trained, gentle and healthy and if there was ever a medical issue with the dog, they would pay the expense for medical attention. We were thrilled; it seemed too good to be true. Well, it was!

When we arrived at GGR we were shocked. The place was filthy, as were Burt and Tracy. We were there for 8 hours, along with 9 other people also hoping to adopt dogs. Each dog Tracy brought out looked dirty, matted and skinny. Within 8 hours, she only showed us 4 Great Danes, one being their own, one looking more like a mastiff. I had asked her where all the other Danes were and she told me that they were not yet ready to be adopted. I was tired, disappointed, hungry and emotional after that long drive to get there and did not want to leave without a dog. That left us with two choices: A supposed 9 month old that really looked like a 3 month old lab, and a 3 to 4 year old female. We chose to adopt the female and paid GGR $790.00 in cash for the dog. There were 9 other people in" our group", when we were there and each of us paid by cash. Each dog was adopted for $790.00, except for the one puppy, at $690.00

We then introduced our own 2 year old Great Dane to the new dog, who reacted by growling & Tracy quickly hit the dog on the nose with a paper towel roll, yelling "quit." We did not think too much about that incident at that time since it was the first meeting for the dog.

On the return trip home, we stopped for the night. As we were walking our newly adopted Dane, she saw another dog & viciously tried to attack the dog, reacting like a crazed animal. My husband had to tackle the dog to the ground to stop her from attacking. She was so strong that he got all cut up. Her dog aggression was totally unexpected as Tracy claimed that all her dogs were gentle. Once at home, we brought our new dog to our vet for a check up. The vet said she had vaginal, eye and staff infections. Her nails were so long that she had difficulty walking without a limp, her teeth were all covered with heavy plaque, (from top to bottom) and she had terrible diarrhea. I called Tracy soon after our initial visit with the vet to tell her about the infections and she replied, "She was healthy when she left here". She went on to say that they refuse to do anything unless the dog is brought back to Riverside, (a 14 hour drive from our house) and is examined & x-rayed by their own vet, claiming that most vets do not know much about large breed dogs. In the same telephone conversation with Tracy about our newly adopted dog's aggressiveness with other dogs, Tracy told me that she almost didn't allow us to adopt the dog, as we were so far away and she couldn't work with us, because the dog tended to be "a little protective of other dogs". This Dane is so dog aggressive, that she has attacked several dogs, (and has even growled at several people), often dragging me down the trail trying to get to them. We hired a dog behaviorist to work with her extensively. He noticed that she appeared to have several scars, mostly indicative of dog fights. After working with her for 3 months, he basically stated that she would never be 100% trustworthy around other animals or humans, without being leashed and under direct supervision & finally, that he just could not do anything more with her.

Our dog continues to have health problems. . She is now almost lame and in constant pain, requiring another visit to the vet. X-rays have shown numerous old traumas in her spine, hip and knee. A few months ago, when various treatments did not help, we had to have her tail amputated because of serious infection from tail biting. She had bitten off over 3 inches, well into her tail bone. Her tail was scabbed over when we got her, once again we didn't give it a second thought at the time. We recently learned from a specialist that the tail biting was probably due to tingling sensations from the spinal problem. The vet also found 3 micro-chips in her, none of which match the number on the chip tag that Tracy gave us. From the microchip records, it appears we are the fourth owners for this dog. We were told that they had tried to place the dog once before, but we were unaware about the 3 other placements. We have also learned from our vet, that that the dog is closer to six years old, not three or four as we were told when we adopted her.

A few days after my dog had to have her tail amputated we had to leave for approx2-3 hours. We have an oversized laundry room, so we decided to keep her in there. She was drugged up from all of her pain meds so we didn’t think that it would be an issue. She had her blanket and her baby and a chew toy in there with her. When we had returned we were shocked at what we had found. I couldn’t be angry, because I was so sick to my stomach. Freckles looked absolutely terrified. There was blood everywhere and she was shaking feverishly. She chewed through both door frames and pawed huge holes into each door, leaving her nails bloodied and broken. Is this the sign of a stable little girl?

As of 12 January 2007, we have spent $2,218.98 on medical bills and professional training and this does not even cover medical expenses now required for the spinal issues.

THIS HAS TO STOP! We were promised a gentle, healthy 3-4 year old and instead ended up with a probable 6 year old with numerous physical and emotional issues. GGR has a no refund policy, therefore, you can return a dog but you forfeit your money. They also have the right to re-sell a dog that has been returned. GGR'S web site is very misleading and deceptive. No one should have to be put through this kind of stress and financial burden!

Kimberly G.
January 16, 2007

The following is a declaration by a dog behaviorist after evaluating this adopted dog.

To Whom It May Concern,
I, Josh Foster, (dog behaviorist), was called upon to evaluate the mental state of an approx. 6 year old female Great Dane. She was adopted by Kimberly, from Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions, in Riverside. It was brought to my attention that she was showing signs of severe aggression, mainly towards other animals, which I found out to be true. Upon my first visit, I found that she was also aggressive towards humans, in an unstable, fearful state of mind. She is what I call a passive-aggressive dog, which can be very dangerous, especially for her size and strength. I also noticed several scars which are usually indicative of dog fights. After several extensive visits, working with groups of people and animals, the dog finally made a breakthrough. She was able to meet most people without growling, although, her fear based aggression with other dogs continued. It is my opinion, that this dog will never be 100% trustworthy around other humans or other animals, without being constantly leashed and under constant and direct supervision. I worked with her for a little over 3 months, until I felt that I just couldn't bring her any farther along.

Josh Foster

Additional Thoughts:
January 19, 2007

During the first week that we had her I came into the house and she was on the sofa. We have large beds in both the front and back rooms for the dogs and don’t allow them on the sofa unless we are on it and they come to sit by or on us. Anyway, that is not what is important. The thing is, when I came home and saw her on the sofa, I said in a stern, (but not harsh) voice,” Freckles no, get down”. She was so frightened that she began to shake so hard that I could literally hear her teeth rattling together. She curled up into a small ball and started to wet all over herself. I was so deeply saddened by this. I have had 6 Great Danes in the past and I have NEVER witnessed behavior like this before! I sat down beside her and she crawled into my lap, licking my face. Just writing this down makes me cry all over again. I immediately called Tracy, asking her if this dog has ever been abused. She said no that she was just trying to make me feel sorry for her and not to give in or she will take advantage of the situation. She went on to tell me that she was not happy in her last home and “peed and pooped all over their house”. This was obviously something else that she forgot to mention!

- kimberly gomez , posted 01/19/07
Learned Lesson!
So my family and I moved in a new home. We did a lot of research and decided that the Great Dane was the perfect dog for us. Call me stupid or whatever but we had tried to get one from a breeder. I figured that way we would ensure no problems. However, it is close to impossible to get a Great Dane, as a pet, from a breeder. They want you to show so they can charge more for their stud fees because their babies do well in the ring. So we were terribly frustrated with the whole process! We just wanted a dog to love. We did end up finding a breeder that would sell half a dog to us. But she wanted to breed her and keep the puppies. She would pay all the Vet bills and all that but we would be responsible for watching her overall well-being and then deal with the aftermath of having a litter. We admittedly are in no position to do such, as we didn’t feel knowledgeable enough to go that direction. We just wanted a big slobbery Great Dane to keep me company during the day and go places with me, to sleep with us, watch movies with us, and travel with us.
We knew we wanted a female blue. After doing a lot of research online, it seemed that the most prevalent Great Dane site concerning rescue was Gentle Giants rescue. So I made that fateful call. I listened to the message and there was a strict “no just looking rule”. When I spoke with Tracy she said cash only and plan on going home with a dog. All her dogs are trained, shots are done, spayed and can live with other animals perfectly. We were so excited we went out and bought the exact collar she wanted us to have and everything. We told her we wanted a female blue. She said no problem we have 6! And she said we have about 55 other Danes too! SIX BLUES? Wow! And 55 others? Oh my gosh! OK we got ourselves a dog! I made my husband come home early from work so we could go to the bank and pull money out. We got there and she introduced us to all her dogs. The place was nasty dirty disgusting. And all I kept thinking was, “Gosh I used to watch Batman and Robin. This is how Robin lives?” It sort of blew my whole image of them that I had as a child. When I met Tracy, she was scatterbrained and a mess, just like her home which further made my image of “Robin” even worse! So as she went to go get some of the adoptive dogs we saw these rats, the size of cats eating the dog food. They would take a piece and scurry into Tracy’s home. I had never seen anything like the before. I was aghast and sort of just wanted to get my new blue dog and leave. So she starts bringing these dogs out. If I thought the place was bad, I was in for an even bigger shock. Dogs that were underweight, broken legs, really bad bad bad shape. I felt bad for them. Their heads hung low and they were clearly not well. One of them had a leg that kinked in. I asked what happened and she said that the dog had been hit by a car but was fine. The dog hardly looked fine. So then she brings out this cute black female. I thought ‘oh she is nice’ but I told her I really wanted a blue. So they turn this dog around and tons of worms are falling out of her rear end. So I said “Umm, excuse me, there are worms coming out of her”. Her response was “oh she is fine she just got dewormed it hasn’t taken effect yet”. Oiy is what I am thinking at this point. So the very last dog comes out. It is a brindle. So cute and lesser of the evils. She was thin but no worms and legs in tact. Of course we show interested and the fee goes up to $400 instead of $300 we were told. So we hand over the cash and take the “18 month old”, Ha! Yea. To start she was not spayed. No shot record was ever given. I took her to the Vet immediately because she was so thin. She was 5+ years old, had a heart murmur, and cataracts in both eyes. She also was not trained and chased down my 14 year old Siamese. So I got her fixed, got her shots done, enrolled her into training and called Tracy. I told her everything and she said that “Vets who don’t regularly work on Danes don’t know how they age so they always overage them. When I saw your dog run she ran like an 18 month old”. So she tells me to get a second opinion. I do. Same story, different Vet. So she tells me to bring her up to her Vet and it is a whole different story. The dog is fine blah blah blah. So I take the dog back to my house thinking I am the idiot. The dog continues to chase my cat and hide food like she had never eaten before. I felt so bad for her but I just couldn’t have her in my home chasing my very elderly cat. So I returned her. She was heavier (Duck & Potato of course. Never Alpo or whatever it was she wanted me to feed her), spayed (at my expense), shots were done (at my expense too), and she had been in training. $2500 (not counting the “adoption fee”) later and they take the dog back. They ask if I want another one. At this point, no way! I can’t afford another $2500 to fix another dog that was already 5+ years old and was going to need major surgery. Like I told her, I am prepared to do all that is medically and surgically necessary as the owner of a Dane, I just wasn’t prepared to do it all right away. The dog I have now has had major surgery but we had 2 years before he had to be done. We have spent well over $10,000 on my guy and wouldn’t change it for the World.
So Tracy kept my money, has a better dog than what she gave me and continues on in her quest for taking advantage of people. My question is, how do they stay in business…yes…business…that is in no way a rescue! - Andrea , posted 08/18/06
well put
I have heard nothing but bad things about ggr and am thrilled someone took the time to put out the word. - Lessa , posted 07/21/06
Gentle Giants Rescue
I have dealt with this organization as a rescuer of a non for profit 501c3 organization whom has had the displeasure of having to deal with Tracy one too many times.

I had heard of other rescue groups unfoavorable dealings with her and their combined concerns were regarding GGR pulling all their dogs right out from under them at the shelters in LA County and beyond.

It seems it is a consistent issue with rescue orgs when they put their names on their specific breeds at the shelters awaiting the animals release, that Tracy sends her errand girl/boy/whatever to the shelters and has them pull any and all large breed giant dogs, many of which are actually mixes.

90% of the dogs she pulls from these shelters already have that breed specific rescue's name on them. Why the shelters allow her to pull dogs when other orgs already have their names on them is a concern for us all.

This is how I got pulled into having to deal with her. The first time she did this, she thought it was a Neo, granted so did the shelter, an honest mistake right? A couple phone calls and contact made with Tracy telling her the dog in question was indeed a Fila and not a Neapolitan Mastiff, resulted in her allowing one of my affiliates in California to take possession of the Fila. We reimbursed her for the pull fees, but she also wanted to be reimbursed for the cost of having her girl friday pick up the dog and take it to the vet. My understanding is the shelters take the dogs to the vet and the adopters pick them up there. This fee was $20. I never received any paperwork on the dog.

The second occurrance involved the seizure of three Fila from a vacant home after police chased a perp into their yard and realized they were living in an abandoned house, considered to be abandoned and all correspondence to that address relinquished no owners.

Two of the Fila were juvenile females, the other a young black 6mo old Fila pup. I had my affiliates put holds on these dogs, listed as Fila, and Tracy took all three of them out from under me, again. This time I knew that the complaints of other rescue orgs were true facts for it had just happened to me and Tracy purposefully took those dogs.

When I made contact with her to get these dogs, she advised me that I could take the two female Fila but that the pup wasnt a Fila it was an Adronicus Mastiff (no such breed in existance) I advised her I would take all three or nothing. She refused so I left her with three Fila. She still has the fawn female listed as available on her site and listed as young, but that female is now over three yrs old.

When a local rescue group tried to work with her on getting the Fila, she gave her a deadline, since I had refused to take the Fila unless all three were handed over, the deadline came and went.

While visiting a friend in CA, I made contact with her one more time to try and get the dogs released to me. She wanted me to take the two females but she not only wanted me to pay for their shelter fees, but transportation costs from girl friday as well, to which I advised her that had she not pulled the dogs out from under me at the shelter she wouldnt have needed to incur any fees. I ended up taking the juvenile brindle female (she flat out told me I would never receive the paperwork on the dog)as that was all I could afford even then I was robbin paul to pay peter so to speak, but wanted those dogs out from under her care.

By listing a Fila which is a unique breed with its own unique characteristic of having a high aversion to strangers, an anti social dog by nature, as an Adronicus Mastiff, full well knowing it was a Fila, she has committed Consumer Fraud to the unsuspecting public.

My deepest concern is her high disregard not only for my breed safety but the safety of innocent people whom only get to meet their dog when they come to get it coupled with absolutely no breed info on the Fila Brasileiro puts my breed at high risk to be the next Headline News where the media will crucify my breed just as they did the Presa Canario in SF. They will swiftly move to the top of the BSL list and I will no longer have the right to own them.

I posted something similar to this on the Tiergan's Roar List last year and was listed in a law suit along with Brenda Laird, Marc Sayer, and another gal in N. Ca I believe. I was never served but the others won their lawsuit.

This lawsuit was filed to shut us up from saying deragotory things against them, interesting how the lawsuit seemed to be repetitive with charges relating to them losing commerce, losing business, losing money, I couldve sworn they were a non profit org. Their adoption fees are astronomical in comparison to others whom adopt out "Gentle Giants".

And lets reflect on that word or phrase shall we? A Fila or even a Neapolitan Mastiff are not Gentle Giants, they are not good with all things great and small, not human nor animal. She claims that all her Neo's run together and that they all get along, IMPOSSIBLE. I know as I used to rescue the Neapolitan Mastiff and I stopped fostering them due to their animal aggression issues.

To adopt out a Fila when the only time the adopters meet it is when they take it home is an excersise in liability not to mention downright scary, and in the end it will be the dog that pays the price with its life for being owned by uneducated innocent people. The responsibility of their education lies fully on the rescue org that placed the animal to begin with.

When Tracy met my Fila and my male growled at her she responded by saying she would pop him one in the nose for behaving that way, yet that is exactly how he should behave. Having Fila in her care is downright scary. Having her pass them off as an entirely different breed is fraud.

I witnessed first hand one of her transactions with a local dane rescue org here in Az. I recall how imperative it was that these 11 dogs be gone from her place, wonder if there was an inspection they were holding at bay while they relocated the too many dogs to the dane rescue org here in AZ.? (jmo) One of them was supposed to be a Boerboel, I think Tracy needs some serious courses in breed recognition for this dog was no more a Boerboel than myself!!!!! I should know as I had 25 of them in attendance at my home for the SABT Appraisals in May of 2004.

If I could rate them with no stars or negative stars I would give them a negative milion gazillion. I think we should direct the Animal Planet to this rating site so they can reconsider their relationship with GGR as well as any other media outlets that give them positive interaction with the public. If anyone knows how to do this you have my permission to fwd my post or link to my post.

Jaime Garcia
Fila Rescue
Phoenix, AZ - Tink , posted 03/31/06
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They're only in it for the money
During our visit there, six families adopted dogs. Five paid $990, one paid $690. All the families were told that they would have to bring the dog back for one last vet check and final shots.

What rescue group doesn't immediately vaccinate their animals as soon as they come in the door? After driving 4 to 10 hours round trip, what adopter is going to drive back a second time just to get free vaccines? Most people will just go to their local vets and pay for the vaccines, saving Gentle Giants more money.

They're only in it for the money. - Ann , posted 03/04/06
Bad news
RUN FORREST RUN. If I could give it a negative star I would. It doesn't even deserve one star. - Madelyn , posted 01/14/06
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They need professional help fast!
They need serious intervention as I think they have lost touch with reality. (I worry about their poor daughter as well as the innocent dogs) It's all about how much power they can have, how famous they can be. As a result they are criminally manipulative in my opinion. I had been a friend to them, a volunteer for them, and finally was personally involved when a good friend of mine adopted a sick Dane from them. I was horrified to learn that they insisted the dog was not sick and they yelled at my friend and treated her like dirt. My friend is a veterinary technition and is a kind, intelligent, and professional person. It was horrible. Her story is on In order to keep the authorities from listening to my testimony, they tell them I am a disgruntled employee and I hate them. My God. Who falls for this line? I don't hate them (there's plenty of people who do that just fine!), I simply know they are seriously disturbed and need to be stopped. How many dogs have to be exploited, people have to be emotionally and verbally abused, and how many aggressive dogs are put in a position to hurt someone or someone's pet before someone stops being afraid of them and does something about it?
The statements made are the author's opinion only based on her personal experience with this business. - kim , posted 01/13/06
I could not beleive it!

I just now went to their webste to see what they were doing now and just noticed my dog that i have had for the last couple of years is still on there for sale... how is that poissible?? Not sure what to do. Not to mention the pictures of those on that site should be enough evidence to do something about them... you can see the dogs ribs and everything. GOD I AM SICK TO MY STOMACH. I wish i could do something.

After three days of paper work and doing everything that was needed. Myself and my husband went out to adopt a dog. We were exited.... I love big animals and my husband was raised with danes all of his life. when we got there it was fine. Tracy came out to talk with us a little before we went in the gate. That was fine she told us what to expect and how things were going to happen. That was great we knew what we were getting into before going through the gates.

When we got into the gates she brought out her dogs first.. they were well token care of full bodies and the nicest dogs i have ever met. Then she brought out the ones that were to be adopted.

Oh lord i damn near fell over. these dogs were so skinny you could see every bone in there bodies. I felt so bad for them. The were very nice dogs. Then our dog came out. I loved her to death she was skinny as well. An English mastiff. we could see her bones in her back and no wight to her. I felt bad. We were told she was 13 months old and she was given to Tracy because the owner could no longer take care of her. We fell in love with her the minute we saw here. I could not help myself and took her home. after paying 600 dollars for her signing forms and everything else. We were told we would get her rabies record in the mail because Tracy could not find it. Never got it.

We found out that she fed these dogs pedigree witch is the worst kind of dog food for these dogs. They would eat it and then poop it out an hour later that's why they were not gaining wait. Not to mention these dogs need certain types of vitamins for their bones she never told us that. we were told to feed our dog 6 times a day so she did not blot. That is not true. They had to be feed six times a day because the food they were eating did not fill them.

We got her on the right food and she started to fill out. She is now 170 and was doing great... Was key word... We moved to Washington and took her to the vet and found out she is 5 years old ( was told she was 13 months 5 months before) and she now has bad arthritis in her lower back to the point were if she is not on meds she cant walk well. She also has cysts all over her. I was told they were nothing when we bought her. We were also told she had a false pregnancy.. not true she had puppies. Oh and one more thing I could not understand why we could not have her chip in her neck changed to our address.. Then after reading this my guess is so she can get her back and sell her again.

My family and I are very upset at the fact of her age. that took 4 years away from us that we can't have with her. That was unfair. I truly recommend that they be checked out before they sell anymore animals. I was so upset when we found out her age and not getting her shot record from Tracy that we had to spend more money on that I was going to take her back. But i could not allow her to got back to that place. I truly feel for those dogs and the unsuspecting owners that by them. It costs us an arm and leg to keep her comfortable. We thought we would not have to worry about it for at least 4 years but it was thrust upon us by her lying about how old she was. Big dogs don't live very long so now we only have a short amount of time with her because of all the health problems she does have.

I hope some day someone will help all those dogs that are there. I feel for them. I wish there was more that I could do but there is not. I am so upset over all this that I look at my dog every day and tell her how sorry i am that she has to indoor all the pain that she does. If she was token care of from the beginning then she would not be so bad off in the first place...

oh and by the way after feeding the dog food they so strongly recommended she ended up in the hospital from dehydration because she had nothing but water poop and blood in her stool. witch Tracy told me that was ok to because she said sometimes dogs do that when they are in a new surrounding.

If you are going to have a big dog like these the best food for them Purina one with glucose in it. And you only need to feed them once a day because that food fills them up with one big bowl and they get all the nutrients they need. Well besides all the little snakes like cooked hamburger. That is great for them and cheese. :)

So with that being said I hope someone reads this and sees what my family has to deal with because of lies and this stops them from adopting from them and tries to get these dogs some help. Instead of having her and having fun with her after a year we now are looking into where to barrie her when she passes in the next couple of years... UNFAIR TO MY KIDS!!! - Tina , posted 01/14/06
Re: Has anyone DONE anything to help?
In response to "Mother's" question:

Yes ... The City of Norco Animal Control is notified frequently of what is going on at GGR.

Do they do anything about it ??? I don't think so. (Just my opinion, of course).

So ... who makes the Animal Control accountable for their LACK of action????

I would love to know the answer to that question.
- Barbara , posted 01/15/06
Has anyone DONE anything to help?
So many people have accused these folks of being a puppy mill and selling sick and malnourished dogs, but have ANY of you reported them to the authorities who could save these dogs?
Puppy mills are a federal offense, and being a neighbor to a dog saved from one of those, I must say, they should be stopped!! ASPCA, Humane Society, FBI all of these and more would be interested in these claims and are listed in your phone book. By only complaining to folks who cannot do it, you are enabling these people to harm these dogs and other adotion agencies.
I am reminded of a commercial where several people gather on a sidewalk where an empty drink cup had missed the trash. They are all complaining and saying how shameful it was when one younge man, without a word, walked by, scooped up the cup and threw it away. So which are you? a doer or a whiner? - Mother , posted 01/04/06
Actually... make that "0" stars
I see nothing but red flags on their OWN website... let alone ALL the testimonies out there giving real horrible experiences with these people. All I see is propaganda on their website... a colourful image with lots of pretty pictures, very little real information, and fancy words designed to blind you to really SEEING the reality... but look between the flashy words and clean photos (anyone else think Burt likes to pose?)and think about what you are looking at and you also will see the red flags all over the place. Think about how much money they ask for each dog and how many they say they adopt out in the average week. Think the unbelievable statements they make about the dogs they keep (Don't drool, live 18 years, all great with children, etc.) and wonder about why they are the ONLY people in rescue who make these claims (not to mention the fact that if they are adopting out that many dogs so quickly, how they can possibly KNOW that about each and every dog).
If it sounds too good to be true... it usually is... and in the case of G.G.R.... you can consider it guaranteed. - H.M. , posted 01/02/06
Not on a bet...
I'm in the process of researching giant breeds, with a view to adopting a rescue; I drove by the Ward's property, thinking I might make an appointment.

I could smell it from the street.

I don't imagine any dog kept in a place that smells that bad could possibly be healthy, happy, or any of the things the Wards claim.

I've never been back out there, and I never will.
- Sheryl , posted 12/21/05
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liars and crooks - Jim , posted 12/15/05
bad news for dogs and adopters
Please do yourself and all the dogs a favor and don't ever adopt a dog from this organization or give them a single penny! They ask for adoption fees exceeding $700 for sick dogs, mixed breed dogs (they call rare, but really just mixed), puppies born there they bred and more. You have to hand them cash just to walk in the gate, they do not do home visits before or after aodptions, they do not check or verify references, they force adopters to buy and feed ONLY their brand of food......that is NOT rescue and they are making a killing doing this. Tracy is not "all there upsatairs" and believes what she is doing is helping, so she easily pulls people into her psychosis.......but she is NOT helping any of the breeds they sell and what they are doing is NOT rescue in any form. Don't feel bad for her feel bad for the animals, the best thing that could ever happen for them or for her would be for Gentle Giants to be shut down and her to receive some type of therapy! - Shana , posted 12/15/05
To "rescue" a dog - any animal actually - it means that you have to be determined to IMPROVE that animals life. This is a puppy mill in wolfs clothing. NO rescue organization ALWAYS has puppies for sale! And the giving them CASH up front? Hummm. Can you say tax avoidance? This is a place that needs to be closed. Bad NEWS! Avoid like the plague! - sally Keefe , posted 12/14/05
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Things are not quite what they seem at Gentle Giants
I had a relatively benign encounter with Burt Ward, but enough to have grave misgivings about his operation. I was grieving from the loss of a beloved Irish Wolfhound and thought I might "do the right thing" by adopting a rescue. Sound familiar?
I saw a charming half-grown male named Casey on their website, and called to make sure he was available. Yes! So I arduously filled out the several pages long application, feeling qualified and ready. And in 3 conversations with Burt agreed on a date to come view the pup. He was to email directions. The day before the visit I still hadn't gotten directions so I called again, and was told Casey had been adopted out that very day, but there were lots of other breeds so come on down. Call me kennel-blind, but I only wanted an Irish Wolfound.
Then I started to think something was up, and I asked a friend in Missouri to call Burt and say that before she filled out the whole application she wanted to make sure Casey was still available. "Certainly!" Burt said!
She called to tell me, I called him back and said since Casey was still there I wanted to come down. "Oh, but he's gone," Burt said, "I told you we've adopted him out." The I told him how I'd tricked him and he said "Well, we have so many dogs coming and going it is hard to keep track." Did he have ANY other Irish Wolfhounds? NO.
So I feel that he is running a churning rescue dog equivalent of a puppy mill, and uses the photos on the website to entice people in and if the type of dog they were told they could come look at isn't there, well maybe they'll "fall in love" with something else.
I also listened to him go into his longevity rant several times, about how feeding the dogs with his special method and special food will double their lifespan. This is of course the Holy Grail of large breed ownership, everyone wants a dog to live a long and healthy life, but I felt it was scripted to appeal to the well-meaning needy people who contact him, in particular those whose beloved pet has just passed on and who want to think that by following Burt's program they will help this new dog live longer.
I don't have a real feeling for whether Burt is a well-meaning guy or a psychopath, I only had phone and email contact with him. But the number of dogs he churns through his rescue organization belies his claim to have trained and medically rehabilitated them. He simply couldn't unless he had a massive staff and facility, which the projected income WOULD support.....
If all these tragic testimonials are correct something is really wrong there. I personally know three people who adopted animals from him, ALL of which turned out to have MAJOR medical issues that had been neglected until they became severe, and NONE of which were disclosed upon adoption.
I would hope that there are investigative government agencies who check kennel conditions who are available to pick up the investigation of this. Certainly the AKC must have a "puppy mill" investigative team? In any case the evidence is mounting up, and lies always come to light.
_________________ - Pat , posted 12/14/05
I visit GG to adobt a dog. What I saw was the saddest situation - sick, malnourished dogs being sold off for and average of $1,000. They did not check me out, my references, my home, etc they were just looking for $$$$. Go to the pound - and adopt a dog before these idiots get ahold of it! - Nora , posted 12/14/05
EDIT: We had a great adoption experience
EDIT:My first rating was a 5 and through further reflection, I have changed that rating. It is a three because while the second adoption of a dog from Burt and Tracy was not as positive and I was not completely reimbursed for Maggi's spay, they have always answered my questions when I had them as well as provided all of Maggi's and the other dog's documentation and certificates. Keep in mind I adopted from them six years ago and from the time I adopted Maggi it seems as if things have changed at GG. I had no clue at the time I adopted Maggi that $400 or $500 was an outrageous adoption fee. I had looked at getting a Dane from a breeder and they were charging $1000 and up. So, I don't feel it is fair for me to give them a one as I had a good experience with Maggi. I would probably not adopt from Burt and Tracy again given the current situation at GG.

If you see below, someone has questioned my credibililty on this thread without even so much as contacting me personally. If anyone wants to know the story behing the change in my opinion. I have posted it here. I have always been honest on the Tiergans Roar list about my decisions.

This comes from a post I made today on Tiergans Roar:

It is true I have changed my mind about GGR and usually that happens when someone decides to investigate one's opinion further. I have even posted to Tiergans Roar regarding my changes in opinion (see below). My decision came about through going back through papers in my files, Kim as well as my husband reminding me about a situation I chose to blow off, addressing my own naiveté, my speaking with other rescues, and talking to my friend who works for PETA. I posted the rating after talking with happy adopters as well as speaking with Norco Animal Control and quite honestly had forgotten about it. I have been quite honest about my changing my mind as you can see from the posts I have copied below.

So, do I stand by my rating? No, and I plan to change it. I had forgotten about it and will be quite honest about my changing my mind. In any situation where people have strong feelings or opinions on a person or situation, it is difficult to have those feelings challenged by disturbing reports that call those feelings into question. I don't believe I need to apologize for being honest about my feelings or for my obvious flip flop.

I would appreciate a personal question from anyone who may have issue with me or my decisions rather than being portrayed unfairly in a public forum.

"My post to Tiergan's Roar on 1/9/06:
I'd be happy to answer any questions they might have. While I had a good
experience adopting Maggi (Except for the fact that she was not spayed and
we had to take care of it ourselves after paying $400 to adopt her. The
spay was $125 and I was only refunded $75 as that is what Tracy's vet
charged), subsequent adoptions did not go well. I tried to adopt an older
male who we called "Sal." From the moment we brought Sal home, it was
obvious he had been in an abusive home as he became immediately
overprotective of myself and Maggi when my husband was around. At one point
he would no longer let Jon near me or Maggi and then in the door after work.
As he was a big 200 pounder, it was not safe for us to keep him. I was
then told she had a "perfectly trianed" deaf dane who we took home for about
24 hours. He knew NO signs and in that 24 hours broke window, destroyed my
printer, and bit a chunk out of Maggi's ear. Not to mention he had inflamed
anal glands which we had drained while we were at the vet taking care of
Maggi. Needles to say we did not feel safe with this dog either. Oh, and we
had to pay an additional $150 fee to adopt the second dog and we have never
gotten it back or have gone back to get our "free dog" as Tracy likes to
refer to any other dogs we have gotten from them.

I was once a staunch GG defender and through talking with people who have
been there and just by the sheer amount of rumors that have swarmed around
GG over the past six years...I know that there is much more to GG's story.
After volunteering with the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue, I have seen
how rescue should be run: home checks, proper veterinary care, behavioral
training, etc.

Even over the past couple of months, I have flip flopped on my decision
feeling that if GG has passed an inspection by animal control then
everything must be okay. It was only after I was reminded by a friend of
mine who works for PETA that animal welfare laws are minimal at best and
it's very easy for someone to conceal day to day offenses when they have
staff and as little as 1/2 warning prior to inspection, not to mention lots
of money.

As with Kim (Hi Kim!), I believe Burt and Tracy started out with a
great idea, but since then things have gone very wrong. I would love to see
if we could get an undercover investigation with videotaped documentation of
what's really going on.


My first post to Tiergans Roar:

From: "Kristen" <>
>Subject: [Tiergans_Roar] Intro
>Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 15:58:48 -0000
>Good morning all,
>My name is Kristen and I adopted my Maggi from Gentle Giants Rescue.

>On the whole, my experience was a positive one, but I too have concerns about what is going on at Gentle Giants. For years I have been privy to the rumors surrounding the practices at Gentle Giants and for years I have been defending the Wards blindly. Yesterday I went so far as to email: ROARS, Tracy Ward, the Norco City Council, the mayor of Norco, Norco Animal Control, the Los Angeles County Animal Control, as well as California Dane Day with my support of the Wards.

I want to thank Kim Coxwell for cluing me in to the realities of what has happened to the Wards rescue. I will admit to my mistake and sit here with egg on my face.

>Have a great day.
>-Kristen Sherman-Gosnell
- Kristen , posted 01/13/06
Dog that couldn't climb
Tracy Ward adopted a beautiful dane to me. I explained that I lived on the second floor of an apartment building and could he climb stairs. I was ASSURED that HE WOULD IN FACT CLIMB. WRONG!! It wasn't that he didn't want to climb stairs, but his backend wouldn't support his weight going up and down stairs - he would collapse. I ended up carring this beautiful 125# dog up and down the stairs 3x per day until I couldn't do it anymore. Brought him back to them and they kept the donation. If I knew then what I know now, I would never have returned him to them. SHAME! - Peter , posted 12/14/05
Should be ashamed!
The Wards should be ashamed for exploiting these beautiful animals for their own financial gain. - Ericka , posted 12/14/05
just another puppy mill
It's sickening that they are even allowed to call themselves a "rescue". I couldn't ever imagine adopting from them after hearing other peoples adoption stories. - Briana Atwood , posted 12/13/05
Dog Brokers
second only to puppy mills and just as costly. - Brenda , posted 12/13/05
Deceptive, don't adopt from this "rescue"
See the other reviews, I agree with every negitive review. Don't believe anything Gentle Giants says, they are liars and deceptive people. All this "rescue" care about is making a quick buck by deciving people into taking sick, aggressive dogs. - cheryl , posted 12/13/05
GO TO and to learn more!

Don't just take our (I see I'm not alone in this) words for it, go read many testimonies from people they have lied to, sued, threatened, etc. They tried to use a lawsuit to shutdown an email list I am on because people shared their experience with them. They sue constantly and ALWAYS LOSE, but they have SO much money they can afford to keep trying because it does shut some people up. Google the owners to learn about the nasty way her family made their millions (obvious where she learned her business practices... daddy!), and him? No comment. There are fully documented cases of sickening abuse and neglect. - Unsubscribed , posted 12/13/05
They're NOT who you think they are
For more information about Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions, visit
- B.L. , posted 03/30/06
Gentle Giants, Rescue?? Not from what I have read.
This place seems to be have a terrible reputation. They have been the object of a lot of discussion on Great Dane lists, and other breed groups as well. The reports coming to light are pretty damning, but judge for yourself. Go to and read the actual testimony of the adopters. Also check out what people have been saying on the message boards at - Marc , posted 12/13/05
Great Dane Rescue and other dog adoptions
This Gentle Giants rescue is run by Tracy Ward and her husband Burt Ward (Robin from Batman). I adopted my great dane puppy there 3 1/2 years ago. Tracy always has danes and other dogs available and at a reasonable donation. Located in Riverside, CA they will adopt all over the country but you MUST come to their ranch in order to adopt. I will never get another dog any where else. I highly recommend Tracy - she does a wonderful job and makes this rescue a family business. - Jessica , posted 09/14/04

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