K-stron Pixton

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K-stron Pixton
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nice one want more www.vidfootie.com/ - vidfootie , posted 09/07/11
best love muffin this side of the mississippi
I concour, sweet Paradox, Indeed! - Treigh , posted 01/20/06
my friend
When I think of this Godess sparkle pony pegasushh amazon folk hero, my body begins to tremble, my heart becomes the size of a mid-sized universe connected to an infinite spring of pure love pouring through me.
Her genius is mysterious and silent, glamourous and spazlaakrustimiraculous. In the dark she sees the diamond prism of a thousand stars and sings the rythyms of rivers and the harmony of angels, there is no comparison twixt her or any other, she is the best ever and you should know it by now.
Ms. Pixton, you have transformended the core and source of me.
*Endless boundless LOVE* - Paradox , posted 01/30/08
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