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Great in giving
John has helped focus our efforts and is really a true prosperity minded individual. - Kevin , posted 08/24/04
I want to be next VINOD KHOSLA.
Dear sir,
I want to be next VINOD KHOSLA.
I am electrical graduate , 23 years from India.
I am intrested in future bussines , so I want join
Venture firm , I am very much passionate about it.
My area of anything related nanotechnology . I regularly visits websites like Nanoapex.com,Technologyreview.com,MIT news,Wired,Forbes
Here in India some government bodies , private R&D work on this area.
I can collect informtion regarding NANOTECH intiatives in India.
I am working in MNC Inger soll-Rand but have passion about becoming VC.
My e-mail id is-- ravindragoudabiradar@yahoo.com - ravi , posted 02/18/04
My Experience
My experience with VC/entrepreneur groups that are open to the public is that they attract a lot of unqualified entrepreneurs.

Don't let that discourage you from setting one up, though! Just be prepared. - Tom , posted 01/12/04
Re: Looking for a VC?
good idea. i wonder whethr there is a vc/startup connection tribe but that might be a good place for everyone to congregate and meet.

what kind of RE investing do you do? - mark , posted 01/11/04
Need investment help?
I am a member of a large network of VC and other folks from the finance side of the world. If you are looking for funding for a project, send me a note so I can connect you. You will need to do the work to find a match between what you are proposing and the types of projects each VC funds.

BTW - All I will be doing is linking you and there is no cost or obligation. This is just me trying to do my bit for those of us who network. - John , posted 01/11/04
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