Marie Antoinette

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Marie Antoinette
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Sofia's done is again
This is a great film. Those who love Sofia's other works, especially Lost in Translation, will like this one. It's all food and fun and the soundtrack is great. It's like looking at Marie's life from the perspective of a fly in the room. Sofia has a knack for doing this. Those who feel queasy about watching her head get chopped off can rest assured that that scene is not included in the film. But perhaps the director's "cut" (lol) will included it when it gets released on DVD. ;)

PS. The French actress who appeared in the French plantation scene in Apocalypse Now Redux makes a cameo appearance. - Forest , posted 11/07/06
the best thing about this movie is the soundtrack. it led me to love new order and rediscover the cure. sure it's good looking but somewhat vapid which i guess is the point. poor narrative imho and it was hard to sympathise with pretty much any of the characters.

it was ok though, i'd leave it on the telly if it came on the WE channel or something. - Unsubscribed , posted 11/03/06
Eat Cake, Oh Yes!
I finally got around to seeing Marie Antoinette, and I give it my solid seal of approval. People have been eager for or wary of this movie's release, but I always have said that Coppola hasn't let me down yet, nor did she this time. Sure, Virgin Suicides and Lost In Translation actually had strong narratives and were far more engaging stories, but storytelling in the traditional cinematic sense wasn't the point of her latest. What she did here, and quite successfully, was to give the viewer the feeling of being an invisible spy on the wall during a day in the life of the French court. And her touches of the modern (music soundtrack, modern mannerisms and feel) were worked in beautifully to help convey to a modern audience all that Marie (wonderfully portrayed by Dunst) experienced and felt.

This movie is not for everyone, however - I did hear one guy, as the credits rolled, say, "IT SUCKED!" Well monsieur, sorry to say that you just did not get it. Too bad for you!

If you are short on patience or an attention span, need fast paced, shoot 'em up action and feel lost without a concrete narrative, you may want to pass. If, on the other hand, you're looking to feast on gorgeous eye candy (some of the most exquisite ever made), and to drink in a beautifully rendered portrait of life at Versailles, in all its frivolousness and boredom and whimsy and delight, then go see this movie! - Vanessa , posted 11/08/06
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