Mischief Moon

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322 Bourke Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney
(02) 9361 3332
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Meg at Mischief Moon started on my back/across my shoulders with a very intricate tiger and phoenix piece, which I was so happy with I commissioned a large custom piece which runs down my rib cage. She was a friendly, professional artist which i would completely recommend. mischief moon is a clean comfortable studio with an easy going "can do" sort of attitude.go there. - dave , posted 12/12/07
Totally recomend Mischief Moon
As a first timer getting inked I would have to say that not only is Happy of Mischief Moon a talented artist he is also a great guy who put me at ease and made the experience so enjoyable I cant wait to go back for more and I woud recomend him to anyone, first timers and experienced inkers alike.

Mick - Mick , posted 10/14/04
Best Tattooist in Sydney
Happy at Mischief moon is currently working on several ink projects for me and the work that has been completed so far is true genius. He has a great Studio just minuits from Oxford Street behind Taylor Square, clean professional and a true artist are just 3 words that come to mind. Happy can be found at 322 Bourke street,Darlinghurst, Sydney. Appointments (02) 9360 3332 - Gryffin , posted 09/21/04

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