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Having been very active on facebook for a while i must say it suprises me how uber popular it has gotten.
The hype is like they re invented the phone.
It has the same" frend collectors, come see me naked on this site, i´m only here for the games" bunch.

MySpace has more layout options and is fun to play around with that way.

As far as bands promoting themselves, go right ahead.
I´ve found a lot of great bands that way.

It feels like there is more "talking" going on at facebook but so far, even MySpace feels like an auctioneer on crack compaired to tribe. - Marcel , posted 08/01/10
I think this site is cool. - Victoria Zhou , posted 07/09/10
horrible website
too many kids, and kids posing as adults. far too many perverts on there now. - Unsubscribed , posted 10/19/09
myspace whores
myspace has become a place for child girls who want to pick up men and bands to get there music out forcing people to listen ... how annoying is myspace becoming filled with myspace whores adding so many friends to their list, but they dont even respond to each other. - Unsubscribed , posted 05/02/06
cum see where all the fun is at..................
must see blog - linda , posted 03/30/06
Myspace...if you have nothing else to do...
MySpace was fun at first, then, it became a feeding ground for little girls and boys to show off their "hot bods". Granted, its still fun on occassion when you run into old friends and the like, but, its not how it used to be back when it first started. They are trying to implement a lot of new stuff, but its just getting more complicated than fun. Its a place to browse when your bored or to advertise your band. - Sandra , posted 01/13/06
it's ugly and poorly designed. - Normal , posted 01/11/06
fantastic site
I really like myspace and have connected with a lot of old friends- it's perfect to promote a budding career as well, it's a bit confusing at first and there is often problems with the technical side of things - well at least late in the night when I'm normally up and checking stuff - kim , posted 12/27/05
Life without myspace?
I'm addicted to that site.. It helps promote me as a gutiarist.. and I've made alot of friends there... I really should get a life - Richard , posted 12/17/05
Problems signing up
I'm sure it's a great site, but for 3 days straight I've been trying to establish an account, and it keeps rejecting me because it thinks I'm under 14. No matter what name, any of my alternative email accounts I use when attemting to sign up... all comes back denied. I've even had two friend invites to sign up, and still no show! What's up? I've emailed MySpace customer service, but no reply as of yet. Any suggestions? - , posted 11/29/05
My all day partner...
I don't even know anymore how long I've been a member, but life without myspace is unimaginable...;-) - Jenna , posted 11/22/05
very helpful
myspace is a place to go when you're bored - Jenna , posted 11/16/05
lol im on there all day at work tom sucks i always get kicked off an theres always difficulties f***
do you dare - sophia , posted 11/08/05
It's a great site for people who use it as artists, but you can tell if it's sincere pretty quickly on any given space in just a few banners.
It's set up nicely for bands networking between each other if you know what your doing. Not that user friendly, though,.at times.
I got a slot in it
I wish we had mp3 uploads on this thing. -b - Bear , posted 10/29/05
It used to be better...
The site was much better before FOXnews took over the site. Dangit, Tom!

Here's MYspace: - Frida , posted 09/26/05
not so bad...
Myspace helped me out a lot in my move to Hawaii and start of business. There is a lot of garbage there, but "block user" is a handy feature... groups can be helpful as well , it really depends on what area you are in. If a high school gets word in your local area, they are all over it for a few weeks but then they calm down and things are smooth again.
complaint- they are down OFTEN. there are a lot of bugs and sometimes they just "lose" profiles. It has been progressively better in the last six months. - Haole , posted 09/09/05
I found something better!
Check out I like the layout of this website and it is much better and eye appealing than myspace. Also you can have group pages, I think its the next social community website. - yung , posted 09/03/05
My space is awesome despite...
...the hoochies. Hoochies there are horrible. Lots of bands there who just want to up their buddy count, so they request to add everyone and their neighbor's sisters dog's last cousin's previous owner.

Other than that, games are fun- music is great. Lots of interesting people too.
-Jyn - Jyn , posted 09/02/05
my space dot com
so sad they dont allow nude pics - fisting , posted 08/31/05
IT HEPLS ME PROMOTE MY BAND!!! - Unsubscribed , posted 08/27/05
Good god, where do these people come from? "Yo dawg, wazzup? Don't be a playa-hayta!" And this is not just teenagers, grown folks are talking like this! Unbearable... - Smasharolla , posted 08/23/05
I REALLY don't like letting people put all of the flashy, gaudy html and sound files on their pages. The animated gifs are also al ittle much. - Jenni , posted 08/18/05
good to find music # bad design, not interesting - Sophie , posted 08/10/05
myspace is weird- it's very wanna-be, girls gone wild, guys w/o shirts, trash. ew. hey, but if that's your thing- go for it! - Batgirl , posted 08/09/05
like tribe
its a very decent community site. worth being on just to network with people you know - Danny , posted 08/01/05
its like a social orgy
i've hooked up with numerous old friends thx to myspace. it helps everyone can put a city with their state. tribe has WAY cooler features and is more substance... but it needs to be easier to find people & event withing X distance of your zip.
myspace is cool for what myspace does :) everyone should be on it as well as tribe, imho - jaime , posted 07/13/05
my space site
my space is a really cool place to make friends, get in touch with old friends and to design your own web site. - heather , posted 07/07/05
My Space is not for me
Just seemed over-run with teens. Not too ompressed with that......... - Unsubscribed , posted 07/07/05
great site to meet really cool people.!!!!
this site is easy to surf , lots of cool people, easy to make friends and i am on there.. check it out!!!!!! - Unsubscribed , posted 06/13/05
Actually, I prefer it to tribe although you have to sort through a lot of teenybopper noise to find people you want as "friends".

My MYSPACE link is here: - Bob Carroll , posted 06/11/05
- Kiers10 , posted 02/09/05
Check out this website! - Jason , posted 08/31/04

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