Pho 84 Vietnamese Restaurant

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Great fun place
I did a review on this on another page because I got slightly confused. Here it is again. Great place. Lightly priced vietnamese food with some really get spring rolls. I've been a fan of this place for a while. Probably some of best in Oakland. They have a review on so definitely check them out. - Blanquita , posted 01/06/09
Pho 84
Love this restaurant! - Unsubscribed , posted 12/15/04
Yummy Vietnamese food
No to far from my house, I love going to this place. Great food at good prices. Somewhat busy but worth the wait.
Pho 84 354 17th Street Oakland, CA Tel: (510) 832-1338 Cuisine: Vietnamese - Unsubscribed , posted 11/09/04

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