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its no secret
this movie is not telling us anything new. it is psychology lite, and a shallow look into deeper and more complex issues.

why the focus on things we desire/ money? those things are not the be all and end all to living a content life.

if they asked the questions "how well do you truly know yourself?" or "how do you address and clear your problems and repressed issues ?" and applied it to the ideas of attraction and memes, then there would be something of substance to take in.

they never address the serious psychological roots of dis-empowerment in these movies.

i give it 3 stars anyway because it caused me to question "why"
- OrgoneGnosis , posted 02/08/07
Love this documentary. Been waiting for something like this for a long time.

I also found some music made in tribue by The Secret's internet strategist...Amazon has it on combo. BUY BOTH! : )

Amazon has The Secret movie DVD with the music CD as a set:
(there is a $5 savings on this combo)

I'm listening right now. Here's a little whisper rap in one song:

Lincoln, Emerson, Carnegie, Thoreau
Hugo, Shakespeare, Newton, & Plato
Beethoven, Einstein, Roosevelt, Edison
All Knew The Secret - Law of Attraction

I'm sure it's available alone, but I thought the combo was a good deal. That is, if we all don’t already have The Secret DVD! ; ) - Unsubscribed , posted 02/03/07
Oh yes
yes yes yes, but we must remember to surrender to the divine & let it all go.......wooooo - Hugh , posted 01/28/07
The Secret
Great! This is even better than "What the Bleep do we Know?" It really gets down to the nitty gritty. I have read quite a few books on this topic. You need to think it, say it and FEEL it for positive things to happen. I've actually experienced a few changes here and there. It is a lot of work which is difficult, but always worth it! - Unsubscribed , posted 01/04/07
Just watched it
That was an incredable movie.. I read a lot of the posts before I went and watched the movie. I found it enlightening and thought provoking. Of course right after viewing the movie I found myself getting in the rut again but now that I know the secret I did not stay in that trap for long. Thanks for some excellent posts and great reviews - stanbo , posted 12/08/06
Wonderful Movie
Other than I assumed in the first minutes, it is not about positive thinking, but sows a seed for something one might call positive feeling, or friendly awareness, which has true energetic integrity. - Unsubscribed , posted 11/21/06
I saw this with a group of friends, which was really great because we could talk about it afterwards. I think anything that can inspire me is a great thing!! And this movie did that. Yes, it was marketed to a wide audience, which accounts for some of the cheese factor, and probably some of the materialism too....however, the core message was very positive, and that's a good thing! - Tarot Readings by... , posted 11/19/06
any this kinda movies are good i think.. then more then better.. there is many ppl out there it does catch and teach more or less! and the most important thing is that they kinda get the clue of positiv thinking :) - Styx , posted 11/19/06
The Secret
Amazing!!!!!!!!! Watch it!!! - Jenna , posted 11/13/06
Great Post
Thanks! The movie put together a lot of what I already know, and this also reminded me of "Think and Grow Rich".
- Unsubscribed , posted 11/09/06
Life changing
Many people on this planet are in pain. I have learned through this that for those people that have nothing - are in pain - are sick that they have the power to change it. They have the vision to look beyond whatever is going on in the physical world to create the world they wish to be in.
I loved the movie and my only hope is that the people that need it most attract this movie into their lives. - Jessika , posted 11/08/06
agree with other posters..
i agree with other posters saying that it was good UNTIL it started to focus on material gain. this, to me, seems like a waste. how about making the world a better place? or loving your friends or your partners?

if it's only there to get material gain, what's gonna happen if you use your material gain to buy a hummer? or a nuclear bomb?

it just seems shortsighted. once you have what you want, through good actions, what are you gonna do? - Unsubscribed , posted 11/08/06
Loved it.
Like a few other posters wrote there was definitely a kind of cheesy emphasis on the material gains (wow, look what I can manifest) but still the ideas and the way they visually showed them were Superb. - Agave , posted 11/08/06
This was a great "kick in the arse" reminder and nice presentation of content I have seen in other countless books. Again, no new information for me in the movie, but it really manifested during a time that I really needed it. - Unsubscribed , posted 11/08/06
A good visual reminder
this movie was great and came at a perfect time for me. I have read countless books on creating your own reality and manifesting what you want in your life and various other "self help/occult" titles and this movie really said it all out loud and in a simple straightforward way. Things I intellectually believe to be true actually was said out loud.

I enjoyed it and highly reccomend it as an inspiration and a reminder that our thoughts and feelings have a great bearing on how we perceive and create our own reality.

and yes, it was a little cheesy but I like cheese. - , posted 11/08/06
a little cheese, topped with gourmet cast, and sprinkled with a touch of the dramatic
all in all this movie rawks. Maybe it's a little over the top for all you self made gurus, but I think it's just delish. - ZigZag , posted 11/08/06
I thought it was rather stupid. - Frank Jones , posted 11/08/06
secret - not so secret- but worth the watch
I agree ... the Secret was created in kind of a cheezy and slighty over the top way so non intellectuals can get a concept without having to think on it... but the message was there and it was strong...and it spoke to me in similar ways that it may have had with you - , posted 11/08/06
Yes. Just what I needed.
A serious kick in the ass to remind me of the secret I ALREADY KNOW!!!!

The secret has brought me many things so far.

Actually, a lot of these points remind me of the philosophy of Napoleon Hill --- I'm sure it's pretty much exactly the same process.

I have been in an increasingly dark and depressing place lately. This movie, although slightly trite and materialistic at points, it re-revealed these processes I have slowly abandoned over the last 2 years.

No more.

I am making huge changes tonight. ...Changes that were in the works, but I got the spark to seriously reevaluate what I want in my life! and do things about it -- starting with my thought process and emotional outlook.


thanks. - Unsubscribed , posted 11/07/06
the secret
This is an excellent movie, thanks for posting - Unsubscribed , posted 11/07/06
Must See TV
This is a great film! - Unsubscribed , posted 11/07/06
I love this movie
watch this movie for free! It reminds me of What the Bleep Do We Know?

May this movie inspire you as it has inspired me. - magenta , posted 11/07/06

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