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The Secret to The Secret is not buying this garbage
"The Secret" DVD directed by Drew Hariot is simply garbage. Let me save you $35 by not being hyped by the latest person to fall for this scam. The whole movie has only one point, that "the law of attraction" rules everything and that you can change everything by just immagining or wishing it. The movie is offensive to anyone with a shred of rational thought. The movie seeks to replace cause and effect with "wishing." Whoever reccomended this movie to you was stupid enough to think that lines like "take you bank account statement and white out the balance and write in what you want it to be" will actually work. Or that you can just "visualize checks" coming in you mailbox. Or how about this line, "the goal of getting out of debt will keep you in debt." This movie is filled with stupidity and vicious philosophies that simply take advantage of people who genuinely wish to improve their lives - to sell crap. Of course being positive is nice, but being real and making a plan to improve whatever it is you want to improve does not cost $35 and two hours of brain killing garbage. - excarsalesman , posted 07/25/07
the goddess Isis is kidnapped and forced to dress up as Barbie
This was really tacky and I couldn't finish it due to boredom. But it is yet another rehash of New Thought, which is largely based on William Atkinson's writing. Now i have always liked Atkinson, and his Yogi R. pseudonym writings were actually rather good. But I must agree with Druben and others that they have cheapened something that could be profound and debased it into a get-rich scheme. The only reason I give it two stars is that I believe that a tiny number of people will see this quite by accident and be stimulated to actually learn about hermetic or occult teachings that might help them and in turn be beneficial for less mundane goals. - James , posted 07/11/07
Very dangerous movie
Besides being crap, this film promotes the idea that wishing for anything has no impact on the global community so that one's consummer driven materialistic desires are not questioned but actually endorsed and encouraged. They guy that said "look at me I have a 4 million dollar house, a wife to die for and incredibel fame" with no awaredness of our responsibility to the global community or to the environment pretty much sums up the perversity of this film. It might hook poor uneducated people who then think that hoping for cars and bikes and houses and beautiful partners (these are the only things wished for) is going to magically manifest. And of course all those interviewed live in la la land and really hav no real experience of real life and how most people live. This is not the secret that was supposedly known by all the people they flashed on the screen. There is not the least supporting evidence that those people had the least affinity with what the film was promoting. We are in trouble in this country because we think we can have anything we want. We do not curb our desires but take more and more of the resources of the planet so people elsewhere live without. I would like to see a film made where a group of researchers would see if a ghetto neighborhood in Baltimore could be changed with positive thinking - that might be worthy of documentation, not this selfish pursuit of personal gain. - Unsubscribed , posted 07/11/07
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A great bashing place
Great place to bash the Secret and philosophies that are similar in nature, I say if it works go for it... why waste time and energy bashing something... let it be.
M. - M. , posted 05/13/07
There's nothing wrong or new about this
I'm not going to bash this entirely. It has helped a lot of people deal with life. It is geared towards those that have never thought in a spiritual or philosophical way before and it is very pedestrian and manipulative, but it really does no harm. The concepts have been covered many many times before throughout history, in the 19th century it was called transcendentalism. And it was a solid premise then. If with these new trappings, these thoughts can bring people some sort of fulfilment and peace in their lives, then I don't see how anyone can be offended by it. Except maybe, that nothing in it is or ever has been a secret........ unless you've never read or studied. - Jeffrey , posted 04/21/07
Pseudoscientific garbage. If you have any interest in changing your life or the world around you, I suggest you get off your butt and take action. You won't affect anything by merely thinking about it - surely that isn't news to anyone.

Also, this is what the creator of "The Secret" has to say about the Rwandan Genocide:

The law of attraction implies that you brought that fate down on yourself... "The law of attraction is that each one of us is determining the frequency that we're on by what we're thinking and feeling," Byrne said in a telephone interview, in response to a question about the massacre in Rwanda.
(from Newsweek)

So around 800,000 people were murdered because they weren't thinking happy thoughts? And I suppose when people suffer injury or death due to earthquakes, tsunamis, war, or famine, than they also brought that fate on themselves? I don't believe blaming victims is an acceptable approach to the problems in the world, and I don't believe giving money or praise to someone that prescribes to this philosophy will make the world a better place. - Unsubscribed , posted 04/21/07
An absolute exercise in sophistry.
From the beginning of this film, tactics such as quick flashes of knives, fire, scrolls, and other arcane devices are used to appeal to the viewer who has been groomed for manipulation by a lifetime of hollywood tropes. Once into the film, it follows the usual pseudo-scientific, pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-philosophical wishful thinking that works on people who need desperately to believe in something but can't be fucked to pick up a real book. In a related interview with some of the people behind this film, one of the women speaking for this method looked like she had undergone extensive plastic surgery. This is a sure sign of an individual who has immense confidence and "wills" positive things to happen in her life. - Cooper , posted 04/21/07
What a bunch of garbage...
The philosophy of this film and the whole projectionism line of thought subscribes far too much faith in the concept of "Ignorance is Bliss." Thwe fact is these kind of things are made to take money from fools that will believethem.. I bet you didn't want to read a review like this of "The Secret", but I still posted it and you still read it... Does that not disprove "The Secret"? - jeff , posted 03/12/07
too much focus on monetary gain
I like the law of attraction but do not like how it was represented in this movie... the law of attraction is not just about getting the material possesions you want.... material possesions are just icing on the cake... the cake being more satisfying and substantial... the movie primarily focuses on the icing and not the cake.... the cake being emotional and social experiences that you can attract into your life and being... - bLIZArd , posted 03/12/07
Money well spent
I loved "The Secret". Best $19.95 I have spent on a video. While it is a lot simpler than “what the bleep” it still gives a great message. In a world where we hear everyday what is wrong, it is movies and books like this that remind us to keep our mind positive.
I also love the audio book “Attraction Factor” by Joe Vitale who is also in The Secret. Another well spent $11.95. Gave me great insights as to why I haven’t been staying focused on certain goals. Joe is a wonderful teacher. - Unsubscribed , posted 03/12/07
A scam of the worst order
While I agree with the idea of the law of attraction, the people behind this film are ripping people off. After having watched the film and being very interested in learning more (despite the infommercial feel), I did some research only to find that every single one of the speakers interviewed makes his/her living in the motivational speaker circuit. Every last one of them! Books on tape/CD, pricey speaking engagements, get-rich-quick schemes, the whole nine yards. They're taking a very basic idea (the law of the attraction) and are teasing us with the idea of being able to master it in an effort to sell us the video and their own individual products. BEWARE! - Trilo , posted 03/12/07
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best summary of the nature of reality i've seen so far.

and i've seen alot. - atom , posted 03/01/07
I now recommend The Secret DVD to everyone
As a teacher of The Secret for many years . - ZorbaZiv , posted 02/28/07
will be one of the most talked about movies soon
presents the idea in a way that is reasonable instead of the usual spiritual new age nonsense

come to the secret movie tribe if you enjoyed the movie - foolishfish , posted 11/14/06
Should I give it a second chance?
I *loved* "what the bleep"... thought it was introspective, interesting, well produced, balanced information, perspective and a story line that make it flow, and appeal to everyone I know who watched it.

"The Secret"... played like an infomercial.. very well produced, and the "law of attraction" message was clear over, and over, and over again. Fell asleep after 20 minutes.

Don't get me wrong -- I think it can be powerful and empowering, encouraging and motivating... and I think it's right-on in the message it's conveying... but in the 20 minutes I watched it just didn't carry my interest like "what the bleep"... the testimonials got old.

Does it get better after the first twenty minutes? - Red Rob , posted 06/22/06
gotta see it
Ok BLEEP was great and first of its kind to make it on the scence. ;'One' was good too.
The Secret is the combo plate and it has a good inspiring reality based story 'secret' to tell!
Watch it. Only available on the web - Gabrielle , posted 06/19/06
The Secret
This film is exactly what you need right now to manifest in your life. Let it empower you. - Sharna Rose , posted 06/11/06
here's the link to the full length secret - Kara , posted 06/01/06
Simply brilliant
It can be argued that all forms of religion use the same methods for contacting and requesting assistance from the divine. Whether you call it prayer, meditation, spell casting, or something else, focused thought can have profound effects on the world around you. The secret does an amazing job at conveying that concept and has a style that appeals to all but the most skeptical of scientific minded people and the most close-minded of religious zealots. If you, like me (and most of the world) find yourself somewhere between those two extremes and are looking for answers, this movie will not disappoint. - Psychotty , posted 05/30/06
Brilliant Concept
This is one of those things that makes you go, "oh my god, I've been doing that all along, but I didn't consciously know what I was doing!"

Since I didn't know I was doing it, I never thought of taking it to the level of hugeness that they suggest in this movie, and I didn't realize that it was: A) so powerful, and B) applies to a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. Watch it, watch it, WATCH IT. - transhuman , posted 05/30/06
You owe it yourself to see this movie !
This revolutionary documentary will empower you to understand how to create/manifest the reality of your ultimate desires. A must see for anyone on a conscious path of spiritual awaking. The movie is based on the universal law of 'attraction' and closely followes Esther Hicks "Teachings of Abraham" from the book "Ask and it is Given". Esther is featured in the documentary along with a few people from the "What the Bleep" movie. Only available on the internet right now. You can pay a $5 ticket price to see the documentary on your computor or you can purchase and own the DVD. check it out at - Carrie , posted 05/29/06
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