Valerie's Studio 1831 in Philadelphia

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Bellydance, Yoga, Salsa, Pilates, Fitness...
Well, being a teacher at Studio 1831, I'm definitely biased... Even so, the reason I teach at Val's and take classes there is because the classes are top-notch. All of the teachers go the extra mile for students. We love what we teach and really care about the people we are teaching. We work hard to develop our own skills so that we can become better teachers and help our students grow and achieve their goals. - Jeannine , posted 02/19/05
Consider Valerie's Studio 1831 in Philadelphia
If it's not too far for you, consider Valerie Rushmere's Studio 1831. I've been there for seven years and enjoy it immensely.

Good luck!

- Maura - Maura , posted 01/24/05

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