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What the BLEEP Do We Know?
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What The Bleep Do We Know
I own it, I love it, Can't get enough of it! A good learning adventure. It gave me something of what I was seeking. - Cherryl , posted 03/27/11
The whole concept is based on a misunderstanding
The premise of the movie is that consciousness and therefore humanity holds some privileged place within quantum mechanics, a concept known as the observer paradox. This is predicated on a misunderstanding of the Copenhagen theory of quantum mechanics, particularly the Gedankenexperiment of Schrodinger's cat; that the cat is both alive and dead until an observer checks on the state and thus causes the wavefunction to collapse.

That the observer was conscious was a storytelling mechanism, not a requirement (putting a cat in a persistent superposed state is impossible). It is by interpreting a requirement of consciousness that FAW (in my conversations with him) has found room for metaphysics, suggesting that the wavefunction does not collapse unless a conscious observer makes an observation and thus that consciousness is special and significant.

Taking this as true leads one to some odd conclusions:
- What happened in the universe before there was consciousness?
- What happens outside the view of intelligence?

In the final analysis though, wave functions collapse due to perturbation energy, not observation and this is why quantum computers are tricky and quantum transmission of encryption keys is hard to do. It isn't about keeping the observers out, it's about avoiding perturbations energies above the threshold of collapse. It happens that the perturbation energy that causes collapse of the waveform is defined as just that energy necessary to test the state, thus the confusion as to whether "observation" causes the collapse.

On the other hand, it is an amusing movie and it does get people thinking, which is always good.

- Dave , posted 11/20/08
Captain Quantum....
Do you remember how electrical currents and "unseen waves" were laughed at? The knowledge about man is still in its infancy.
- Albert Einstein
Reading some of these reviews I am surprised and then yet again I am not... You can throw out "Shoddy Science" labels but have you ever studied Quatum Physics? It is a huge controversy yes, but that is mainly because it totally puts into question how we've been observing reality (science!) all this time... a good book to pick up after watching this movie is --> From Science to God<-- the story of a physist who realizes the way he perceives his reality is based on his conditioning in this three dimensional planet... It's amazing what happens when you just open your eyes to the possibilities!! It really is the first step...

My favorite Physist in this movie is Dr.Fred Alan Wolf.. the guy with all the crazy hair... hahaha he actually has written some AMAZING stuff... www.fredalanwolf.com/ He has great articles on page two... Conversations With God is a must!!! Dr.Wolf has a great way of explaining things... they make sense scientifically and yet he can tie it into the everday so you can APPLY it...

to those sceptics out there... it is important to realize that when you are having such a strong negative/rejective reaction, you need to take a step back into some neutrality and figure out why you have such a problem with it... remind you of yourself? maybe reminds you that you're not sure what you believe? While it is never comfortable to go through this "processing" it is ohhh soo necessary!! The film will open yer eyes, if you let it!!!

and to the Dr.Emoto bashers... our thoughts do have either a positive or negative effect on our body and all the cells/moleclues in and around us... how do you know there is no way to "see" it? and I wonder what yer water crystals would look like right about now...

Consciousness is the basis of all life and the field of all possibilities. Its nature is to expand and unfold its full potential. The impulse to evolve is thus inherent in the very nature of life.
- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The Yogi's have known it for thousenads of years... we just have to catch up...
www.whatthebleep.com/whatthebleep/ go.. go NOW!! GO NOW!!!!!
- MerryMarie , posted 10/12/07
An Interpretation, Not a Scientific Explanation.
"What the Bleep Do We Know" includes explanations of some concepts of physics and biology, from neural networks in human brains to quantum mechanics and much more. But it goes far beyond that when it seeks to *interpret* those concepts and present its own thoughts on their possible impacts upon people, relationships, the human body, and our general outlook on life.

People who expect a straight-up scientific piece will be disappointed, because this movie goes deeply into theories that cannot be scientifically verified. Some of the ideas are more plausible than others; some are ridiculous. But the point is to get you to *think* about science and how it *might* affect our lives and our outlook, even if it just gives you jumping-off points for your own creative thoughts. After all, there's more value to be gained studying science than merely acquiring textbook knowledge of what is provably true and what is not!

I found the film to have surprising depth and breadth of ideas, and I seem to get something else out of it each time I watch. - Unsubscribed , posted 09/19/07
It was fabulous
Answered so many questions for me and helped me reconnect! - Goddess Rebecca , posted 09/19/07
loved it, there is so much more then we know
We are all connected to everything, this is a fantastic movie.
www.horsesinyourmailbox.com/ - sara , posted 08/17/07
Excellent. This movie to me was not about Science, not about religion, It was an informative, entertaining way of expressing the old premise of treat your neighbor. There is some fact, some humor. this film was not made to create controversy or even geared to piss anyone off. It just makes people think. How can anything that makes you go HMMMM. Can be bad? It was stimulating & makes you think. Life's too short create the one you want. - Shawn , posted 07/04/07
Eye opening movie
A must see movie. People will say negitve things about this movie because it challenges their own beliefs.
Watch this movie with an open mind, not one that is looking for reasons to disprove it. - Unsubscribed , posted 04/09/07
It isn't science, it's BS. Here's what other scientists have to say about it:

"Most of these statements are gross distortions of recent scientific findings."

"It is the third highest grossing documentary ever and it claims to be about quantum physics, but in fact it makes gross distortions that would make any self-respecting scientist squirm. For example, the film states that experiments imply that labeling a bottle of water with words like 'love' or 'hate' can change its molecular structure. Indeed, the film suggests that quantum physics can explain why this is the case. Apparently quantum physics can also be exploited to bring about world peace through meditation. Having spent the last fifteen years making documentaries and writing about science, I care hugely about the accurate and honest portrayal of science."

“I think this film is dangerous because it exploits people’s genuine desire to understand the big questions – like why we are here – then gives the answers the veneer of science. My worry is that my friends – who are all very intelligent people but not scientifically trained – will not know where the good science ends and the speculation begins – that’s the insidious side.”

(From www.einsteinyear.org/bleep/ )


"My own reaction was complete embarrassment that anyone could offer such claptrap under the name of physics speculation." -Donald Coyne, retired UC Santa Cruz experimental physicist
- Unsubscribed , posted 04/09/07
Thank you for this movie it is WOW.
BuddhaHill, a place where the experiment is done to integrate this scientific insight in the daily life of a human being. - ChaMeera , posted 04/09/07
Excilent and eyeopening
these things have been said for thousands of years by budist and now the is science to back it HA!!!!! - Unsubscribed , posted 02/02/07
If you believe this, you likely also believe in the daVinci Code
Both examples of stories based on Junk Science. The science explanations are decent and do a good job of explaining complex concepts to the world. It basically fails when suggesting it's own theory as fact. It's simply irreproducible and the evil part of this movie is that it presents itself as science. It's like GW Bush promoting himself as a great "Uniter". If I could i'd give it zero stars.

It's dangerous in that it tries to base itself on solid science and yet fails the basic scientific test: reproducibility. No one has yet to be able to reproduce these results. The "molecules" of water they present are not even molecules at all - any intermediate science student could tell you that. It's a shoddy piece of work, but presented well enough for people to believe in. That's what makes it dangerous. - David , posted 06/19/06
I lIked It
I don't really care for Ramtha, but I liked the concept of the movie. It helped push home some of the thinking I already believe in.
And what is this constant stuff people are yacking about "fluffly new age" and "new age thinking", who the hell is to judge if it makes someone happy or thats what they choose to believe. Is it truly affecting those who are so bothered by it?
The movie was good in my opinion. - Unsubscribed , posted 06/01/06
It's fun not scientifc
Yes, I know the water crystal thing is allot of BS... But I like it… Allot of what we prove turns out to be wrong anyway… Basically this movie serves as a reminder to focus on the positive and don't get dragged by your own thoughts.

Kind of like that guy on the old Saturday night live shows.. Self Affirmations... : )
- Garth , posted 05/29/06
Junk Science
I fully believe that science, mysticism, poetry, and spirituality can co-exist - indeed, that they are at heart the same thing. But this is junk science and spirituality-lite masquerading as deep insight. - aterapan , posted 05/23/06
one more step...
just another step towards opening up more minds...
to the possibilites - Sharon , posted 05/12/06
Could have done without the movie part.
I would have rather just watched it as a documentary with interviews all the way through. The animations and storyline didn't translate well with me. Good intro to quantum physics if you are new to some of the more unusual concepts. - Jeremy , posted 01/18/06
What the Bleep
At the very least it will get you thinking! - Cas , posted 01/12/06
What the Bleep
Movie isn't actually accurate, but give it props for at least delivering concepts to the masses...who generally have too short of an attention span to watch if it were not "jazzed" up. If your a new fan of the movie, I would highly suggest reading "Alice in Quantumland." - Daysha , posted 01/05/06
5 stars
It keeps getting better.

I've charged my day like charging a bottle of water.

Love, happiness, peace, money, health.

It works.

Yes it does!! - WallsSTudio , posted 01/01/06
It's an introduction to some thought provoking ideas. Those who hated might want to ask themselves why it pushed their buttons, rather than tryring to dismiss it so readily. They never claim it to be truth, simply possibility. - Unsubscribed , posted 12/24/05
Bizarre and Fabulous
I watched this movie three times and I had to take notes. It is so intense. It could have done without the cheesy dramatizations, but that is part of it's charm. The interviews with Ramtha and Dr. Pert were the best. I don't buy Dr. Emoto's findings though. I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to change the way they view their world. - Andalee , posted 12/19/05
Changed my life
This movie really changed my life and has lead me to study the law of attraction which has helped business and life in general. - Chris , posted 12/12/05
Whoa Horsey!!
this infomercial new age crap piece of a film (?) was one of the most laughable attempts at metaphysical meandering i've ever had the displeasure of seeing.

after being emphatically recommended by a few people -- who thought it was right up my alley, i finally got my chance to see this drivel.

I would have loved to have seen a film that truly expounded on the theories and complexity of quantum reality and how this might affect spiritual development.

however, this movie had me cringing!! embarassed for the people who made it..

the film looks really bad for starters (got art direction..?).. and comes off feeling/looking like an afterschool special.

me being the analytical spiritual seeker that i am. i was very disappointed that such a great subject matter was reduced to this schlock. Ugh, it makes me cringe to even think about. even more so for the people who think it's an amazing, eye opening film.

to the film's credit, there were a few brilliant interviewees that could actually speak to the complexity around quantum physics and how it (may) affect our lives. the rest felt like a brainwashing mind-fuck by ramtha.

she's so disingenuous, and creepy! i gave it one star for the attempt and the few brilliant quantum physicists in the film. the rest is torture to watch! - )(_.gabriel._)( , posted 12/07/05
bleepity bleep bleep....
I thought this film was awesome, not because it was great film making (it was not), not because I am a Ramptha devotee (I am not), but becuase it reminds us about our inate, powerful spiritual selves in a time when so little in our everyday universe does that. I left this movie feeling empowered and reminded of all that could be in my own world, were I to stop being own public enemy #1. It's message all of this apathetic planet could stand to hear right now... whether you want to argue the finer points of the research or not. I KNOW that when I perceive myself to be an empowered being (which I am from time to time), I AM an empowered being, at least until the fog settles back in. But the stuff I am capable of while in that frame of mind, whooooEEE!! Look out y'all!! And this movie just scoots me back there a little bit, and that's good. - Saakimba , posted 12/03/05
So far down.
Once in awhile there's a movie that changes your beliefs on almost everything. When watching this movie you will be reminded of what could be, and all in all the ultimate question will always be Why? - Unsubscribed , posted 11/22/05
offline 0
hey all, hated it.. If the psuedo-scientific clap-trap (I have an open mind, 2 seconds of research blows half of the assertations in this flick out of the water) isnt enough for you.. do a little bit of research into the ramtha cult and it's connections to this "documentary".... please... please, please, please, please, please.. - J , posted 11/21/05
Great movie that fractally reflects itself.
You know, the medium is the message? The way this movie was conceived, shot, and edited lends itself very well to explicating its subject.

Oh, and, Marlee Matlin is *hot*!! - Jesse , posted 11/16/05
Pay attention! This movie is a stepping stone of some importance. did you eat the red or the blue pill? - Julie , posted 11/15/05
Fantastic Film
Great to see the Mind power & quantum stuff on the big screen finally. I though it was brilliant. - Glenn , posted 11/14/05
Thought Provoking
It starts out all science talk and almost innundates you about physics, like "ok already I know what you are talking about, so what about it!?"

Then it totally delivers. Amazing concepts and visual representations. - Unsubscribed , posted 11/13/05
i liked it.
it was good... not AMAZING. but good enough for me to like it. - Maya , posted 11/11/05
Loved this movie!!
Well, okay loved the movie for it's message and information it relayed...once I got over bad acting and the cheesy story they put with all the great facts that the movie shared. It's definitely worth seeing. - Angelique , posted 10/24/05
12:27 am Pay-day, I get my pension through the phone.
Well, I suppose this is a European film that's been done in the US. Coming from hi! places, to low places. Different places.
I wish I'd seen this movie but I don't, or even exist, or in the US.
It sounds like a mind bending trip down memory lane, heart break hotel.
I'm sure the space program is in there somewhere isn't it?
Like it was Irwin Lane? 1950s? David Watts in this movie is who? Amanda?
Do you believe in worm holes?
I do. - grandpa , posted 10/05/05
Just plain bad
I won't go into detail about how dodgy the science and spirituality are in this film, because I feel that it's been well expressed by others. I will however say that I thought the quality of the film itself was that of a mid-grade after school special. - Unsubscribed , posted 10/03/05
loved it
Excellent movie...it's been about a year since I've seen it. Should rent it and watch it with my boyfriend.... - britz , posted 09/27/05
Miss Ramtha was hilarious
And there was some good music. Some people may not have thought about this stuff (especially here in Utah) and hopefully someone will make them watch it. ;-) - Edward , posted 09/25/05
Show everyone you know
This movie says it all... If you are confused about what it all means, then throw WTBDWK in and give your mind a good scrubbing - Marsha , posted 09/20/05
Past due
It is about time religion and science come back together. A lot of problems in the world will soon disappear if people just realize that they are one and the same. This movie is a big help in educating people of that fact. - Komo , posted 09/18/05
It would have been good...
If they stuck to the science part. After a while I kinda felt that I was being sold some new age religion. - Unsubscribed , posted 09/17/05
Excellent Eye Opener
Glad to have some scientific dudes share what they know :) - Lotus , posted 09/11/05
Didn't see it.
I'm deaf, so movies just don't interest me.
Camie - Camie , posted 09/08/05
ha this is dumb - rose , posted 09/03/05
Best movie
I feel this mvoie has opened the minds of many. It was time they awaken to the fact there is more then meets the eye. - Unsubscribed , posted 09/01/05
One Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.....
This movie will hopefully and probably open a lotta people's eyes to the possibility that there's something more happening around us than we always assumed.....that the oneness with that all is our only hopeand truly natural state...at least in my opinion and I think that's indeed the message to be picked up here....intention is the keyword ? - ..::[Shawnodese]::.. , posted 08/31/05
Stop thinking about it.
I was impressed enough to see the film a second time and reccomend it to several acquaintances who almost without exception panned it. Now I discuss it with my dog. He gets it. - Unsubscribed , posted 08/28/05
Sarah's review was classic missing the point
Using logic to judge this film misses the entire point here. Also those who put up a BIG WARNING SIGN are not going to grasp levels of thinking beyond what our modern culture engages in. This is a New Age think piece sure to confuse the fundamentalist secularits and Ayn Rand absolutists that control our culture and our universities. I personally don't subscribe to New Age "thought" but am more grieved when I see all the people who instantly condmen anything outside the scientific method. This movie will make you think. I am not sure at all why it was a motion picture, as it is reallly a documentary on reality and its perception. I have thought about these points all my life, and none of it seemed fresh but our societies relativism blinds it to the realty, a proven absolute reality I might add, of spirituality. - David , posted 08/26/05
offline 32
Cut the movie some slack...
While I would agree that the movie crossed the line into New Age fuzzy thinking at times, it introduced some topics which are broadly unknown within the general public. My understanding is that ideas such as entanglement and thought affecting matter on the subatomic level are generally accepted aspects of modern physics. That these ideas have existential implications is inescapable (IMHO). - NL , posted 08/19/05
- ~*~Felicia~*~ , posted 08/19/05
I know this movie sucks.
While some of the ideas presented should indeed be discussed, this film handles the subject matter in the least informative manner possible. I only made it through the entire film by making a game of finding all the false and pseudoscientific claims presented as fact - and I'm not even a physics major. Actual experts were marginalized to make room for sound bites from Ms Ramtha, and the tone of the film displayed an utter lack of understanding of modern physics. Watching this movie will literally make you stupider than you were before. I would have forgotten about it entirely months ago, but so many seemingly intelligent people (including some close friends) have been utterly taken in by this idiocy that the mere thought of it infuriates me. This movie should never have been made, and if you've managed to avoid it this long, do yourself a favor and NEVER see it. You should bleeping know better. - Brandon , posted 08/17/05
Amazing Movie on Spirituality
This movie gives you a different dimension to spirituality. - Nidosh & Gyan , posted 08/14/05
Poor logic.
1) we only see the world thru our own eyes, no one else's (ok, I understand this!)
2) the world is as we see it (in a methaphorical/spiritual way, why yes, sure!)
3) therefore these is no such thing as right and wrong, no god, and no reality, and anyone who believes otherwise is stupid and sad. (WTF???)

The above is not logic, it is propaganda from a crazy woman who claims she channels "Ramtha the Enlightened One"
Anyone who claims the title of "the Enlightened One" earns a big red flag from me. WARNING: NUTCASE!

Pretty graphics, and quantum physics IS interesting and should be introduced more in pop culture. Til then, if you want fluffy science, read Discover. At least they're willing to run a retraction when they screw up. - Unsubscribed , posted 08/12/05
Don't they teach science in school anymore?
I simply don't understand how anyone with more than a middle school education can possible take this film seriously on any level. This is Bad Science 101. It's Scientology for people who aren't clever enough for Scientology.

Are we that stupid, as a nation, that this film makes SENSE to people? Or are we just starved for an understanding of legitimate science? - Aziyade , posted 08/11/05
i loved it
kinda cheesy and Ramtha & co. are responsible, blah blah blah. but i thought it had alot of great concepts, many i'd heard or read about. nothing but good vibes though, and lots of positivity. i really enjoyed it. - napalm , posted 08/07/05
Been there...done that
Nothing new... I can't help but wonder if those who were so "transformed" and "awestruck" by it have ever had a deep thought in their lives. This movie was like a 101 course in metaphysics - very cursory. - Emily , posted 08/07/05
blah bleep... - venkatesh , posted 08/03/05
"What the Bleep do we know"
I often refer the DVD "What the Bleep do we know" to clients who need an eccellerated boost of spiritual awakeness. This film is a must for those curious about deepening there understanding of reality.
I was familliar with the concepts addressed in the film before watching it and still found it to be refreshing and catalyst for change. Many of my freinds have exerienced the ability to more easily create significant, personal energy shifts after watching the film. The DVD also has a B side containing facinating interviews with the creators of the film. I highly reccomend it. You may be able to rent it at your local video store. You can certainly puchase it through most large book stores and metaphysically oriented stores. Im sure amazon has it too. - Carrie , posted 07/23/05
Everybody is smart now that we have them thinking
This movie was awsome, I bought it on a whim and loved it so much that within a month everybody I knew had seen it. When I saw this movie I thought to myself, "by the gods, half of this I already believe in." - Christopher , posted 07/22/05
I'm waiting for the X-rated version
where the BLEEP over the expletives is actually spelled out - Experience , posted 07/12/05
Good for those ...who are.
Great for those who haven't let thier eyes or spirit fall upon that text...But those of you who are ready to snap...What do you want..answers?..haha..no no I'm with you, it needn't have so much regergitation (sp?). This world needs not gurus and students anymore. The blonde lady..(rantha?) channels herself. As do I and you. We already have the answers..lets not be so quick to jump onto the idea that new ideas will save us. But all in all, bravo!!! Its hard to put new information and drive out there in a world full of people who are quick to bang you on the head. I applaud. Everything happens for a reason.. and the people who berated this film had a chance to find out what THEY were really all about by looking inside and seeing why they disapproved. Now, I am going to go back to making fire in my hand..Thank you and good night. - Spirit , posted 07/09/05
In comparison to thousands of films, is the wrong way to look at this film. This film stands alone. The conversations ignited by this film in our society are paramount to becoming a healthy species.
A must see. - Andrew , posted 07/09/05
overwrought... the square peg of the so-called spiritual, w/ the round hole of science
this film tried way too hard to wire-in vague new age spirituality into modern physics and cosmology.

George Johnson's "Fire in the Mind' is far more successful at this... - Carbon , posted 06/23/05
Good for about 30 minutes
After my wife Amy (the political philosophy major) declared "damnit - I haven't learned anything new yet" we called it a night. It was highly recommended by a couple of friends - we were disappointed (expectations were too high for "the reality.") It would have been better if it was just theoretical. - Brad , posted 06/17/05
Great movie for those new to expanding their awareness
I feel this movie is a wonderful start for those out there who are yet to indulge in this subject matter. But for people such as myself, this movie simply made a lot of points I was already aware of. I'm still waiting for someone to crack open the door to the next roomfull of ideas that haven't been presented in our circle several times over. - Unsubscribed , posted 06/13/05
Suitably deep, but only in the same way as Asian cuisine
This film was definitely a thought-provoker, no question about it. The problem is, it's like Asian cuisine --it fills you up in very short order, but leaves you kind of hungry again an hour later. While suitably touching and certainly entertaining, it's almost as though the producers tried a little TOO hard to make this subject matter accessible to everyone (i.e., a little too much time spent on nifty graphics and amusing rock video animations). It would have been just as mind-stretching if it stayed a little more in the realm of documentary and less in the realm of dramatic storylines. That said, Marlee Matlin is positively STELLAR as the protagonist, Amanda. By all means rent this one and see it with a group of friends, then get ready for some intense conversations afterwards. - Unsubscribed , posted 06/13/05
bullshit - when will they try to sell me a book?
UPDATE!: they ARE trying to sell me a book!!!

ramtha is now selling a "Create Your Day" DVD, so all you suckers that "had their life changed" by this turd of a movie can send even more money to ramtha spirit vessel #19, so she can enlighten you further (and lighten your wallet further). the "beginning enlightenment retreat" is only $1000 bucks - damn, they make scientology look like hucksters... this entire movie was a marketing scam disguised as science. it has nothing to to with quantum anything.

ORIGINAL POST: okay, so, there's this stuff called quantum physics, so, like, you don't have to be fat if you don't want to. ???! c'mon folks - you can find better "answers" than the soft serve pablum easy way out pile of crap this movie is. if it did interest you - look deeper! do your own research! don't be lazy! don't confuse this with science (or philosophy), lest you be doomed to disinformed, hoodwinked sheepdom. BAHHH! BAHHHHH! - bughouse , posted 06/17/05
A Film for Those with Open Minds Who Seek Better Questions
"What the #$*! Do We Know?" is a new kind of spiritual film, which fuses a documentary montage style with the unfolding of a dramatic story and amazing animation. BLEEP takes the viewer on a thrilling tour of the boundaries of what we know, while introducing us to some of the newest concepts in the field of consciousness. Is it possible that words and ideas can change the very quality of physical matter? Do we really have an infinite range of choices available to us at any given moment? Is it possible that there are things right in front of us that are invisible to us until other people start to see them? BLEEP raises these questions and many more, and provides scintillating answers that raise even more intriguing questions. Indeed, the best way for us to learn what is really going on is to ask better questions... and watching "What the #$*! Do We Know?" is one of the best ways to start asking better questions.

"What the #$*! Do We Know?" tells the story of Amanda, played by Oscar-winning actress Marlee Matlin, who feels like her whole world as she knew it is coming undone, to be replaced by something strange, unknown, and new. Amanda's attitudes and assumptions expand dramatically through extraordinary dreams and remarkable encounters in waking life. Interwoven in the story of Amanda's awakening to fuller realization are documentary clips with fourteen mystics and scientists. These interviews provide a delightful counterpoint to what is happening to Amanda as she considers how she is more in charge of her life and better connected to everyone and everything else than she previously would have believed. When Amanda is given a photographic assignment that requires her to face painful memories from her past, she discovers new ways to view her experiences and a bigger sense of herself that allows her to gain strength, courage and inspiration at a time when she might otherwise have felt sad, small, and defeated. Amanda brings us on our own journey of self-discovery, as we wonder how we might reframe painful memories into life stories that reflect our more heroic, loving nature.

"What the #$*! Do We Know?" brings about positive life changes for viewers, because it presents a framework for how to reclaim mental, physical and spiritual health even in the most difficult times. "What the #$*! Do We Know?" is the perfect film for everyone who has an open mind and would like to ask more interesting questions... in order to discover more interesting answers. - Cynthia , posted 06/07/05
There is so much REAL science out there... why lie and make up things? (the water changing structure when it was blessed)
This movie was crap.

Rayana =) - Unsubscribed , posted 06/07/05
Scientifically Dodgy
To be honest, i agree with some of this film. Well, a few things at most....

I can condense my myriad problems with this film into three sections;

1.) The interviews with the legitimate scientists are edited in a slanted fashion. I've read at least 3/4s of the books that the interviewed people in this film wrote, and all of them say there are a variety of interpretations of quantum phenomena, all of which have amazing consequences for us all. Why does this film choose to focus on one interpretation?

2.) The "biology" presented in this film is deeply flawed. They present untested conjecture as fact, especially in the second half of the film. Of course our emotional state has an effect on our physical state, but we grow old because we let ourselves get sad? Garbage. There is no scientific basis to this claim. Worse, it creates a "good/bad" dichotomy to our emotions that is unhealthy. You'll notice that during all of the biology sections of the film the only interviews they reference are a new agey chiropractor and a person who claims she is channeling a 3000-year-old spirit. Do the math.

Oh, by the way, if the water molecules in your body changed shape when your emotions changed, you would die.

3.) The main concepts of this film were hot 60 years ago. You heard me right. Quantum theory hit its peak in the 40s. The scientific community has built another 60 years of knowledge upon the original ideas of quantum theory. Where is Complexity Theory? Where is Super Symmetry or String Theory? How about a reasonable, researched, connection between the biological world and the quantum world?

This film is propaganda. It mixes some extremely interesting (albeit old) ideas with some blatant conjecture. The biggest mistake in this film is to present the idea that quantum phenomena are the same as biological phenomena. It doesn't work that way. Physics break down on the quantum level; they rule life on the physical level. If you want to have a holistic view of life honor BOTH truths, don't try to haphazardly mash them together.

I have to admit, this film pisses me off. I want to see people learn how amazing the world is, how amazing life is, how amazing they are. I'm pissed at this film because it had so much potential to show people the miraculous complexity of existence and instead it clouds it with their agenda. I don't want people to go see this film, feel hopeful, and then miss out on how remarkable life is when they crash because they find out this film is so woefully bogus. - bifurcation , posted 06/24/08
So what is the substance of thought?
Simply amazing. There are so many beautiful concepts presented in this movie which combine quantum physics and spirituality in a very powerful way. This movie will open doors in your mind that you didn't even know existed. Life-changing, reality shaking. Good...it's time to start creating a better one. - GIGO , posted 06/01/05
NEVER has a movie come CLOSE to doing what this movie has done. I will never be the same. This comes with my utmost and unquestionable HIGHEST recomendation. Absolutely infuckingcredible. - Danny , posted 05/29/05
What *Do* We Know?
I believe that each of us carry some baggage, most acquired interpersonally and visually, before we developed language with which to describe our experiences. This film addresses baggage, and demonstrates the benefit of slowing down, stopping to smell the roses, and acting mindfully instead of reacting mindlessly. I'd recommend it to anyone. - Dorsie , posted 05/22/05
Way Too Theatrical
The messages in this movie only needed an hour. I had heard it was sooooo good.....I was greatly disappointed. - Pandora , posted 05/20/05
less than zero
If you get sucked into the hype of this movie, you're proving the point that they were trying to make - that people will believe ANYTHING if they think it will make them cool. - Unsubscribed , posted 05/18/05
offline 3
This movie changed my thinking. I think it's an excelent blend of spectacle, story, documentery, comedy, music, and cartoon. It's accessable and informative. - EB , posted 05/18/05
Be Prepared to Learn a Truth or Two
Dr. Emoto is one of the best proofs of what the whole movie stands for, portraying water and how energy effects it.
You have to watch this movie for yourself and for your soul. Our children will thank us for adopting these studies and transforming our lives. - DragonfLy , posted 05/18/05
One of best movies to explain the reading and study I have done!
This movie is not only entertaining, but this movie explains well, the metaphysical, scienticfic proof of the what I have studied in A Course in Miracles, and the Four Agreements. I must see movie. Very uplifting and inspiring! - Bill aka Flagstaf... , posted 05/04/05
Well what do we know anyway?
This movie is a paradigm shifter. It does for the waking state what the "Waking Life" movie does for the dream state. What the BLEEP Do We Know?
informs us of our ability to create our own reality.
It also reminds us that we dont really "know" anything.
Take it with a grain of salt YES. Take everything with a grain of salt just have a glass of water handy to wash it down.
- Jacob , posted 05/04/05
This Movie is an Informercial
Unfortunately, this movie is an informercial for "Ramtha," a former Kentucky housewife who now channels a 35,000 year old entity. The producers of this film are all disciples of hers -- one pays over $1000 for the honor of seeing Ramtha in person. Take this entire film with a large grain of sait. - Unsubscribed , posted 05/02/05
offline 57
Idiots Guide to Snapping out of it
Im not saying I was really stoked watching this movie,I had a friend who (upon getting questionable on reality) was very excited for me to watch it cause it sputtered some of my theories.When I watched it,I liked about 50% of it.Some was a bit too much,the grafics were interesting,I wanted to see more,even if they had to keep talking about the same things repetitively.
However,the water point made me very curious,our bodies are made of like 90 % water arent they.
Im sure it does effect it when we get all pissed off or feeling love cause they effect how every part of your body feels...
Yea and other than that,I think it's just a strange wake up call for the ones who had been stuck in the same mind pattern,or the know it alls....certain religious advocates to point at.That's what makes it a 'cult' film. - Za , posted 04/29/05
Most intelligent and inspiring movie to watch
Best movie ever, makes you think about the universe, yourself, the world we live in and appreciate the little pleasures in life. - Rxy , posted 04/25/05
What the #$*! Do We Know!? is akin to finding yourself in an argument with a drunken hippie on a Mat

Film Listings
What the #$*! Do We Know!?

Year Released: 2004
Directed By: Mark Vincente, Betsy Chasse, William Arntz
Starring: Marlee Matlin, Elaine Hendrix, Robert Bailey Jr., Armin Shimerman, Barry Newman
(NR, 108 min.)


There�s nothing so annoying as a film that resolutely strives to be classified as "cult." Part metaphysical treatise, part educational primer, and part dangerously goofy self-help manual for the New Age set, this bizarre and not unentertaining documentary strives mightily to teach the lay audience everything there is to know about quantum physics in 108 minutes. It employs a vertiginous collection of interviews with 14 members of the scientific (and, at times, devoutly unscientific) community, which are then intercut with a fictional narrative to underline and hammer home their points. Matlin is here as Amanda, a deaf photographer who�s suffering from a recent split with her cheating husband � she pops anti-anxiety medicine like its going out of style, has panic attacks left and right, and is generally a walking advertisement for the benefits of Zoloft and/or a good belt of scotch. The film sways from straight-ahead science into the thoroughly quantum realms of intent and possibility, without ever seeming as if it knows exactly what its trying to tell us. Amanda � a character bordering on the insufferable � has emotional and mental revelations at a wedding she�s been assigned to shoot, fantasizes that her ample hips are out to get her, and dances around with tiny animated peptides, pink and green bouncing blobs that recall nothing so much as, it has to be said, Flubber. There�s plenty of good science wrapped up in this messily ambitious film; a number of the talking heads nattering on make genuinely interesting points regarding the very strange and very fascinating world of quantum science, but the film�s intent is undercut by its far-too-daffy approach, which leaves it feeling something like an ABC Afterschool Special for the bastard offspring of mad scientists and California desert shamans. Matlin, for her part, gives the role of the photographer (who is, by definition, the audience�s surrogate) her all, chewing scenery as though it were made out of tofu and emoting with wild abandon. That matches the whole tone of the project, actually: From its unmarketable title on down to its occasionally silly use of computer-animated anthropomorphic peptidians, What the #$*! Do We Know!? is akin to finding yourself in an argument with a drunken hippie on a Matrix bender. To be sure, there are a lot of interesting things to glean, but after a while you just wish he go away and stop enthusing at you. - Loves , posted 04/20/05
Brilliant! Beautiful! Thought Provoking!
I think it says a lot about the overall state of planetary consciousness that a movie about the power of thought and language can become a mainstream sensation! - djdano , posted 04/19/05
- .t.honey , posted 04/19/05
"changed my life"
even tho this was a slow going movie, it really made me think. The true impact of this movie was after being able to strip down in my underwear and writing all over my self...this movie made me realize that im only seen when i see me. changed my life. - Unsubscribed , posted 04/01/05
Things that make you go "mmm?"
Even though I slept through it the first time, I liked what I saw enough to return to the theatre for a second attempt. - Aprilla , posted 03/31/05
made me think but I got bored
liked the digital graphics in some parts, but even that got old. it was cool seeing Portland and knowing where stuff was! - Alabama , posted 03/21/05
fucking hippies
i would give this movie 0 stars if i could. the "science" it portrays displays little if no rigor whatsoever. this is new age horseshit at its finest. if you want to believe in stuff like this, that's fine, and i even share beliefs with some of the stuff it tries to convey, but it completely and utterly fails to make a convincing argument to anyone ive talked to with a good grasp of concepts like "objectivity" "rigor" "peer review" and "judgement calls"

i suggest that before reading this movie, you read some Karl Popper. then get drunk and heckle the dipshit new agers on screen. - rigel , posted 03/09/05
Cult Movie
Too many people got duped it seems :-) - ArtsyCoffeeBean , posted 03/03/05
Oh just see it!
Cast aside those other negative reviews - get off your butt and go. Films like this are made once every...oh...10 years or so. This film rocked! And if you're someone that likes new inspirations and is ready to investigate new perspectives than you will have a fun ride. go go go!! - Organic , posted 02/20/05
Same old Pseudo-science / New Age BS
No, people can't be in several different places at once. This movie tries to suggest that on some weird level that evidence of god exists within science, but has very hokey explanations. It's the same crap you'll see on a bunch of internet web sites where people post about things they don't quite understand and come to the crazy conclusion that it must have some connection with a diety.

Messages from water was just stupid. I like views of water, but I don't see it bending its properties based on my emotions. - Robert , posted 02/20/05
two words
bull shit! - Grog , posted 02/18/05
Thought Provoking
"What the Bleep Do We Know" was the best movie I have seen in a long time. Very different, challenges our beliefs, provokes thought and encourages positive changes. - Kimber , posted 02/10/05
Waste of money
I went with 4 friends, my partner and 2 kids. After about 20 minutes, I got the message as I have read about this sort of information before. It's just the same message in a different format. My boyfriend said let's go and I happily agreed. By then the kids were fidgeting and extremely bored and looking at everything but the screen. We felt sorry for them and so we left and took our friend's kids to our house to watch something more entertaining. Very dry movie but not interesting enough to get my attention. However, I was delighted to recognize that the movie was made in Portland where I use to live. Made me miss Portland. - WindWoman , posted 01/25/05
This "Movie" has been brought to you By RAMTHA!
I've heard lots of varying things about the movie, and haven't checked
it out yet, but here's a couple interesting things for perspective:

www.salon.com/ent/feature...09/16/bleep/ (requires login or
AD-pass, but interesting article)

and :

E-Skeptic #36 for October 1, 2004

Ramtha's School of Quantum Flapdoodle

A review of What the #$*! Do We Know?
A film by William Arntz, Betsy Chasse, Mark Vicente, starring Marlee

By John Olmsted

What do you get when you combine bits of quantum physics, brain science
and the channeled prophecies of a 35,000 year old god/warrior named
Ramtha? The film, What the #$*! Do We Know?, is a fantasy docudrama cult
hit that has found national distribution and is playing to full houses
across the country.

The film is the latest effort by religious, mystical, and New Age gurus
such as Deepak Chopra to cloak their views in the mantel of science.
Physicist Victor Stenger coined the term "Quantum metaphysics" where
"today's cosmic mind has been repackaged by an appeal to twentieth
century science for its authority." The cosmic mind in this case is that
of J. Z. Knight, who claims to channel a 35,000-year old god/warrior
named Ramtha. Because Ramtha instructed her to demand a packet of gold
from all who seek his wisdom, she
has reaped millions over the past quarter century. The films' producers,
writers, directors, and a number of the stars are members of her Ramtha
School of Enlightenment in Washington.

Quantum physics and neuroscience are complex and controversial topics.
The film discusses them in twenty-second sound bites mixed with cutting
edge graphics. The effect is a blend of riveted attention and confusion
that puts the critical mind to sleep, softening up the viewer to ideas
that begin with human potential and end with walking on water.

The film opens with writer Fred Alan Wolfe imploring us to "Get into the
mystery!" We just have to decide "How far down the rabbit hole do we
want to go?" The central premise of the film is that there is no
objective reality. The world is nothing more than observer effects.
Amit Goswami, an emeritus professor of physics from the University of
Oregon, states: "The material world around us is nothing but possible
movements of consciousness. I am choosing moment by moment my
experience. Heisenberg said atoms are not
things, only tendencies." Other speakers describe matter as "like a
thought, concentrated bits of information."

With a bit of candor Wolfe states that quantum physics is "subject to a
range of debatable hypotheses." At the center of the debate is how to
interpret the fact that at the subatomic level the act of observing
electrons has an effect on their properties. Some forms of measurement
pick up wave-like effects while others pick up particle effects. If the
form of observation has such an effect on reality can we say there is an
objective reality at all? In the famous debates between Einstein and
Niels Bohr over the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum effects,
Einstein was never won
over to the notion of the absence of objective reality, stating: "I
think that a particle must have a separate reality independent of the
measurement. That is, an electron has spin, location and so forth even
when it is not being measured. I like to think the moon is still there
even if I am not looking at it looking at it."

The idea that consciousness creates reality is at the core of most
religions. Objective reality is the unfolding of the spiritual world on
the plane of physical existence. In the past it was consciousness of god
or gods doing their work on earth in a rich variety of religious
mythology. In New Age interpretations you are the god of your own
individual world.

Additional bits and pieces of quantum theory are presented in the film,
including: superposition theories, direction of time, Boehm=92s
implicate order, information theory, and others. Most viewers have no
time, let alone the science background knowledge, to evaluate the
validity of such claims. Quantum theory is used to punctuate religious
and political sound bites, such as this one from psychologist Jeffrey
Satinov: "Materialism strips people of responsibility, quantum physics
puts it squarely in your lap."

Along with talking heads and computer graphics is a loose drama of a
woman in the midst of depression played by actress Marlee Matlin. She's
a photographer who hates herself, gains no pleasure from the world, and
seems to be having trouble with her medications.

A chiropractor named Joe Dispenza diagnoses her problems with Ramtha's
version of neuroscience. Dispenza notes that in brain imaging parts of
the visual cortex light up during both mental imagery tasks and visual
perception. From this he draws the absurd conclusion that we don't know
the difference between what is real and what we imagine. Many different
mental functions share cortical areas to carry out the complexity of
their tasks. Thought and speech both utilize language areas of the
brain. Visions during
dreaming that use the visual cortex get reality tested upon waking.
There are people who have great difficulty seeing the difference between
the real and the imagined. They are suffering from psychotic disorders,
such as schizophrenia, or they have ingested large amounts of drugs or
alcohol. If Dispenza is right that we live in an imagined world not
grounded in reality, testing his theory on your drive home would lead to
a carnage of competing versions of where the road begins and ends.

Matlin's depression raises problems with the New Age myth that the mind
is a like a big department store where we are free to choose any thought
or feeling we want. Why would we choose to be depressed? Why don=92t we
just snap out of it and think happier thoughts?

A major finding of neuroscience is that the conscious "free" mind arises
out of powerful unconscious processes. Joseph Ledoux at New York
University has shown that the limbic system produces a fear response
before we are even aware of seeing the frightful image, like a snake in
the grass. Patterns of emotional and cognitive responses to the world
are laid down in a complex dialectic of inherited biology, early
childhood experiences, and current
functioning in the world. How this all produces consciousness is one of
the most challenging questions facing brain scientists. The late Francis
Crick spent thirty years on the question.

Dispenza tells us that the answer is quite simple. Since we can=92t stop
feeling and thinking, and an addiction is "something we cannot stop,"
then bad thoughts are just a problem of addiction. All we need is
Ramtha's recovery program.

Noted cellular researcher Candice Pert appears for a valuable discussion
of hormones, peptides, and neurotransmitters in the brain. Since
discovering opiate receptors she has since drifted into New Age
nonsense. If cells are over stimulated by neurotransmitters they adjust
though a process called down regulation. Dispenza tells us that this is
the cause of lifelong problems, since the down regulation is passed on
in cell division. In a forum on the film this past spring, I had to
point out to him that brain cells, unlike other cells in the body, do
not divide.

Addictive processes and habits of thought and feeling are both carried
out by chemical signaling between neurons. The major difference is that
in addiction reward circuits in the brain are hijacked and distorted by
rapid elevation of chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins due to
drugs injected into the body. There is growing evidence that genes play
a role in determining a person's vulnerability to addiction.

Matlin lifts out of her depression after many drinks and a romantic
encounter at a Polish wedding=97perhaps the mind really is influenced by
the body and the power of interpersonal relations. During her hangover
the next morning she is lifted into a state of bliss when reminded of
the power of thought as shown by the work of Masura Emoto.

Emoto claims to have proven that thoughts are so powerful they can
change the structure of water. His "experiments" consist of taping
written words to glasses of water. The next day beautiful crystals
appear on jars with words like "love." We are not told that these are
actually ice crystals. In his book, Messages from Water, Emoto claims
that water can understand every language in the world, and all their
emotional and metaphoric nuances, by picking up on the linguistic
vibrations. Water tells us that classical music is good and heavy metal
is bad. Water can educate us as to whether religious and political
figures are good or bad people. Water is so perceptive that, when played
a recording of Elvis singing "Heartbreak Hotel," the water crystal split
into two crystals in sympathy.

Another "proof" of the power of thought presented in the film is the
so-called "Maharishi Effect." In 1993, 4,000 meditators gathered in
Washington, D.C. under the direction of physicist John Hagelin. Hagelin
predicted in advance that the meditations would drive down the violent
crime rate in the city by 25 percent that summer. Despite the fact that
the murder rate actually rose, Hagelin announced a year later that his
analysis proved that the violent crime rate fell just as he had
predicted. In his recent book he states that the meditators "function
essentially as a 'washing
machine' for the entire society."

As with Emoto's work, there has been no replication by other scientists,
no control groups, and no publications in reputable peer reviewed
scientific journals to confirm the Maharishi Effect.

The end of the film meanders into speculation about god. Knight tells us
that Ramtha has arrived to free you from the gods who determine good and
evil and punish you in the process. You can have it anyway you want. You
are god. You can return to those wonderful days of childhood when the
world really seemed centered around you and was created by your

In April of this year I invited one of the film's directors, William
Arntz, along with one of his science consultants, Joe Dispenza, to
Portland State University. To put the question of free will and
responsibility to the test I put up a photo of a child with Downs
Syndrome. I asked if this child was free to create any reality he
wanted. Was this child responsible for his condition, I queried? Arnzt
responded that in fact he is to blame for his disorder, he is paying for
transgressions in a previous life. This is the same doctrine of
reincarnation and karma that justified the caste system in India. The
same logic blames the patient for their cancer.

What begins as promises of freedom of thought soon evolves into demands
for correct thought and behavior. As Satinov says in the film: "People
ought to be instructed to make different choices." The source of the
correct ideas is the prophet. The promised payoff for adherence to the
dogma is freedom from the fears of death, disease, and misery. The fact
that these are deep fears that we are all vulnerable to, sets the stage
for rampant exploitation and abuse by charlatans and cults. As J. Z.
Knight asks, "Have you ever stopped
for a moment to look at yourself through the eyes of the ultimate

About the reviewer: John Olmsted MA, Med. is an adjunct instructor in
psychology at Portland State University in Portland Oregon where he
teaches a course in paranormal psychology. He is mental health therapist
specializing in issues of learning, attention and the brain.
ctan-@hotmail.com - PinkBUHny , posted 01/19/05
mind explosion
i got to fidgity in the theater - cant wait to get it on DVD though - can't sit still and focus that long in a theater. def. a must rent! - Paisley , posted 01/16/05
excellent expose on how to control your life
if you're not getting what you want in your life, choose something different. You're in charge. - Anne , posted 01/11/05
Possibly the worst film I have ever seen
Anyone who thinks they've learned anything about physics or quantum mechanics after seeing this film has been done a profound disservice. Such a promising premise, such awful execution.

My longer review:

A USC physics professor's review:
www.santacruzlive.com/ex/cont...547/104/ - Soren , posted 01/09/05
This should be a must-see. I left the theatre with the overwhelming feeling of "YES!!!" I felt like ideas I've had since I was a kid got validated. And I got new things to think about. Take care of your peptides, kids. Now, which way to that rabbit hole...? - Web, bisches. , posted 12/29/04
a movie that makes you think
duh. go see it. - Laurie , posted 12/28/04
Do NOT eat mushrooms and watch this movie. Your mind will explode. You have been warned. - Unsubscribed , posted 12/23/04
Good to Know!
Although some portions of it are a little juvenile, all of this information should be common knowledge for us. I get absolutely gleeful when I think of the fabulous transformation that could occur on this planet when everyone wakes up. - SunChaser , posted 12/20/04
What the BLEEP do I know
Obviously very little- but enough to understand this movie- pretty incredible - sold out every night but no advertising (only word of mouth). A thumb and a pinkie rating!! - Unsubscribed , posted 12/18/04
things that make you go hmmmmm
This is a movie where your brain feels like it worked out when you leave. You know, sore in a good way.
Now, how do we begin going down the rabbit hole? - Mari , posted 12/15/04
Best movie I saw lately
It'll make your head spin, expand your brain and cause you to leave the theatre with refined perspective towards yourself, others around you, and the universe, at both the macrocosmic and sub-atomic level. It's okay. - James , posted 11/10/04
Love your water
Theres a part in the movie about water and how it reacts to our thoughts, Here is the official website, with great pictures, some of which were in the movie... ***www.hado.net*** Check it out!! - Alicia , posted 11/01/04
Well Done for everyone
A great film for people who expect more than popcorn and special effects. I have studied psychology, biology, Quantum Theory, Astro and Meta Physics, theology, spirituality and history trying to understand more about who, what, where and why I am. This was a bold film to combine and explain to the masses who we are and give us a hint of what we truly are and what we are able to percieve. If you are on a personal path to grow, evolve or spiritual enlightenment. This explanation is a great introduction into this physical reality and how we percieve it. I wish it was made 20 years ago it would have saved me a lot of reading. You have to see this film more than once. It covers a lot of different ideas. It affirmed my perceptions and also confirmed the works of Ian Lundgold and Carl Calleman about the Mayan Calendar and the evolution of human consciouseness with the goal of Conscious Co-Creation. - Terry , posted 10/31/04
Still Know Bleep
This movie will make you think, but as with so much in science and academia, hypotheses are presented as fact. Keep an open mind watching this movie. Its underlying theme that we control our reality and are all god suggests an underlying agenda. There really is "nothing new under the sun." Ecclesiastes 1:9 - Linda , posted 10/22/04
Go see this movie.
It will blow your mind.

It's currently playing at the metreon but won't be there long. - Alex , posted 09/24/04
...it's time...
...wakey wakey...! ;-)

-mx:d - .:mx:d:. , posted 08/04/04

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