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chicago comes to the Bay Area
Zach's is awesome. Their deep dish stuff is wonderful on the tomatoes just WON'T regret the trip. - Rachel , posted 09/03/09
too much sauce, dough too salty, but good for cali
It's not really chicago-authentic, but it's decent pizza. As I noted in my summary, I think they use too much sauce (the deep dish pizza is 50% tomatoes, no kidding) and I don't really like the dough compared to others.

I live practically next to Zach's so I've done my best to get into it, especially since there aren't any other good pizza places in Oakland as far as I know. But this remains my opinion. - Logan 5 , posted 09/16/04
chicken deep dish. everything. get there early though,the wait can be long. after, if you have room, you can walk over to the crepevine. - charles , posted 09/16/04
i recommend the spinach and mushroom deep dish pizza. - Butterfly , posted 09/16/04

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