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not a good joke
punchline: better joke ss in comments - Maciek , posted 07/11/13
long jokes
theres was a wasp
he went to pre-school/prep
he went to primary school, and did well. made lots of friends :)
he went to high school, did well made lots of friends and ended up becoming the school captain.
he went to university and ended up becoming a successful businessman.
somehow... got into politics and ended up becoming the president of his hive.

at this stage... he felt as if his life had BEE-n completed and wanted to go back to his hometown for some respite.

so he went to his hometown.
went down to the pub with some family and friends
there was a BIG line, so he went round to a cocktail bar around the corner
there was another BIG line, so he went round to a punch bar on the other side of town.
when he got to the punch bar there was no punchline. - Psychedelic Sam , posted 06/10/13

Ummm... how does this work? - Hjiørst , posted 04/29/06
Nice! Hah hah.
Hey, how do I post a joke??? Sorry, yeah, I'm a newbie. - Preston , posted 10/08/05
i don't really get it
man. you didn't even tell a joke. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhh........hhhhhhhhhghghghghhhhg.............................................ghghghghhgghghhg!!! - Upfulness , posted 08/31/05
Minimalist humor
Unfortunately, better than that is:

"ha." - Jason "Zhust" , posted 06/21/05
hardly funny - Brad , posted 06/15/05
pretty good - Vernon , posted 04/29/05
O.K. - Anthony , posted 04/21/05
The Witch
A man is driving along the road and sees a woman hitchhiking, and being a good Samaritan, gives her a lift. A little ways down the road, the woman says, "I don't want to upset you, but I think I should warn you... I'm a witch."

"What?" the man said.

"I'm a witch," the woman replied. "I can turn you into something."

"You're not a witch. There is no such thing."

"I am too a witch," she said. "I can prove it. I can turn you into something."

"Okay," the man said. "Prove it. Turn me into something." So the woman leaned over and whispered in his ear.

And sure enough, he turned into a motel. - Flashpoint , posted 04/17/05
. - (-) (-) , posted 04/08/05
(comparative) SUPERLATIVE! - AXJ , posted 01/20/05
Almost Perfect
You, sir, owe me a new keyboard. - $fname , posted 01/18/05
less is more than enough - Clear , posted 01/16/05
Save the Lemurs
The risibility has attracted some of humor's best reviewers! - , posted 01/13/05
a joke
best restaurant in the city! - Unsubscribed , posted 01/13/05
Hee! snarfle. kak.
I laffed myne ass cabbages offing! Knot tou bee mist! - Madame Gonzaga , posted 01/12/05
a timeless classic
this is the essence of wit. - Unsubscribed , posted 01/12/05
this joke was funny - the Other™ , posted 01/12/05
oh, yeah...
the best EVER! - ż€₪ż€₪ , posted 01/12/05
not funny
this joke was not funny - Aaron , posted 01/10/05
a great joke
ha ha - Michael , posted 09/30/04
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