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A few things come to's me in 10 years......two....That guy just couldn't stop rockin', and not just that...he rocked around the world....Breathtaking - Andrew , posted 10/09/06
Put a smile on my face
Deep Forest is great music, and I think the dancing was cute.

What I really want to know is who is paying for all this travel!?! - Neil , posted 05/19/06
Great stuff!
Lucky happy dancing man! You made me smile. I needed that! - Brenna , posted 04/25/06
Too happy!
I'll be smiling for the rest of the day. :) - Unsubscribed , posted 04/22/06
Great Joyous Fun!
What fun! Joyful dancing, I love it! I especially like the giraffe in the background in Africa! - Cathie , posted 04/21/06
There was somthing truly beautiful about that. - empathannie , posted 04/21/06
joyshuffle wigglegiggle smile
i smile every time i go back to look at this - justin , posted 04/18/06
~Smiling all over~
Thank you... more smiles... xoxo - Joshua~* , posted 04/10/06
Dancing amongst the world
Very inspiring. What a joyfull experience. - Jason W8 , posted 04/08/06
Makes my little road trip more worth doing. Cheers! - Jelly , posted 04/07/06
A for effort
But if you've traveled all over the world and havent picked up a single new dance move, something's not right! - chillywilly , posted 04/06/06
Now That's Doing the "Happy Dance"
This is exactly what I want to do and add 23 more countries to it!!!!

BatSheva - , posted 04/05/06
dance clip
wow-when i grow up ( if i ever grow up ) wanna be just like him... - Rhion , posted 04/04/06
Best World Tour
How could one dancing fool say so much? Dig the Deep Forest. - Scott E. , posted 04/04/06
Good On That Guy
That's my type of man right there. Dancing his heart out wherever his heart leads him. - Flexi , posted 04/04/06
Yes Yes....and Yes. Thanks, Lynn!
For more "random acts of irreverent dance", check out the tribe called...the same thing... - #DC# , posted 04/03/06
Absolutely LOVE it
Good for him!!! People should be dancing everywhere in the world! - Gwen , posted 04/03/06
That is scary, but great
I don't recall who said that they wanted to know who the artist is that is doing the song, but unless I am mistaken I do believe that it is Deep Forest from their debut album Deep Forest. I could be wrong about that though. - Rat Uhlm-Shadi , posted 04/03/06
Love it
Love this shit :P - Birkinator 2 , posted 04/03/06
I'm suspicious.

Anybody can dance in exotic locales, with the right footage and editing. - , posted 04/03/06
Takes "Dance like no one is watching" to global proportions! - Jeffz , posted 04/03/06
One-man radical self expression
Slightly melancholy proof that the most radical self-expression must often be done alone.

Love the music! Wish I knew what it was. - BoxaRox , posted 04/03/06
Ok, I am totally jealous of this guy!
No because he has the most serious case of white man's overbite I've ever seen but because he's danced through some amazing places. - Kim , posted 04/03/06
Ok, a little on the "dorky white guy" sort of move, but being one myself, I must admit jealousy to be able to DANCE AROUND THE WORLD - Unsubscribed , posted 04/03/06
Fun video!!
Very fun!

But that guy totally scared the sh*t out of that giraffe with his intense, unique moves!!

SMS - Unsubscribed , posted 04/02/06
Dancing Dancing Joy Joy
Dance Dance REVOLUTION! Step shuffle kick ball change robot robot swing shimmy step shuffle change and let's not forget to see those smiles.... - Billy Shears; , posted 04/02/06
Hee hee
That was too cute! - Valerie , posted 04/02/06
How Joyfull!!!! I have asked the universe to please let me cross paths with this man one I can give him a big hug! - Unsubscribed , posted 04/02/06
this just makes me wanna get jiggy wid it
a lone man's random acts of irreverent dance at the icon of multiple different's sooooooooooooooo
cute!!!!! - LynnSane , posted 04/01/06

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