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funky, fancy, flashy, froogal-not! glam gear for sure :0)
funky, fancy, flashy, froogal-not! glam gear for sure :0)
great online catalog, good selection, pricey. well made pieces. - Vix Fitz , posted 07/29/09
That's nothing
A shame - Amanda , posted 07/19/08
Or you could just call it stupid shit to wear in the dessert. - jessica , posted 07/18/08
IlanioWear Spring Fashion Show
Hey Peeps,

Just wanted to invite everyone to this. It is going to be a blast.

IlanioWear Spring Fashion Show

Date & Time: Saturday, April 26, 2008
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

670 Texas St.
94107 view map

Have you cleaned that fuzzy since the playa? No worries. We are there for you.

You are cordially invited to come to the free IlanioWear Grand Opening Party & Spring Fashion Show! Catch a sneak peak at our eye-popping Spring '08 line. Music by Jai Young Kim and DJ Huggie Bear, plus hooping and all the clothes you need to get your freak on this summer!

Our stuff is 100% locally made, vegan, renegade.

And we absolutely welcome you to add spice to the mix by wearing your own creations to the party. It is all about community, after all;-) - kahunahula , posted 04/07/08
ahhhh ilaniowear is the shiz naz
1. I'm am amazonian, tall and not thin. thick, i guess so i don't know what ppl mean by for petite customers only.... not what i got from them - which is also washable - they didn't recommend it - just NO DRyerS and your funn fur is good!
2. i got my belly (and pround of it) the belli puche.
ilanio fits me well - and from what i remember they will customize.
and promoting fun fur is great - for pppl that can't stand to wear something someone else is wearing (soundz like a personal problem to me) it gives those great ideas to work on sewing our fun furr - which btw can be expensive - so in the end buying and making your own might not be as bright as having cute as hell ilaniowear clothes BESIDES not everybody lives in NY, london, or LA and clothes like this could be hard for them to come by! - Ch@Ng , posted 02/01/08
I agree with those who said, "Thank You Ilanio Wear for supporting Tribe when most of the complaining ass mofos on the site won't do it." - Jan , posted 01/26/08
offline 496
if you hate these clothes so much....
then why did you just give them a boat laod of free advertising?

I didn't even know they existed before this listing. I just got numbed to seeing the ads for the clothes whose name i cannot even pronounce right. Now, i know who they are as do many. many other people

well, hopefully, all this PR will help them sell more clothes. Truthfully, I hope so....

thank you silly-clothing-making company for supporting tribe and our forum to say what ever the hell we damn well please.
- - , posted 12/30/07
In Regards to Skinny Chixs
Its an add to sell clothes. They customize your size. To me this is all club kid clothing.

It is their choice to choose what models they want be it skinny chixs or ones with some meat on their bones. Thats how they sell it.

What do you think 99% of all the fashion magazines promote? Skinny chixs. - Unsubscribed , posted 12/30/07
Cute but enough already...
Some of them (the ads) are better than others. But I too got a little tired of seeing that butt thrust. - Rachy , posted 12/25/07
Get bent!
Seriously, I can't believe that you all have nothing better to do that bark at small business trying to find an outlet to grow. They are helping to pay for your place to post diaeretic posts. If you don't like the clothes then don't buy them. It's not like the ads are that intrusive. - Sia , posted 12/25/07
OK already.
I would rather look at their innovative cute styles than most other adds. My understanding is that this is a small business that will do a custom fit if needed. They support tribe and aren't a big corporation. I see no need to dis on them. - goddessDi , posted 12/25/07
They got eyes
which I think is the main reason for ads - and talk. So they scored. Plus, even tho it's tiresome to see their weird poses, I must admit the approach is creative. But beautiful? nah - Anthea , posted 12/25/07
bones and elbows
Where are the all the kickass burner trash clothes for full figured mamas?

This way they can look like they have been all around the world and back, when they are actually just local rich trust fund lazy attention whores. Fashion is so overrated. This is partly why I don't go to BM anymore. Fashion and image is held in such high regard and attitude, talent and intention are secondary. No longer an autonomous zone
of course there are exceptions, but generally... ugh

I remeber going to parties in jeans and a t-shirt and not encountering alienation due to my lack of accessories, tattooes, fake hair etc.
It's over

Happy Solstice - keep hope alive - aLi , posted 12/25/07
Whatever. - melissa , posted 01/08/08
A definite "5" for how much conversation this has generated!
I've seen this review floating around my tribes during the last days, but it's only today that I've opened it..... and I must say, WoW!!! What a Christmas present, especially for a Jew who's married to a Hindu, and who was here on Tribe today looking for a little boost on a quiet, sunny Christmas morning in NYC!

I joined Tribe long back because I found it so much more substantive than other "networking" sites - myspace, Facebook, etc... Tribe seemed to have real people talking about real things - - not just internet ghosts hiding behind avatars screaming "LOOK AT ME!!!". It seemed to have more of my people - creatures of light who were looking to connect with like spirits, in a boundary-free world.

But in the last year or so, the ratio of conversation to various "advertising" posts as gone way down. I'm a culprit of it myself; I used to post lots of words & ideas, and now I mostly post 6362MetaForce events and news (( - - to a very quiet crowd.....!)) .... Of course, my experience may be a reflection of the communities and tribes I belong to here; but to see all of my music tribes dominated by so many one-line posts has been a bit disappointing.

So, I must thank Iliano Wear, Tribe, and all the people who have posted in response to this thread for making this feel like Tribe again! How ironic that this long conversation has arisen in reaction to these ads - - but then, perhaps it's really appropriate - considering that Tribe used to seem more of an underground venture - - and we all SHOULD certainly react to commercial incursion here, whatever our opinion may be. Maybe this Iliano-ness all over our tribes has finally awoken us to what's happening as our goahead, burning man, and other underground communities become increasingly commercialized and easy to access and to target.....

Back to Iliano Wear. I must say, the sizing issue touches my heart, since I'm the potato-loving model in the 6362MetaForce online store model photos ( ! [[[[.....Bacon is not my thing, but where would we be without the blessed potato, ESPECIALLY fried up nice and crispy???........]]]

6362MetaForce sells custom-made leather hip pouches, hip bags, belts, skirts, and more on our site - and all of them are made to your size in our shop in India. We send them to you here or wherever in the world you may be within 2 weeks of your order - - - and we created the store as part of our larger 'cultural' site because I was frustrated with finding no really nice party gear in my size outside of India. I'm an old Goahead and I've always managed to find the pieces I want in Goa, and then combine them with other stuff I piece together out here. But what about women and men who can't or don't want to make the trip to Goa just to find this killer stuff?

Women (and men) can be beautiful in any size - whether 00 or 16 or whatever. So I'm not bashing Iliano models - they are one beauty type and they look great in some of these shots!!! Moreover - - some of the clothes being advertised could really make great additions to a banging outfit. But I'll circle around to my first comment again now, and say THANKS to them & to the Iliano crew & to Tribe for providing us this conversation-starter.

It's good to know we're all still out here..... Wishing everyone a booMing start to 2008!!
- RaCHeL... , posted 12/25/07
Ya know something? I really don't give a damn about what the models look like....
I do know that quite a few women I know look pretty damn hot in this stuff,
and if it was not for advertising like this, currently un-employed people such as myself wouldn't be
able to use this board.
If ya don't want to see the adds, buy a premium membership, and quit yer hatin'.
Like someone else said, I'd rather see Ilanop adds than the damn christen singles shit any day of the week...

- YardZ , posted 12/24/07
it's instant burning man costume in a box no thought required. Everything else is dumbed down why not move on the dumbed down fashion. - Bla , posted 12/24/07
Shut Up or Put Up
What a wonderful and interesting clothing experience! I would find anything that goes beyond jeans and a polo/t-shirt, whatever boring crap you are conforming in to be interesting. And the ads? Hello, that is every fashion ad out there. Except those being specifically marketed to larger sized people.

And it is the advertisers who are keeping Tibe going. Except for those of us who have ponied up for our tribe experience and gotten a tribe premium membership. Not only do we also support Tribe monetarily, we don't have to look at ANY ads at all.

I think that it is great that this company is making such interesting clothing. I also think that it would be nice if they marketed to a broader audience than they do. And I think that I would love to see those who are complaining do something much more constructive like start your own clothing company and advertise with the models that you would like to see on Tribe.

BTW, recent research shows that men prefer women with curves by a large margin and that very few say they like thin. So maybe she feels she has to dress that way just to get your attention. Cause you're all staring at big breasts and curvacious thighs and hips!

Any partner worth being with knows that real beauty comes from the inside regardless of what advertising tries to sell us. And if they can't figure that out, maybe you should keep on looking. Meantime, enjoy the pretty pictures!

And bacon is delicious but very bad for you. Enjoy in moderation! Especially yummy dipped in real maple syrup! - , posted 12/24/07
Enough is Enough
I find it mildly irrating that this post has gotten the most response of any post since I joined this baking forum. I especially am annoyed that I had to rate it in order to have my say. I don't care one why or another. As they say love the skin your in ! Fat , Thin, or in between...Love yourself and be happy. - Carla , posted 12/24/07
thin people dont have feelings
I dont care much for the clothing but I think the rage against skinny is absurd.
Isnt it odd women never get on line and rage against all of the fat people and how they should stop eating.
but for some reason its ok to dog thin people because they must not have feelings?
I think all shapes ,sizes and ages can be lovely.
- keiya , posted 12/21/07
why I hate burningman OR tacky americans dress like diseased stuffed animals
yes, is shit...

in every way. I have called the company several times to complain about how I dislike their ads. I find the design to be tacky, played out, tired, boring, overdone, and overall - lame.

why is this on xlr8r tribe?
oh well, I always love a good debate. I love a good-spirited bash even more.
now thats a clothing company. - rik_zero , posted 12/21/07
It's going to be alright, relax.
I rated them a 5 because they have a business plan and are doing something and creating while others are bitching and being bitter Betties. Get over yourselves, it's not all about YOU. Cute party clothes, cute girls, decent styling.

Merry Xmas - punx , posted 12/21/07
I don't mean to ruin this chain of hate-posts but I just did a quick run-through of their website and found this in their FAQ:

"I love this one thing, but you don't make it in my size!

Let us know! Send an email to with the item in question and the size you would like. We would love to make all things in all sizes, but unfortunately, we don't have the resources to do that just yet. So the best way to make that happen is to tell us."

PS - there are ways to remove ads from your browser if that's the big issue here. Try AdBlock on Firefox. Works like a charm and makes Tribe look pretty snazzy (not that I use it). ;) - Pfft. , posted 12/20/07
You Want Bacon?
Look, you can dress how you want, on any body you want. I like the brash style. Let them put the threads on whoever they want. But all this talk of bacon...

If you want bacon, check out this Web site: A whole new meaning to "fat back!" - Unsubscribed , posted 12/20/07
sometimes you're skinny
no matter how much bacon you eat.

i heart the bacon. - Mishka , posted 12/23/07
Do you go to Burning Man?
The women in the ads are skinny? What about the numerous "thin" women you see out on the playa? Are you going to bash them too? I happen to be a pretty damn thin guy as I have all of my life and you don't see me bashing all of you fat f*ck idiots that are bashing these chicks. What is so acceptable about calling someone skinny when calling someone a fat pig is wrong?

The fashion is pretty passe, but like 90% of the crap you see at Burning Man isn't.

Give me a break.

PS the ads are better than seeing the "meet christian singles in your city" ad I am looking at beside this crappy review. - Tony , posted 12/20/07
5 stars to the "eat more bacon!"
Isn't it about time we have representation of all body types, not just those who look anorexic or like junkies?

Now, I'm not saying that ALL women of the exemplefied body type are anorexic or junkies; I have many friends of different shapes and sizes, and some just happen to be really tiny, regardless of how much they eat! If anything, they eat as if they've a hollow leg!

Yet, the "average" woman ranges between a size 8-14. NOT a size 0. Nor a size 24.

I'm just asking for some diversity here-- glamourization of ALL body types, clothing for ALL body types, as long as it's HEALTHY.

Both extremes, whether underweight or obese, just aren't sound.

Food is good. I like it. I also like to touch my palms down to the floor, and can! Even if I do weigh 170. So thar. - Aguarita Pyremonqui , posted 12/20/07
Negative body style?
Blossom, I may not be terribly impressed with the clothing in these ads, and I am certainly not a man who believes a woman has to be built like these models to look good, but Negative Body Style? I was recently in a long term relationship with a woman that was 5'7" and 103 pounds. She wore size 00 pants. And she was beautiful. Some larger people with really small minds had negative thoughts about how she was put together, but there was nothing negative or unhealthy about her size. And I recently had a relationship with a woman that was quite a bit larger, and there was nothing negative or unhealthy about her size, either. Both of these women were beautiful just as they were. Please stop being negative. - Lester , posted 12/20/07
a la mode
everybody get alt naked! - Evan , posted 12/20/07
good call...
it's not as offensive, however, as the half-braindead stare of the chick who they used to advertise Beatport, though. - kvD , posted 12/20/07
of this shit. - Unsubscribed , posted 12/20/07
fine with me...
As a art graduate I got to know other students that were in the fashion design department, this is effective marketing, this is how someone with an idea gets to make MONEY ON IT.

Of course, success attracts enemies. The clothes themselves, well... taste is a matter that is subjective. I like some of their stuff, some of it not so much, but somebody is going to like anything... and it's not like if I see a shirt in a men's clothing store when I shop that I think is hideous that I presume that nobody else would want to wear it... or that the person who'd like it has something to be ashamed of. It seems to be the height of egoism to postulate that your tastes are "tasteful" and that those whose tastes diverge are either campy and cheap, or ostentatious and too decadent.

Don't you know, people's tastes are a reflection of them, and that if you run around insulting people's tastes you insult them as well.

I know, I know. But they're capitalists... their advertizing... we make our own clothes. Fine, make your own clothes. But this is the hipster bullcrap you guys put your bands through that when they are obscure and totally broke you feed your egos that you know of them and that when they become known by everyone and successful they aren't cool anymore just because people know them. Yeah, same thing with fashion, so many are always looking for that ballence to be the one on the bleeding edge with the look and styles that everyone will acknowledge as cool but yet nobody would really know at the same time... something rare... something that makes them say "oh, wow, they're so hip and knowledgable about every cool thing to wear and listen to that regular people don't know about, lets kiss their ass and declare them the epitome of taste and everyone else hopelessly uncool."

You know, I actually have more respect for the people who object to the outfits on moral grounds, not that I agree with them, but at least they're not coming from a position that's shallow. I see too many just making blanket generalizations "Well, I don't like raver wear, ravers, rave culture" fine, so what are you, preppie, goth, emo, geek culture, hip-hop? What about when people make blanket statements about your subculture?

As for the model controversey. Um, why don't we just right up a law forcing naturally thin women into burquas or fat-suits so that no one has to see anything that might motivate them to anhorexia and bulemia. I'm in a college town, there are young women all over t he place and at that age MANY of them look like those models figure-wise. Who are they marketing to, what age demographic? Not thirty somethings... like they're going to go to a warehouse bash? So do you think that if every magazine and ad censored itself that there wouldn't among women aged 16-25 skinny ones that get a lot of the attention anyway that have their more matronly figured best friends eating yogurt and running on a treadmill trying to compete? Nope. People advertize what SELLS. To think that "thin" models are the only kind of beauty out there would be a stupid assumption, but anyone shallow enough to be that easily propegandized wouldn't be that much deeper minus the propeganda. Thin is merely a symptom, of youth mostly, and if thin models sell clothes to women of all figures it's probably because it conveys to the buyer a feeling from a time when they were that thin, love was new and mysterious, they felt the full power of their beauty coming into womenhood... and eliciting feelings and emotional associations like that with a product tends to sell product.

Anyway, anhorexia doesn't necessarily solely come as a product of advertizing or men wanting thin women... it comes from deep stuff, some psychiatric drugs prove it to be somewhat biochemical, it comes with OCD much of the time, odd rituals, sometimes a peter pan syndrome where they are trying to stop the biological clock of puberty or reverse it. There is a severely distorted body image where arms that look like bones in sweatsocks look to the person like bloated sausages. There was anhorexia and bulemia even back in days when thin was out, back in days when hollywood liked curves it was going on. It's probably been going on for a very long time, just these were days when people talked about it. To blame thin people for it, or advertizers, when it's obviously a psychiatric disorder that doesn't require thin to be in to effect people... it's simplifying a complex problem and passing the blame onto advertizers for the fact that we have disgustingly poor mental and nutritional health care in this country. - Innsmouth , posted 12/20/07
not sure...
i think some of their stuff is cute and they are targeting the right crowd. I am sick of looking at it though. I heard if you join premium tribe membership, you don't have to look at ads....

Ya gotta think too that they must be doing ok if they can afford to keep running the ads. Good for them! I appreciate small business rather than shopping at some place where their clothing is made in sweat shops. I don't choose to buy from them cause it's not my style, but rock on, artists.

hmmm $5/month - Molly , posted 12/21/07
Good Luck with your business . . .
. . .but your clothing is seriously lacking in substance. Once the shock value wears off much of this crap with be out of style by the end of the night. It just doesn't look good to me and, frankly, I think it looks cheap. Why can't I give no stars? - Unsubscribed , posted 12/20/07
pooey! i'm editing my rating cuz skinny bashing sucks!
i've edited my rating, i'm tired of people bashing skinny people for being skinny.
and those of you who think that you can't be skinny after the age of 25? bullshit!
i'm in mid 30s and skinny.
i don't starve myself that's for sure!
being jealous and bashing something for what you are not does not make you any better then it!

four stars for ilanio in support, because as much as i dont' like these ads, or any ads, i think they are pushing some buttons. those with pushed buttons might want to take a closer look at themselves and examine their attitudes towards their own weight and discimination.

i don't like your adds because as a photographer i think they are somewhat cheezy rather then playful, which is what i assume is what you are aiming for. i wouldn't wear these clothes either becuase it's not my thing, i like alternative clothing and we used to make our own punk clothes back in the day, many yrs ago... and hence i like the idea of people selling their wares on here rather then going to big box stores to consume. kudos to you for trying, and i congratulate you for that.

as far those folks bitching about skinny models, get over it now!
some people are built that way, just like some people are build opposite of it.
i am in my mid 30's had one child and am barely a size 6. yes i am petite too, but it's a matter of lean body mass and small bones. i like to eat too. yum yum! :-) all fat lattes for me please, and lots of butter and chocolate.. it's a matter of metabolism, not necessarily a matter of starvation. saying that skinny people starve themselves is like saying fat people are lazy slobs. i know for a fact that is not so! let's please stop with the sterotypes! - Unsubscribed , posted 12/20/07
i love fashion,because its creative. but i do not love these extremely thin models. i agree that many designers seem to make clothes for the dangerously skinny....and i don't know why.if you want yo sell your clothes,be rich and famous,you should design for EVERYBODY. when i shop,i buy whats in my size. and i spend plenty.i am currently bigger than what i want to be,but my goal is a size 12,which is fine for a woman my age. i honestly cant see anyone wanting to be smaller than a 6 ( my thirteen year old daughter wears a 4 and hasn't reached five feet tall yet) or larger than a 18. these are 'normal' american womens sizes,and ALL clothing should come in these sizes. smaller than a six is SKINNY and larger than 18 is getting close to obese,which causes health problems like diabetes.
if you want to make them pay attention to their market, do not but thier clothes and COMPLAIN loudly and publically. - voudou doll , posted 12/20/07
to the hater-hater
as a size-14 female (that's been actively working to lose the 'obese title' - and a vegetarian) these ads that reinforce a negative body image and also encourage fur fashion irritate me every time I open up my tribe page. Everyone can have an opinion, and some of us don't appreciate this ad campaign. Melissa, if you have contact information for ilanio, then please pass it on so that we can make our voices heard. In the meantime, this seems to be a great forum for public opinion, don't you think? - blossom , posted 12/20/07
pointless for me to even look at it...
why on earth do clothes makers only ever assume that teeny-tiny little skinny girls want to wear their clothes? are these people so precious with their designs that it would be an insult for girls with some fat on them to wear them? it's like a fucking slap in the face to those of us who weigh more than 90 lbs... i don't get it... - Unsubscribed , posted 12/20/07
i think the clothes are cute.
More power to the women able to wear them. It is too bad if they do not make some of the stuff in larger sizes..The panties-as-outerwear is a little over the top for just going outside but on the dance floor, or in the bedroom, it would be exceptionally hot! I love the leggings and the sleeves and your models are hot too.

I hope more people get this wild and creative and grow the unit to go out and make this happen!!!!

Have any of you seen the 6 pack abs on the asian model? That is not thin, that is fitness! Proper body fat percentage for men is 6-12%, women is 9-16% percent.

if you are off this program you are most likely a consumer living fat and eating too much and not exercising.

Another one of these beautiful girls looks like she has been doing yoga everyday for her entire life. I wonder how many of you ne-sayers have actually even looked at these images?

Also, i think they should be thanked for the sponsorship through advertising for Tribe. Thank you:)

and another thing: i am actually bummed that i have a premium membership, no more hot girls popping up on my computer without asking. - Unsubscribed , posted 12/30/07
pretty horrendous
seriously not hot. They're like the platypus of raver wear... the Pontiac Aztec of fashion design... the Tori Spelling of burner costumes.

but seriously... It's like someone set bjork loose on acid in her own closet with a pair of scissors. - Swambat , posted 12/20/07
Iliano is obviously doing something right...
...if all of these people are irritated by your ads! The clothes are very cute and well-made and no they wouldn't fit me, but they do inspire me to create.

What is wrong with all of you people who reviewed them so poorly AND RIGHT before the holiday? Have you no heart? Have you gone out and done anything about meeting the demand for larger sizes yourself? I doubt it, yet you absolutely trash someone who has made an effort to meet a need in society. What happened to the glass is half full? All of yours are empty!

Shame on all of the hateful reviewers. May your holidays bring you some peace and compassion! - Melinda , posted 12/20/07
i'm not alone!
i did a double-take when this ad popped up. i thought heroine-chic was out, i guess it's meth-goth that's in. - matty-m@ , posted 12/20/07
hideous overpriced crap.
on a junkie coat hanger. YAY. - atom , posted 12/20/07
A diseased advert
I too am so frusterated with constantly seeing this stares at me in biast glares: "You cant own me" Its not even that I would want the clothes, thats not the point. The point is that it glares at a woman like me and laughs. I cant think of any other commercial that says "Eff you" as much as this one. Its like daily alienation. I try to not get that sensitive about it, but since you all mentioned it I thought I would add my $.08.....Imagine how much more they would sell if they only had a woman with even a small amount of curves on a few of their ads. Something THAT simple would make a world of difference. Ilanio: The heroin look died in the late 90s.....get with the times! - Samsa , posted 12/20/07
Average size = too fat
I have to admit it . . . I thought some of he clothes were kind of cute. But of course, they don't make them for such a hideously obese person as myself--5'7" and 155 lbs, wearing a size 12. Because my god, who would want to see my repulsive self in cute clothes. Oh, right, every other manufacturer of club and fetishwear . . . and my adoring public . . . - Anathema , posted 12/20/07
damned silly looking clothes anyway...
my 12 year old customises her outfits with more artistry :-)

though I've just edited my rating to up it... the comment on clothing aesthetics is a personal opinion, but I never imagined this thread would run and run like this ROTFLMAO - Adam , posted 12/31/07
thank you for finally voicing what's been on my mind ever since i started seeing these ribcages every time i open tribe. - Unsubscribed , posted 12/20/07
Ick. Phony "creative" costumes
God, I hate these clothes. And I'm tired of looking at the models' jutting ribs, trochanters, and clavicles. Eat something, bitches! And wipe off that smeared mascara. You look like you were off somewhere last night Pulling Trains for Tweak. - Mary , posted 12/20/07
Does.nt merit a capital "I"
Where are the child abuse laws when you need them ?
Isn't "ilanio", Italian for "wouldn't be cought dead ? - , posted 12/20/07
Hippie-Raver Sez "NO"
They have stuff only for small petite people under the sage of 23. I am #220 and 36. I love clubs and raves. Hell!!! I am a Hippie-Raver!!! I would rather make or find my own costume.

Cross the Hippie-Raving Sidhe - , posted 12/19/07
They kinda look like, 14 yr old boys fantasy
I don't like the raver look personally, but I can understand the desire for these types of styles in the underground community. But to me the appeal of alt. looks like this was that they are somewhat self made, creative endevors by the wearer. So when it's all mass produced like that it's def. strange.... - ONA<3 , posted 12/19/07
Real men Like Women who look like women
But hey, should we be suprised that the fashion industry, primarily run by neurotic Gay men, prefer Women who look like 14 year old boys?

probably not. - Brardos , posted 12/19/07
Those artful little flutters at the bottom of the shorts look like they are just waiting to become MOOP.

And dang it, tehy only sell small and medium. No wonder the models are so underfed! - , posted 12/19/07
all the clothing looks like it scratches you.... - Spirit , posted 12/19/07
M'eh, I'm superficial - Unsubscribed , posted 12/19/07
Whatever happened to curvy women? - Forest , posted 12/19/07
OMG! I'm so glad you had the balls to say exactly what I was thinking.
I understand that there is a desire to have emaciated models in the fashion industry, but that desire is neither healthy or an appealing look. It would also be real nice to see women modeling women's clothing and not post puberty girls. I'm just sayin'.......................... - Jeffrey , posted 12/19/07
ilanio wear

ilanio please let your models out of the cage to eat at least once a week or your mother and I will take them away from you ok? Thanks. - Alex , posted 12/19/07
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