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Fun to browse - more fun to join!
Wide range of ages and fascinating diversity of interests make lifeknot a great internet destination for browsing - join, and it gets more fun. I was surprised by the number of members who contacted me based on the quirky (but true) activities in my profile. - Kelvin , posted 04/06/05
Great free site to meet like people
Easy to use site that seems to continually add cool new features, it also seems to be growing. Great way to find people with like interests to hang out with.
- James , posted 04/05/05
I once got a lifeknot e-mail from a nice woman. Who is that woman today? That's right, my wife! No other website can support this claim for me. Thank you Lifeknot! - Steve , posted 04/05/05
Best site for finding activity partners!
simple, clean site design listing just about 500 activities you can share with other people; you can suggest more. it's free and has some really cool features, like the ability to click "Compare Activities" to see exactly how many activities you share with other users. You can also do the same thing with your lists of books, bands, movies... - Matt , posted 04/04/05
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