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Best VOIP service offered
Broadband Phone Service - Residential Plans

Consumers can now enjoy unlimited local and long distance calling by adding Packet8 Broadband Phone Service (VoIP) to their high-speed Internet connections. There are several residential plans from which to choose, starting with Freedom Unlimited.

For consumers who live outside the U.S., the Freedom International plan allows you to have a U.S. phone number and make up 1000 minutes of calling to U.S. and Canadian phone numbers for just $19.95 (US) per month.

Residential subscribers who want to add pictures to their words, they can subscribe to the Freedom Unlimited VideoPhone plan. Using Packet8 VideoPhones and video and voice over Internet protocol technology, allows consumers unlimited time to see and hear loved ones worldwide for a mere $19.95 (US) per month - Roger , posted 05/31/05
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