About tribe.net

At tribe.net, we believe in the power of connecting to other people to get things done. Since that can be surprisingly hard in a city, we founded tribe.net to make it easier. Whether it's for finding the right job, a killer apartment, a good restaurant, a gentle dentist, or a hiking buddy, we think those tasks are best done by connecting with other local people for advice and sharing.

The people you connect to can be your friends, people who live in your neighborhood, or people who live in your city that share a common interest with you. Tribe.net makes finding those people easier. You can invite friends, search for people with similar interests, and join or create tribes (member-created online groups) dedicated to interests you might have. The more people you're connected to, the better tribe.net will work for you.

For all this to work, we have to build an online community in which people feel comfortable sharing their knowledge (and questions). So we have a thorough privacy policy, which you should read, and we give users lots of control over which pieces of their personal information get displayed to whom, and how and whether they are contacted by other community members. It's also why we require people to register and create profiles in order to post to Local Favorites, Services, or individual tribes. As in any good community, you should be accountable (to the community) for what you say and do. And also as with any good community, you have to be an active citizen to get the most out of it.

The service is provided to you free of charge, and we're going to do our best to keep it that way. Our intention is to derive revenue from commercial uses such as job postings.

Any questions? See how to contact us for where to send your question.

Mark Pincus, Paul Martino, Valerie Syme

Special Thanks To
Pete Butler, Gary Chou, Marshall Halford, Brian Lawler, Jennifer Snyder, Chris Vale, Andy Bluhm, Kevin Burton, Marc Canter, Greg Carlin, Jorge delCalvo, Gery Gomez, Mark Graham, Kevin Hartz, Reid Hoffman, Marie Hurabiell, Peter Kaminski, Elliot Loh, Ross Mayfield, Noah Mercer, Alexander Mouldovan, Darian Patchin, Ted Pincus, John Sanders, Chris Law Hilary Schneider, Julia Schwartzman, Ross Settles, Guy Spier, Ralph Terkowitz

Current Web Server: web7.tribe.net