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Re: Scorpio Risers: Do you have a scar somewhere on your face? (in Rising Scorpio) I was born with a cleft lip and palet but I know three others with scorp rising and none of them have scars on their face.
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Anyone out there? (blog entry) I have not been on tribe for ages! If you are still connected hit me up! I am trying to decide if I will come back or not!!!
~Lori Marie
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Emissary of Light (blog entry) Hi everyone!

I know you all know I am doing readings as a bitwine advisor but Id like to mention I have spread my wings and am now doing both Skype and Yahoo VCam readings as well as phone readings. Here is all my current info Id love to be abl... read more
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Hi everyone! (blog entry) I have expanded my way of shedding light on the world!

Peace, love, and light to you all!!!

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