My Testimonials

September 6, 2006
Well, I have to say that Geisha Moth is my FAVE vendor of all time! The products are remarkable and fun. Oooh and she really takes care of her customers! The lace up pants are the hottest pants I own, and really the hottest pants I've ever seen. And they are sooooo comfy! This girl is so darn creative and fun! I HIGHLY recommend everyone go chat with her and buy some of the products she offers. You will NOT be disappointed!

Oh and don't forget to catch one of her bitchin' performances! The costume is always amazing and the stage performance will keep you enthralled!
May 30, 2006
I did lots of happy crying when my beautiful Cloakimono arrived in the mail. Oddyssa is THE most mystical designer with a unique flair and flavor all her own. She who cannot be duplicated! If you want something that is beyond the "usual" and "ordinary," ask Oddyssa to design it for you and make your belly dreams come true.


April 19, 2006
You are by far one of THE BEST designers I have ever seen. Your stuff is fantasy, exotic as all hell, alluring and
beau ~ ti ~ ful. Some of it kinda reminds me of "Dune".

Truly amazing!!!
January 19, 2006
Her merchandise is great! And she's a very warm and friendly person. A great supporter of the dance community. Thanks :)